Amy the Exhibitionist - part 12


Amy the Exhibitionist


Part 12 – My first few months at University - fourth part


Sunday Morning Swimming

Ella joins us on most Sunday mornings. She’s totally relaxed and is fucking a couple of Ben’s mates in the pool and in the shower. Us 3 girls take it in turn to use the water inlet and the boys take it in turn to support and grope us. What a great way to start a Sunday.




Another email from Ella


Dear NEWP Sorority,


Please accept my apologies for this late email as I had to go home to my parents last weekend. While I was there my mother commented on how I had changed. She was very pleased to see that I am no longer the quiet mousey girl that left home to go to university; that I am now self-confident and outgoing. She was pleased with my more feminine look (skirts, not my old habit of always wearing jeans all the time). I don’t think that she noticed my lack of all underwear.


My father also seemed happy with the ‘new’ me. He spent quite a lot of time talking to me about university and lots of other things as well.


My older brother started to acknowledge my presence and was actually quite friendly towards me.


In our house we have our favourite chairs for watching TV. The men sit on one side of the room and the women on the other. Both my dad and brother never used to take much notice of me when we were watching TV, but this last weekend both of them kept looking over to me and sometimes talking to me. I suspect that it may well have had something to do with my short skirts, bare legs and no knickers.

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   I’m pretty sure that they both noticed my lack of underwear and poking nipples.



My second hazing started quite similar to the one that I had seen Amy go through a few weeks ago.


I remember watching Amy have an orgasm when she was being paddled and I am truly sorry that I couldn’t manage to cum as well. Maybe if it had gone on longer I would have got there. If you would like to get someone to spank, paddle or cane me longer we will see if they can make me cum.


I was expecting to have to thank the students for helping me with my hazing so that was no surprise. After I had finished that I was expecting it to end. When Amy told me to get back on the table I had visions (nice ones) of her telling all the boy’s to gangbang me. This is something that has be the subject of many masturbation fantasies.


I was not disappointed when the boys used a vibrator to give me the relief that I so much needed.


I did find the dildo very difficult to walk in. I have never felt so ‘full’ in all my life. I was pleased when Amy removed it, but I was a little disappointed when Amy took it away with her.


I do so want to be a fully-fledged member of NEWPS. I will do absolutely anything that you want me to do.

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   I will gladly be your sex slave if that is what you want.


I’m looking forward to my next hazing.


Yours obediently,






Flashing one of my Professors and Labs group

I’m convinced that one of the Labs geeks was at my second, first hazing. He has a permanent grin on his face and a frequent bulge in his trousers. Every time that I look at him I get wet thinking about what happened to me that night. Was he one of the students who paddled me? Was he the one who fucked me?


I’ve got to get a grip of myself and concentrate on my project work.


I suppose that I don’t really help myself. I quite often go to one of the Lab sessions wearing my Ben Wa balls or Pocket Rocket or Butt Plug. Last week I went wearing nothing under my Lab coat. It’s a bit longer than my skirts, but it’s a tighter fit, so you can see through where it fastens - if you get at the right angle. I’m wondering if I can do something to the press fasteners so that they pop open easily.



The Professor that I flashed and had asked me to stay back so that he could have a word with me, managed to do that at the end of the next lecture from him. I’d sat there with my legs partially open throughout his lecture and I’d seen him looking a couple of times.


When everyone else had gone he asked me how I was settling in at university and how I was getting on with the work.


He then told me that he was a good friend of Professor Lesley Jones and that she’d told him all about me and my friend.

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   I started to get a little concerned. He said that he wanted me and my friend to provide him with a similar service. I said that I didn’t know what he was talking about. He opened his briefcase and got out a couple of DVDs. I blushed and got a little wet rush.


Professor Thomas Gibbons looked at me as I said, “Yes Sir, we’ll be pleased to do whatever you ask. ”


“Right, for starters you can keep on with your little shows each week. It’s nice having 3 or 4 girl’s sitting on the front row trying to influence their grades each year. Not that they do you understand. The more interesting you make your displays the better. And don’t think that I didn’t know what that little remote control thingy was the other week. I’m getting good at using those things and looking as if I haven’t a clue what I’m doing.


I’ll let you know when there’s something that you can do for me. Now be off with you, and not a word to anyone. ”


As I walked out of there I was wondering which of the other girls on the front row were flashing him.

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   I couldn’t remember which ones were wearing a skirt.  


As soon as I got back to my room I went looking for Katie. I found her in the kitchen area and I told her all about it. We’re waiting apprehensively.  


At his next lecture I saw that one other girl sitting on the front row was wearing a miniskirt. I couldn’t see if she had her legs open, and the Professors eyes didn’t appear to be looking in the direction of her legs.


After the lecture I caught up with her and told her that I knew what her game was. She denied it but went red in the face. I asked her if the Prof had spoken to her about it. She didn’t say anything so I told her that he had spoken to me about me doing the same.


That made her relax and she said that he’d threatened to get her kicked out if she didn’t do what he told her. He’d told her that there was a little video camera hidden somewhere on the wall and that he’d recorded, in detail, what she was doing.


We went to the uni café and compared notes. I told her (Sarah) how Professor Lesley Jones was blackmailing Katie and me, and told her what we had been forced to do.


Sarah was horrified and told me that we should have gone to the police.

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   She backed away from that when I told her that, firstly, we valued our place at university and didn’t want to lose it; and secondly, we’d enjoyed it.


She appeared surprised, but after I told her more of the details she admitted that she would have enjoyed it as well.


I asked Sarah if she had a remote controlled vibe. She seemed a little surprised by that question but said that she had. I asked her if she would wear it for the lecture with Prof Gibbons next week. When she agreed I told her that we could have a bit of fun at Gibbon’s expense.


We parted, promising to keep flashing and comparing notes after each lecture.





My Thursday / Friday Job

This is going well. I am well into the habit of stripping as soon as I get to my desk.


After the third time that I was there I realised that some of the novelty and excitement of being naked was wearing off so I decided that I would go there wearing either my Pocket Rocket, Ben Wa balls, or my Butt plug, the one with the big diamond that stays outside me.


The next time that I went, I put in my Ben Wa balls before I left my room. They did their work as I walked to and from the bus. By the time I got to my desk the inside of my thighs was wet. I spent the next 4 hours on a high and got so close a couple of times. The journey back to my room was torture and I was glad that Ben was there when I arrived.


   I’m definitely going to take my friend Ben Wa to work again.


The time after that I put my Butt plug in my pussy before I left my room. I checked in a mirror and if my legs are slightly apart you can just see the diamond. I wondered if any of the 5 guys would notice it. I needn’t have worried. I was in the kitchen area getting another jar of coffee out of one of the floor cupboards when Pete came in. My back was to him and I was bent at the waist so he got a great view of my assets and the diamond.


I was a little disappointed when all Pete did was to ask me if it was a real diamond.


The last time I went to work I wore my Pocket Rocked. I couldn’t help myself; I used the remote to make myself cum on the bus on the way there, and on the way back.


After being there for about an hour I decided to switch it on each time that I had to go and talk to one of the guys. I’m sure that they couldn’t hear it, but I sure as hell could feel it.


I’d left the remote control on my desk and in a quiet moment I turned it right up to full and made myself cum. It was weird having an orgasm and watching 4 men working close by and them not knowing what I was doing. I’m glad that I managed to do it without making a noise.

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We had a visitor when I was there last Friday. There was a knock on the door and I automatically went and opened it, forgetting that I was naked. Imagine the surprise on the face of the visitor when he saw me. I invited him in and took him to Pete’s office as if it was something that I did every day. The poor man kept starting to say something but nothing coherent came out. I took coffee to them a few minutes later and he just stared at me. Pete acted just like he does every time that I take him coffee. The poor man must have been quite confused.





Human Anatomy

One day Ben brought me a leaflet that he’d intercepted before it was put on one of the notice boards. It was from one of the Lecturers of the Human Biology course. For the Human Anatomy module he was looking for a man and a woman to help him demonstrate the differences between males and females and their responses to different stimuli. They were willing to pay £100 for 2 one hour sessions. Ben thought that I might be interested.


Of course I was. I grabbed the leaflet and phoned the number.

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   The man asked me if I realised that I would have to be naked for it as the students needed to examine my body in detail. He also told me that I would have to take part in some sexual activity so that the students could examine my biological reactions. I told him that it wouldn’t be a problem. He told me when the sessions were. One of them clashed with a lecture but I wasn’t worried, I’d be able to borrow someone’s notes and read up on it.


Everything was agreed and I would be there for the first session one day the next week.



The first session

When I got there I was met by a man in a white coat who introduced himself as David. He asked me to wait until the ‘male specimen’ arrived. A couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door and a rather cute looking guy walked in. He introduced himself as Nathan.


David then explained that sexual arousal and activity was a natural human act and that we weren’t to be at all embarrassed by it and that we were not to hold back. “Just let it happen” were his words. He then told us to take our clothes off and follow him through the door when we were ready.


As David went through that door I heard him say, “Ladies and gentlemen, our living specimens have arrived and will be joining us shortly. ”


I looked at Nathan, and to break the ice I told him that it was going to be the easiest £100 that I had ever earned.

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   He laughed and agreed.


Nathan and me went through the door to be greeted by about 20 young men and women. All staring at us.


We were told to stand in front of the 2 tables that were at the front of the room. We had to stand there for about 20 minutes as David went into all the technical names for the parts of Nathan and me that were different; and described their functions. He went on to explain why men and women are shaped differently (apart from their sex organs).


To be honest, I was bored. I had never heard of a lot of the names that he used and I wasn’t really interested in them.


Things brightened up when he started touching me to explain things like what my buttocks and breasts were made of and why they wobbled when prodded. He almost sounded disappointed that my breasts didn’t sag at all, and had to explain that most women’s do, and why. He seemed to take his time prodding and poking my boobs as he explained to the students how to examine breasts for lumps that shouldn’t be there. When he started squeezing, pulling and twisting my nipples I couldn’t help moaning a little.


When he came to my pubic bone he said that he was glad that it was the fashion these days to keep them free of hair as it was much healthier. Nathan wasn’t shaved and David explained to the students all about the bacteria that can grow in the hair if not regularly washed.


Nathan isn’t circumcised and David got Nathan to pull back his foreskin.

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   As he was holding his cock, Nathan started to get a semi as David gave all the names for the different bits.


David went on to explain why some men were circumcised, a little bit about the religious reasons and more about the medical reasons. He also explained how circumcision is done and all about the bacteria that can grow there. He almost put me off un-circumcised men for life.


It was only when David told us to sit on the two tables, lean back on our elbows and bring our knees up and wide open that I started to wake up.


Nathan’s cock was getting harder as David explained what caused men (medical reasons) to get erections. I watched as David pulled and pushed Nathan’s cock and balls.


David turned to me and said, “now the female specimen. ” He stood beside the table and had another grope of my breasts.


He turned to my pussy and explained what all the bits were that were now on display. As he squeezed my clit I could feel myself getting hot and wet; which was what he obviously wanted because he then explained the medical reasons why I was wet.


Next Nathan and me were told to lay back on the table. David then told the students to come to the front and examine the ‘specimens’ themselves.


Twenty students came forward and started examining Nathan and me. I lay back and enjoyed 20 pairs of hands playing with my tits and pussy.


   Most of the talk was medical gibberish but there were a few comments like, “God, she gets wet easy,” and “look how much liquid she’s producing. ”


Comments like that were turning me on even more. One male student started rubbing the end of my clit very gently. That was it, my orgasm started and I was jerking and moaning. As my peak passed I heard David say that he was glad that I had reached orgasm as it was a perfect example and asked the students to note my body’s reaction. He went on to explain what had happened in medical language.


Just then I heard Nathan grunt and a couple of the students took a step back from him. As David gave Nathan some tissues he explained what happens internally when a man ejaculates.


The hour was up and David thanked Nathan and me and told us that we could leave. As we were getting dressed Nathan told me that he was embarrassed but it had been worth it for the money. I smiled and agreed.


Davis came in and reminded us that the second session was the next week at the same time.





Ella’s Third and Final Hazing

We had real trouble thinking what we could get Ella to do for this. In the end we sent this email to her: -


Dear Ella,


You have done very well to get this far, we are all pleased with your performances. You will also be pleased to hear that you passed your medical examination.

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   The doctor was impressed with how easy it was to get you to have multiple orgasms.


We are also pleased with how you have adapted to life wearing short skirts and no underwear and how quickly you have discovered, and taken advantage of, the benefits that short skirts and no underwear can get a girl.


We are all interested how your relationship with your father and big brother develops. Previous experiences by some Sorority Sisters show that fathers and brothers are a great source of sexual excitement and pleasure. It is easy to tease them into doing whatever you want by ‘accidentally’ revealing lots of skin. I believe that Amy has already discussed her relationship with her brother with you. I’m sure that she will be able to give you some tips on how to ‘accidentally’ let your father and brother see you naked.

Keep us informed.



Your third and final hazing will be different to the first two in that you will know what you have to do before you start. It is also different in that you get to choose what you do. You have to choose and complete 3 of the following:-


a.     Wearing only shoes, handcuffs (behind your back) and a dog collar and lead; be led by your Pledge Sister down the main shopping street at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon.


b.     Repeat your second hazing, but with a much larger audience and a greater number of participants.



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      Streak through the town’s main shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon.


d.     Be the star at a bukake party.


e.     Get gangbanged. A big box of condoms will be provided and men will only be allowed to participate if they wear one.


f.      Go out in town on a Saturday afternoon and persuade a man (any man) to take you down an alley and let you give him a blow job.



    Be a sex slave for a weekend for a NEWPS appointed man.


h.     Be a sex slave for all the NEWPS Sisters for a weekend.


i.      Strip naked and masturbate in the St. Damian’s Library.

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j.      Attend a university lecture naked.


k.     Attend a university student’s party naked.


l.      Earn £100 as a lap dancer at one of the two bars in town that have lap dancers.


m.   Wearing you shortest skirt, with it rolled at the waist so that it only just covers your butt and pussy, and with no underwear on, go up and down all the escalators in the town’s main shopping centre 20 times on a Saturday afternoon. On each occasion, wait at the bottom and only get on when there are un-attached men looking as if they are about to get on. Make sure that you are in front of them.



Please let us know your choice before this weekend so that your Pledge Sister can approve it and make any necessary arrangements.


Good luck,


NEWPS Sisters



The following day later we got this email from Ella: -



Dear NEWP Sorority,


Thank you for your email. I have to say that allowing me to choose which challenges that I want to do for my third and final hazing was quite a surprise, and quite a challenge in its self. Just reading through the list got me all excited and wet. Some of the items have been part of my fantasies for a number of years and been the source of sexual stimulation on a number of occasions.

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After a lot of daydreaming and a couple of frigging sessions, I have decided that I would like to do the following 3 sessions: -


Session 1 – a. Repeating your second hazing, but with a much larger audience and a greater number of participants.


With more people paddling my backside I’m hoping that I will be able to go through the pain barrier into the pleasure part and reach an orgasm.

If you would like to practise this on me before the hazing session I will be more than happy.


Session2 – c. Streak through the town’s main shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon.


Session 3 – Please can you combine: -

k. Attend a university student’s party naked.

d. Be the star at a bukake party.

e. Get gangbanged.


These to be in one marathon session where I will get ‘used and abused’ by a group of men. I have always dreamed of what it would be like to be a sex slave and this seems like the perfect opportunity to find out.


Of course, if you wish me to, I will do every item on the list.

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I am really looking forward to these ‘challenges’.


Yours obediently,







Gym Club

Well that’s what we call it. Ben takes us to the swimming pool but he has never told us about all the other keep fit facilities that are at St’ Damians. Basically they’ve got just about everything that a student could need in the way of keeping fit. Katie and me decided to go to the aerobics, basic keep fit sessions and spend a little bit of time in the workout area. Nothing too energetic, but a way of keeping healthy.


The first time we went to the aerobics we wore our school PE skirt and a tight, thin cotton top with spaghetti straps, and trainers; nothing else. When we went into the class there were just 3 other girls and a couple of men there; and 4 nipples poking out at them.


The class started and it wasn’t long before our bums and pussies were getting displayed. I think that everyone in there must have seen our pussies during that session. One of the men was behind us and must have appreciated the view because at the end I saw that he had a bulge in his shorts and a little wet patch where the end of his cock was.


The female instructor stopped us before we left and asked us if we’d enjoyed ourselves. She then asked us if we always wore so little when exercising. Katie told her that we were wearing no less, and often more than we did in school PE classes. Katie told her that we sometimes did lessons in the nude.


   She asked us which school we went to.


There wasn’t anyone in the gym at that time so we went into the workout area and tried a few of the machines. Neither of us had any idea of how to work any of them.


There is one that we think that we’ve worked out. It’s for strengthening your leg muscles. You sit on it and spread your legs, pushing against 2 big pads. I tried it with Katie stood in front of me. It was hard, but I managed to spread my legs wide only twice. Katie told me that I should try that machine when there are a couple of guys in the room.


We were trying to work out how another machine worked when a good looking guy came in and sat on this bench like thing. At one end there are a couple of upright bars that support a bar with weights on each end.


We watched the guy lay back with his head between the weights. He tried to lift the bar with the weights on, but couldn’t. He got off and removed a weight from each end. He tried again.

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   He managed to lift the bar but his arms were wobbling.


He sat up and looked at us. I smiled and he asked us if one of us would ‘spot’ him. I hadn’t a clue what he meant and I told him that if he explained what he meant then I would be happy to ‘spot’ him.


We went over to him and he explained that one of us had to stand behind his head and if he looked as if he was going to drop the bar then the ‘spotter’ had to help him lift the bar back onto the supports.


I volunteered, he lay back down and I stood with my knees about an inch from the top of his head and slightly apart.


As he started to lift I realised that he was looking up my skirt. He would be able to see my bare pussy. I had a little moisture rush and his face went red. Not sure if that was him straining with the weight or because his face was so close to my bare pussy.


The weights went back on the supports and I opened my legs a bit more. He braced himself for another lift and I looked down at his face. He was looking again.


This time when the weights went back on the supports I told Katie that she should have a go at ‘spotting’. I moved out of the way and Katie moved in.

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   She stood with her legs together so I told her to spread them. She did, about a foot apart.


The man lifted the weights again and I watched his face. I also watched his shorts get more uncomfortable for him. Katie had a grin on her face.


He lifted the weights one more time before getting up and thanking us. I asked him if he could do something for us. He had a puzzled grin on his face. I then asked him if he could show us how to adjust the leg spreader machine. I told him that it was set too hard for us.


We went over to it and he told me to sit on it while he made some adjustments. He then squatted down in front of me and told me to try again. I saw Katie grinning as my legs opened and my skirt rode up my legs. He was staring at my bare, wet pussy.


After a few seconds he asked me if I wanted it harder.

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   Katie laughed and he said, “I mean the pressure needed to open your legs for me. ” Katie laughed again. He said, “Sorry, that didn’t come out right. ” Katie laughed again. “Sorry, you know what I mean,” he said.


I said that I did, and told him to ignore Katie. I told him that the pressure was fine, and closed my legs. I opened them again with him still squatted in front of me.


I let him have another good look before closing my legs and telling Katie to have a go.


We swapped places and the man squatted down on the pretext of showing Katie where to put her legs.


Katie opened her legs giving both the man and me a great view of her open pussy. She looked as wet as I felt.


When the man stood up the wet spot on his bulging shorts was big. He asked us if there was anything else that he could help us with. I was tempted, but said not.

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   He left the room, probably to take care of the bulge in his shorts.


We looked at a couple of other machines to try to work out how to use them before deciding to look round the rest of the place. We found a sauna, but it wasn’t switched on. Neither Katie nor I have been in a sauna so we decided to go back soon.





We’re still thinking about what to do for the hazing of the 5 girls that we’ve chosen. Do we haze them all individually or in a group? Do we haze them the same way as we did Ella? We just don’t know yet.



To be continued…….


Amy. Exhib at Hotmail co uk

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Despite the problems, many Madrid women nevertheless choose to work as prostitutes, whether out of financial need or because they find the profession rewarding. Prostitutes in the city range from streetwalkers to high-end escorts. Some of them operate on their own, while others are employed by brothels or other businesses.While employing putas in Madrid can be an enjoyable and thrilling experience, it is essential to take safety precautions. Always choose a reputable establishment or puta as a starting point. This will guarantee that you receive superior service and that your safety is a top priority. Additionally, protection should always be used when engaging in sexual activity with putas Madrid. This will safeguard against sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies.

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