Caught In The Act


Her mother's head turned to face her eighteen year old daughter, but she was in no condition to respond as she was in the midst of a riding her lover's huge black cock to a stunning orgasm! "T-Tara!" she finally mumbled. "What are you doing here?!?" "I live here if you haven't forgotten!" Tara replied coldly. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?!?!" "This is Arthur," Vera replied, "he sometimes takes care of me……. . "Indeed!!!" Tara snapped. "And I suppose daddy knows all about Arthur?!?!" Before Vera had a chance to respond Arthur chimed in, "To tell you the truth he does, if it's any of your business!" "I-I don't believe it!" Tara replied incredulously. "It's true, dear," Vera replied, "your father just isn't up to the task of shall we say taking care of my needs!" I-I don't understand," the stunned young woman replied. "It's very simple, dear," Vera sighed while working her pussy up and down on Art's massive erection, "your father is a total loser in the love making department, and for the past five years or so Arthur has kept me from climbing the walls!!!"Tara slumped against the wall in a state of complete shock while watching her mother ride Art's huge cock for all she was worth! While she was still a virgin, Tara had sucked and jerked off her boyfriend's cock on many occasions, and while it has always aroused her, it was nowhere near in the league of her mother's boyfriend! Even though she could only see about half of his shaft, it was obvious that is was at least two times bigger than Jimmy's dick! As her mother bounced up and down on the massive organ, Art cupped her mother's large breasts in his huge black hands before leaning up and taking one of her rock hard nipples into his eager mouth! "Ohhhhhhh, Artie!!" she gasped. "I-I'm gonna cum again, I-I'm so fucking close!!!" Then with cat like quickness Arthur grabbed Vera around her waist and in one motion rolled her over onto her back while keeping his pecker buried deep inside of her hot crack!!! Now Tara had a perfect view of Art's huge hammer pounding in and out of her mother's poor defenseless pussy! She locked her legs around the black giant's back and then hung on for dear life as he pounded his meat in and out of her with brutal ferocity! Tara tried to look away, but she was too much like her mother, and without even realizing it slid her hand into her jeans and began masturbating wildly while staring at her mother's straining vagina!!!
While her eyes glazed over Tara's pussy teenage pussy lurched out of control in perfect time with her mother's while Arthur roared as his black cock released load after load of hot jizz into the hot pussied white woman's over heated snatch! When it was finally over, Arthur stood up slowly and turned to face the shell shocked young woman who had long since slumped to the floor in exhaustion! He slowly walked towards her with his huge cock bobbing menacingly before him! Although she was still wrung out from the experience, she was aware enough to realize that in just a matter of seconds her life would change forever!!! "Now it's the baby's turn," Art said softly while slowly fisting his massive organ. "T-turn for what?!?" Tara asked feebly. "Suck it!" he replied firmly while pushing the incredible head only inches from her mouth! "N-nooooo, I can't," she mewled softly, "p-please, leave me alone. " He grabbed her roughly by the hairand forced her mouth against his huge dick head! She was in a state of absolute panic, but from across the room came the gentle reassuring voice of her mother who said, "Don't fight it, darling, Arthur is a very considerate lover. " "You're old enough now to experience what a huge black cock can do for you. " Her mother's words were so soft and calming that she almost eagerly opened her mouth, allowing the smooth chocolate head to slide right in!"
Immediately Tara's pussy drenched her panties as she rolled her tongue around Art's massive head. God he tasted good!!! Nothing at all like Jimmy's thin little pecker! In fact, she was becoming so aroused that the urge to put the thick monster into her virginal pussy was almost unbearable! With one hand she cupped Art's big nut bag, while with the other she gently masturbated him up and down his long thick shaft! With his hands on his hips he stared down at her angelic face, and then with a loud grunt his cock shuddered hard in her hand, sending a torrent of hot spunk into her unsuspecting mouth! She nearly gagged when the first blast of hot cum slammed into her throat, but after several hard gulps she was able to drink down every last drop of his precious life giving liquid! Whenhis cock was finally drained of its nectar, Art leaned down and easily scooped the hot mouthed cocksucker and carried her over to the bed where he lay her down next to her well fucked mother!
Art stared down at the mother daughter duo and ordered, "Okay, baby, strip off her clothes, it's about time she found out what a real fuck is all about!" Tara certainly wasn't the first teenager that Art had fucked, but he couldn't quite remember having enjoying one quite this much! As Vera removed her daughter's bra and panties, Art's pecker began to stir as he drank in the unbelievable sight of the young beauty's perfect supple body! Tara shuddered uncontrollably while eyeing Art's full erection, but the need to be filled with hard cock over took her trepidation as she spread her legs and offered her tiny cunt for his own personal use! He slid easily on top of her, carefully pressing his gigantic head against her straining opening! Vera gently opened her daughter's tight lips while running Art's head up and down the trembling girl's tiny slit! While Tara's breathing was becoming increasingly labored her mother whispered softly to the black master, "She's ready, baby, let her have it!"
It was really like and invasion! Tara's tiny little pussy was about to be ravaged by a pecker that would rip most woman apart! Once the head popped inside, Tara gasped and moaned softly, "I-I don't think I can take it, it's sooooooooooo fucking huge!!!"Art loved hearing white bitches pleading for mercy at the hand of his massive organ, but mercy was something he was all out of as he slammed his muscular hips forward, driving his thick black spike balls deep into the tight little cunt! "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, mother!" she gasped. "He's so fucking huge, it hurts sooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaad!" "Do you want his to take it out?" she whispered into Tara's ear.

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   "Oh no!" she panted. "F-fuck me harder, I'm gonna fucking cum all over!!!" Vera leaned up and kissed Artie on the lips before whispering into his ear, "She loves your big fat cock, now make her cum like the little whore she is!!!" Art just loved fucking white trash, and this was a real treat fucking a cute little eighteen year old!!! As he pistoned in and out of the hot little snatch he quickly passed the point of no return when his cock head began doing all his thinking for him! He couldn't have stopped now even if wanted to! His ass had literally become a battering ram as he pounded his black bamboo in and out of Tara's poor little pussy with stunning alacrity! Years of pent up passion roiled close to the surface in Tara's now wide open cunt! Vera leaned in and casually licked the poor girl's nipples driving her ever so close to the precipice of her climax! Finally neither she or Artie could take it even another second as their loins locked and orgasms of brutal intensity ripped right through them, sending them crashing on the rocks of orgasm beach!!!
While they lay together in a twisted mass of arms and legs Vera whispered softly to her daughter, "Now do you understand, dear?" With a knowing smile the shell shocked youngster merely nodded her head before drifting off to sleep! Now she knew!!!

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