Mrs Alice Slater was a woman of the world: she was well into her forties and she smiled to herself as she watched the young vicar preaching earnestly to his congregation. He was tall about thirty five with dark hair, well formed limbs that he used contantly to make his points. Alice, who was not a regular had set her sights on him she meant to have him inspite of thechallenge of his spotless character.
Alice believed that all men would succumb to temptation under the right circumstances and she believed she had proved as much in the last twenty years. That is not to say that she was vindictive or that she gloated in anyway over her conquests, she just liked to prove a point and in Alices case the proof was always very enjoyable. Her husband was what she called a dumb dude and she managed him effortlessly. Her physical assets were plentiful, they hit you in the eye, they were laid and displayed. A clevage that heaved as she drew breath and buttocks that swayed gently but purposefully as she receeded. But it was Alice's mental assets that were far more dangerous: she had a quick calculating mind and was very difficult to catch off balance. Maturity had made her an unparalled cougar, not one to be messed with.
Her weakness was the soft forgiving weakness of all women-- and some men-- she loved the underdog; she had time for the weak and helpless, she was not thoughtless or cruel. Alice knew that once she had proved her point with the young vicar she would not rub his face in the mud, it was sufficient to prove he had vunerable flesh.
The Rev Antony Young was an idealist, he believed in the teaching of the church and did his best to put it into practice. He had two school children and a pretty young wife who adored him. His wife Betty supported her husband in all he did and together they had worked hard in the parish for two years to create a sense of community and a thriving congregation. They were not fundamentalists but they both sought to serve the comunity and lead christian lives.


After a little research Alice decided to write a letter to the Rev Young which she penned very carefully, she felt certain it would give her the opportunity she wanted and she posted it by hand though the vicarage door.
The Letter
Dear Rev Young,
I'm not quite sure who I can turn to to help me with my emotional problem, and since it concerns my marriage difficulties I cannot discuss it with my husband. I had thought of going to marriage guidance but my husband won't hear of such a thing. I'm really am quite distraught with the worry and wonder if you would be so kind as to spare some of your valuable time to advise me. You will find me at home most afternoons.
Yours sincerely Alice Slater
In reply to this Rev Young rang and arrangedto visit the following afternoon at 2pm and Alice prepared herself to impress him. Alice wore one of her prettiest dresses and inspected herself in the mirror to be sure her ample clevage was displayed to the best advantage. She was not tarty very alluring she wanted to look like a desirable wife who's largely ignored by her work obsessed husband; it was a part she had played many times and she was a consummate expert in it. Inspite of her experience she felt excited at the thought of conquest, after all he was a handsome youngman and a clergyman and when the knock came at the door her stomach was all of a flutter.
This bustling attractive voluptuous woman quite captivated Antony; he was sexually moved by her immediately and so put up his guard having no wish to compromise himself and knowing only to well that he was only flesh and blood like any other man. They sat down to drink their tea Alice sitting opposite Anthony her stockinged knees neatly together just covered by her dress and her attractive open top platform sandals, she smiled wistfully her blue eyes dancing and sparkling.
''Its so kind of you to spare the time to listen people just don't seem to have any time these days. ''
''Its part of my job to listen and help if I can, he smiled, ''naturally in complete confidence please don't feel embarassed I hear alsorts of things I'm quite used to it, nothing shocks me. ''
''Well it is a delicate matter the fact is I'm getting very depressed my husband is so tied up in his work he just doesn't seem to notice me anymore all he seems to think about is work and he does such long hours. '' Alice looked cresfallen and her eyes seemed to fill with water, '' do you think I'm unattractive Reverend Young? as she said this she drew a deep breath and pushed out her well formed chest.

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Reverend Young flushed his loins reacted to the sight of this mature over-ripe female and he sensed danger Alice picked this up immediately and she rose to take the cups bending low infront of him and touching his knee with her arm. He watched her come back from the kitchen and his resistance was slain he must make a move she was irresistible. Reverend Young moved over onto the settee and put his arm around Alices shoulders as if to comfort her but he drew her towards him and their lips met. He could feel the pressure of her firm breasts and his tongue probed her sweet mouth and she responded to his embrace in silence.
They parted and Alice said, ''oh Reverend young that should not have happened what must you think of me but I just could not help myself,''and she moved away blushing to her roots.
Antony was out of control now his penis throbbed in his trousers he was totally given over to lust, he raised her to her feet and againlocked her in his strong embrace his hands spread on her rounded buttocks pulling her towards him as he pressed his groins into her. She gave way to his impetuous strength she could feel his manhood now as it sought it goal .
''Oh no please we mustn't- oh it feels so good - but we are both married --she tried to gently push him away knowing it would fire him up even more she could feel him pulsing against her hip. Anthony pressed her warm wet mouth to his again he was insensed with lust for this sexy woman all other feelings were banished.
Alice knew the time was ripe she slid down his chest and released his belt and lowering his trousers held his proud stiff throbber in her right hand and began the long slow strokes looking up at his face. Anthony looked down at the full clevage and her long hair curling onto her shoulders and with a sudden burst he came shooting his load into her face and over her breasts unable to contain himself any longer.

The shock and remorse was devastasting Anthony was on his knees helping her wipe up the sticky mess apologising. ''I just don't know what to say how can I make it up to you it was unforgivable. '' Alice looked at him in silence and she rose when to the kitchen and washed , Anthony straightened himself out he felt quite sick and sat in mortification his head in his hands on the settee.
''Well Reverend Young hardly a display for a man of the cloth what would your congregation say?'' he looked up his face contorted with grief.

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''It was a foolish moment of weakness it will never happen again. ''
Alice smiled, ''but it did happen and I think the least you can now do is to satisfy a lady by completing the job and while we are on such intimate terms my name is Alice. ''
''I'm sorry Alice but I cannot have any more physical contact surely you understand the serious nature of our sin?''
''You stuck up dirty pervert; you come in here seduce me satisfy yourself and then talk about sin get out of my house its lucky for you I'm a weak woman or I'd throw you out. '' Alice was fumingshe had not expected this rebuff, her plan had rebounded and she needed time to think.
Reverend Young was filled with fears he pictured his whole carreer in ruins; he thought of his sweet wife and children; he was a miserable failure totally unworthy of his high calling but what should he do? Was the damage repairable ? he knew as far as God was concerned he would be forgiven but what about man and his reputation after all that was what really counted.
The Letter
Dear Alice,
I do hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and that we can be friends. This terrible incident has made me feel totally wretched and I realise I have thrown my whole career into jeopardy. At themoment I feel like a hypocrite and unable to face the future. I have let down all who trusted me in particular my wife and family.
If you indend to expose me I do not blame you I would only ask that you tell me what your intentions are so I can make some preparations for the future.
Yours sincerely Anthony Young
The Reply
Dear Reverend Young,
Call on me tomorrow at 2pm to discuss your future and the whole incident. I see no reason why you should get away with this behaviour.
Yours Faithfully Mrs Slater
It was a penitent and remorseful man who Alice invited in the next day. She held all the cards , she knew it, and she intended to play them to her full advantage having received an unexpected set back. Alice looked ravishing and she was all smiles as she handed Anthony a cup of tea and sat opposite him again.

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She stared at him, ''you did make a complete mess of things Anthony this time you must get it right or I will begin to lose faith in you,''she smiled again.
''But Mrs Slater you know I cannot deliberately walk in fornication having once forsworn myself,'' he held his bowed head in his hands in horror at the thought.
''Stop being dramatic I expected you to make love to me and you failed then you went on to say that you were glad you failed and that you would never touch me again. I'm not concerned with your beliefs Anthony but I do insist on your making it up to me I want you to satisfy my body, I insist on it, its your duty and I will have my way, she stared again at him. I'm not a vindictive woman I believe in live and let live but I will not be pushed aside like some common little street tart. I also happen to know that you have a lust for me and I intend to enjoy lust for lust Antony and this is the bargain I offer: you will be my stud for one afternoon, you will get down and worship my body adore every part and then give me a good fucking. ''
Anothony winced he was appalled he sat motionless not knowing what to do.
''Having fullfilled your duty I will then remain completely silent no one will ever know anything about our little agreement. It maybe that having tasted of the pleasures of rampent sex you will return for more fun and games,'' she smiled, '' the taste of my pussy may prove too much for you to leave alone. If that is the case then you are welcome to come discreetly sniffing around like most men,''she burst into laughter.
''Now Anthony what's it to be a letter to the Bishop or nice long lick of this,'' she raised her dress to reveal her wet hairy pussy lips nestling above her sturdy white stockinged thighs and laughed again at the poor helpless clergyman.
Antony felt his desire rise quickly inspite of his resolution to avoid contact, there was no doubt this woman was hot he got onto his knees infront of her and placed his hands on her legs, she stroked his head,''good boy,'' she said and she slid her long stockinged legs over his broard shoulders presenting him with a very wet and willing slit to attend too. Cunnilingus was an activity he had never engaged in with his wife they had felt it was rather off limits for a Chistian couple and here he was commiting the act with a woman he hardly knew and enjoying the debauchery. Alice found she need to give him very little guidance and she lay back alowing the thrills to permeate her lower half.
''Mmmmm ohhhh yes keep going oh you naughty boy,''she could hear him lapping like fury and feel his lips on her swollen clit.

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   Now she needed the cock good and hard, ''fuck me get it in and fuck me,'' she pulled Anthony out of her legs and he quickly lowered his trousers and she clasped him to her with her long legs like calipers and drew his manhood into her slippery wet cunt. Antony became a rampent animal as he pumped this insatiable woman all his vows were forgotten he was intent on emptying his balls which slapped into her buttocks as he completed each stroke.
''Faster faster I'm cumming ohhhhh fuck you beast fuck,'' he pumped hard, long, firm strokes he was going to push his load right into this woman he could feel the orgasm climbing and his big ball-bag was a tight as a drum-skin as she came he released his load in spasmodic jerks lust racking his body as he emptied himself grinding to a halt panting ontop of her as he lay exhusted for a few minutes to recover.
Antony left the house filled with shame and ignominy he had given way to lust, what did he expect? how could he face his calling he was a hypocrite of the first order. For some months he was penitent and kept on the straight and narrow he averted his eyes when Alice Slater came to church. But alas in the end his penitance grew threadbare and he again knocked on her door; oh the weakness of the flesh, Rev Young was hooked he did not have the strength to abstain.

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