SEDUCING BEST FRIENDS WIFE PUSHPABY SKYCLEAR    Let me introduce myself, my name is Satish and live in Bangalore with my family, my wife is working with a NGO and most of the time she is occupied in her social activities, ours was a love marriage and we had differences after the child was born, it is since 4 years now after our son was born we had hardly any sex between us, except that we stayed in the same house.  I work in  a Bank and back home by 5 pm, that is when I take my son for outings and to the park  Our son is taken care by my parents.
  I have many friends who are married and leading a normal marital life.  One of my friends was Shekar who worked in a MNC software company and always used to come home late, his wife’s name is Pushpa and they have a son who is of the same age as my son.   Pushpa  she was pretty & exciting, she must be around 5 feet 2 inches fair having wheatish complexion,  long hair and had a gorgeous figure, her breasts were firm & shapely she was intellectual and  a ideal housewife in other words she was a perfect homemaker.  
Pushpa’s son and my son used to play together, Pushpa most of the times used to come to our house since she was friendly to my wife and also with my parents, she also had the oppurtinity to spend time with the kids, when I came home I would take both the kids in my car for a ride and go to a kids zone where they would play and I would pass my time sitting in the car working on my laptop or chatting on the internet.  Pushpa who was of the reserve type did not talk to me much and always kept to herself.  My wife went abroad on a mission for 6 months.  Pushpa’s visits increased to our house as she gave   more time to my  kid and her kid  and also took their homework.     One day it was a holiday for me and was enjoying watching the tv when Pushpa’s kid came running and was crying, immediately rushed to their house to see that Pushpa had fallen down in the bathroom and was crying, she was wearing a nighty which had rode upwards and her sexy legs upto the knees were visible, I  gave her a hand and helped her to walk down towards her bed, and made her lie after which asked her as to where it was paining, she showed me her waist and also her thighs, she said the Moov ointment was in the opposite cupboard, but to massage her she had to open her nighty which she hesitatingly did, now I could see only her panties and her bra nothing else since other then  she was naked from   my god she had a superb figure and had a beautiful body, made her turn on her back and    I went near her and keeping both of my hands on her shoulders started kneading and with the thumb gave pressures on her neck and with the index and middle finger started stroking her back and started massaging her back with both hands, she was just relaxing  and said to me that the pain was on the waist and not on her back, when I was kneading the flesh near her shoulders she started moaning, she was enjoying, I asked her whether she was feeling better,   I unhooked her black netted bra and started massaging her back, she started moaning and asked me to go slow, I had the opportunity to feel her complete back, while massaging her back sides my hands felt her naked boobs it was for a fraction of a second, by the time my dick was struggling inside my undies, then I concentrated on her legs and gave a nice  rubbing on her toe and ankles, after that gave a nice massage on her waist for a few minutes when I was pressing hard she started moaning and wanted me to massage more and then went on My hands went on her long and shapely thighs, gently massaging and kneading the smooth creamy flesh while kneading  the beautiful flat belly, she moaned, her eyes close and head going from side to side. My face and hands began to play between the innermost areas of her legs, massaging her sexy  thighs which was damn sexy while massaging my hands slipped to her cunt, felt the pubic hair, she neither objected nor commented and asked her whether she was feeling better after few minutes she relaxed and asked me to hook her bra and then she turned on the front and what a lovely breasts she had, her eyes were speaking she wanted to be loved but could not open up nor I had the courage to make love to  her, she thanked me for giving a stress relief massage and she informed that she was feeling better.
But after the incident she became more free with me, she started coming to our house wearing sexy nighty and while teaching the kids she would bend so much that I could see her boobs, at times she would not wear the bra & petticoat and wear thin nighty which would expose her sexy body, she was doing all this to arouse my inner sexual desires, she started accompanying me to the kids zone and we started going out for shopping, one day after dropping the kids we were discussing  on various subjects, while such discussions the subject of sex also came up that is when I opened up and spilled out to her that how in the past 3 years had a lonely life without having any relations with my wife, while speaking out to her tears started rolling down my eyes, Pushpa patted me and said sorry and allowed me cry on her shoulders, she embraced me to give a pat on my shoulder when my hands slipped on her sexy waist and was there for which she did not react or object,  she was sorry for me and took my hands in her hands and said to me that she too was in the same boat since Shekar had hardly time for her except on Saturday night or Sunday and said that he has not even taken her for an outing since last many months, I said to her being astonished that I was under the impression that she was very happy and content, she had tears in her eyes and said that she does not have the count as to when Shekar had made love to her, infact she has been yearning to have sex, and the massage given by me was enjoyed by her, infact she thought that I would make love to her on that day,    I touched her arm with my fingers and began to caress it gently. She eyed me with heavy eyes from under veiled eyelids and weakly smiled. She slowly pushed her lower body closer into mine. Her breasts almost touched the side of my chest. I slowly put my arm around her back and gradually brought it around her neck.

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   Pushpa lightly trembled as I took her hand and moved closer to her. I kissed her hand and held it.  
Some time later, I quietly slipped my hand on her thigh. I kissed her hair and her golden earrings. I raised her face with my hands and kissed her on her cheek and then her thick lips.  
I kissed them once very lightly and then gradually more insistently. A few minutes later, I moved my tongue over and over her lips and made them wet with my saliva and then slowly drew my tongue inside her lips. She reciprocated by offering her pouting lips and kissing me back.  
It was time to pick up our kids we, went inisde the Kids Zone and collected our kids and drove back to the house, as we reached Shekar called me up asking me to join him for a drink, I went to their house when Pushpa opened  opened the door she was wearing a lovely saree, she had changed it after we had come back,  which I had never seen her wearing, I admired her beauty and her dress sense Shekar asked me to come and sit, he offered me drinks and as we were sipping, Pushpa came with some Pakodas, we all sat down and were chatting, that is when I said Pushpa you also have a peg, the atmosphere will be good, I made a peg for her she took it and started sipping that is when I said to Shekar why not we play some game of cards, he agreed and Pushpa brought cards, Shekar said who ever wins will ask the other 2 persons to remove one of their dress, it was agreed and we started to play, the first game was won by Pushpa, myself and Rakesh removed our shirts, then again we started to play this time Shekar won the game, when he won he took a peg, this was his 4th peg I removed my banian and Seema removed her blouse, my god she was just in her black bra, the atmosphere was getting hot, again we played this time it was Shekar who won, Shekar went towards the toilet, that is when I removed a sleeping tablet and put it inside his glass and mixed it properly so as to get dissolved  I removed my pant, Pushpa removed her panties and then again a game took place and now I won Shekar removed his pant, and Seema removed her bra, and took her saree to cover her lovely breasts, wow it was a great scene to watch the boobs under a transparent saree Shekar who was already high went in for another drink, he was loosing his balance and was tipsy Shekar seeing his wife partly naked made him mad and pounced upon her and they started making love,they started smooching each other, Shekar removed her saree and petticoat and both were naked  they forgot I existed and was watching the whole show, Shekar was desparatley wanting to enter her cunt but within seconds he collapsed and exhausted and was lying on the side Pushpa who was totally naked was staring at me, she desparatley wanted more that is when  My arousal increased two fold and I moved close to her. Her pouting lips were inviting and partially opened. I kissed her hard while my two hands were busy fondling her breasts, one on each. I placed my hard cock right on her mouth and signaled her to open it. After slightly persuading, she opened up and took my cock into her wet mouth. I was in no mood for slow strokes and straight away grabbed her head.  
Almost gagging Pushpa, I started thrusting my cock into her mouth while she tried to protest weakly.

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   My thickness stuffed her entire mouth and she was trying her best to accomodate it. Satisfied with her reponse, I then spread her legs wider while positioning myself in between for a comfortable missionary position act.
Pushpa grabbed my upper arm tightly for support and squealed when my thick cock entered her pussy. Being a young married woman, she was still tight enough to make any man cum within seconds and it was a pleasure fucking her.  
I increased my pace randomly from strong, deep thrusts to slow, soft thrusts which provoked her horniness all the more. "ughh. . . ugghh," she kept panting as I continued fucking her to my heart's content.  
 "Ohhh. . . . god," was all she managed to say before I turned her over to face me. I planted another kiss on her come-kiss-me lips before making her sit on my lap.

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   The fucking continued for what seemed like a long time before I decided to cum inside her in missionary position. Switching over to make her lie on her back, I once again lifted her legs onto my shoulders and penetrated her wet pussy.  
This time, her inhibitions had left her completely and Pushpa co-operated almost willingly. She wrapped her hands tight around my back as I fucked her mercilessly. My each hump was rewarded by a grunt from her side.
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