My Betrayal Part 2



Part Two.

"Honey, Ms Lawson needs a ride into town, she has a family emergency" my wife said. I exhaled dramatically. I was so relieved when my wife asked for a ride for her. “She came with Toni and Alex (the bride and groom to be) and they are unable to leave just yet. I figured since you are going there anyway, it would be alright with you”. I looked over at Ms. Lawson and she winked and smiled. She hadn't told! I did not want to be alone with this woman but how could I say no? If I put up a protest my wife would suspect something or worse, Smoky Eyes would tell. What could I do? I opened the door and allowed Ms. Lawson to slide in.

 As soon as my wife closed the door and the driver took offÂshe straddled me and began to grind on my cock through our clothes. She was so horny that she was trying to get straight to the fucking. I tried to hold her off but my resolve was weakening and my dick was betraying my mind and my heart by becoming instantly hard. She was like an octopus with her hands everywhere. She was kissing me and sucking on my neck and rubbing her breasts against my chest.

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   I wanted her and at the same time I hated her. Why was she doing this? I fought with her to leave me alone but she was determined to fuck me no matter what I did. I was becoming weaker seeing her breast heave up and down as she took deeper breaths while wrestling with me. Her hair was wild and her bedroom eyes were boring into me, she looked so fuckable. I was torn between this beautiful woman and my wonderful marriage. My dick throbbed painfully reminding me that it needed release and it needed it now! The beautiful woman won.

I became angry and determined to make her suffer for making me want to betray my family. The boiling blood was like a fuel to me as I determined to make the bitch pay for this. I could see her desperation to fuck me and decided to use it against her to torment her. As she continued to straddle me, I pulled her dress aside at the top tearing it and exposing her naked breast.  I stared at it for a moment licking my lips and allowing the cold air to hit, making her nipples hard. I circled my tongue around her breast waiting to taste her nipple in my mouth but I wanted to torture her. When the nipples peaked I brought my hot mouth to it and lavished it with my tongue.  She let a soft moan escape her lips as I suckled. With my mouth still on the one nipple I exposed the other breast and began to squeeze that nipple softly with my fingers making her lean her head back and arch her back forcing her breasts closer to the source of such electric pleasure.

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  Â She told me to bite her nipples and I did, gently at first then harder and harder, suckling and biting, suckling and biting. Licking and suckling and biting. "Mmmmm. . . . Yes Daddy!!! OOOHH baby. . . Yes. . . bite me harder!!


She was so wet I could feel her pussy juices through my pants.  I continued the deliciousness for what seemed like eternity.  I brought her to such heights of pleasure that she grabbed my head and did her best to keep my mouth locked on her tits and I locked my mouth on them like a pit bull attached to his moms tits.

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  Â She was trying to unzip my pants to expose my hard dick so that she could mount it and ride me while I suckled her tender breasts, but I removed her hands and brought them both behind her back holding them firmly together by the wrists with one of my strong hands.


I continued to lavish her nipples with my tongue until she began to moan louder and louder. When she was on the verge of the same orgasmic bliss I was when she sucked my dick, I stopped, leaving her nipples throbbing and aching for more. She looked at me with a pouty face when I stopped, turning me on even more. ÂI was going to fuck her until she begged me to stop. I opened the sunroof and the privacy window allowing the driver to witness what I was about to do to her next.  I told her to stand up and put her head thru the sunroof and look out at everything we were driving by.  She looked at me with lustful desperation in her eyes wanting to fuck and forget about the sunroof but the smoldering anger in my eyes told her to obey. She stood and looked out as she was told. As she was standing in the sunroof enjoying the ride and looking up at the beautiful night sky I lifted her dress.  My hands slide up to her panties.  She inhaled sharply as I ripped them off of her destroying them in an instant.  She tried to look down in the limo to see what I was doing but I command her not to look back inside of the limo at all.


She felt my hands moving up her legs, caressing her thighs as they moved towards her delectable delight.  She moaned as she felt my fingers running along her pussy lips and I felt her clit throbbing in response and aching to be touched.

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   I sniffed her her musky scent like a dog sniffing his bitch and the smell of it drove me over the edge. I slipped my finger between her lips and gently fondled her waiting clit, a moan rose up in her throat.  I gently massaged her clit until I could feel her pussy juices begin to flow even more than they already had. People were riding by the limo looking at her standing in the sunroof with a look of maximum pleasure on her face as she moaned out in ecstasy. I then used my hot tongue and slid it up her legs, kissing both thighs as I penetrated her pussy with two of my fingers.  She moaned loudly.  Her legs were becoming so weak that she was having trouble standing but I told her that if she fell I would not fuck her.  She was so desperate for my dick that she found the strength to stand there and be pleasantly tortured.


As my tongue moved closer to her pussy she tensed up in anticipation of what was to come. While she was so focused on the deliciousness of my tongue meeting her clit, I surprised her by putting a finger in her tight ass while leaving my two fingers in her pussy.  I finger fucked her as her knees began to buckle. She began to thrust her pussy onto my fingers like a wild woman. When she was about to reach an orgasm I removed my fingers from her pussy and slipped my tongue between her lips.  “YYYEEESSSSSSSS Daddy, YESSSSSSS!!” She moaned. I gently licked and flicked my tongue on her clit sending electric shockwaves through her.

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   She screamed out from the goodness of it all.  I slipped yet another finger in her ass as she lifted one of her legs over my shoulder and rested her foot on top of my head to give me better access to her clit.  I lavished her clit with my exquisite tongue and she purred like a cat.  Her pussy tasted like honey as I swallowed her juices. She was delicious. I had given in to the adultery.


 We came to a stop at a stoplight and the man in the car next to us looked up at her and saw the sexy look on her face and heard her cries of pleasure. He was unable to see me through the tinted windows so he stared back at her as as I intentionally made her moan louder.  She looked him in his eyes with her smoky bedroom eyes as I continued to pleasure her and I could see the lust well up in his eyes. We drove off as I diligently made erotic strokes with my tongue on her clit.  She looked up at the stars and cried out as I brought her to a divine climax.  I feel her clit throbbing in my mouth and I moved my fingers in and out of her ass faster and faster as I stuck my tongue in her pussy bringing her to another climax and another still. By this time she was screaming, YESSSSSSSS, YESSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSS!!


While her multi orgasmic pleasure continued I joined her in the sunroofÂandÂpulled out my dick and rubbed it up against her ass.  I began to kiss the back of her neck very passionately as she pressed her ass into my rock solid dick. With small orgasmic shockwaves still shooting through her body, she began to grind her ass on my dick until I could feel the pre-cum release from it.

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  Â I took my hands and spread her cheeks wide as I entered her ass with my throbbing manhood. I let out a low guttural moan as I leaned forward a little burying my face in her hair and she lifted her ass allowing me deeper access into it.  I got my cock only an inch or so in when I felt her ass tighten around it. I waited a minute allowing her ass to adjust to my cocks intrusion. When I could no longer take the wait I pulled back and thrust another inch into her slowly. She began to beg me to put it all the way in but I continued this slowly torturous pace until I felt my entire shaft in her ass. I was in heaven. Her ass was so tight and I was barely able to keep from cumming. I began to thrust in and out of her ass as we rode the streets standing in the sunroof.  I was growling and moaning and whenever we stopped, people were staring, aware that we were fucking in the sunroof of the limo but I did not care to hide it, in fact being watched turned me on more. I had given in to the adultery.


She  leaned forward a little and started to lift her ass up and down and up and down on my dick, hard and fast.  I was reeling from the tightness of her ass my and dick was ready to explode.  My balls filled with the cum that was denied release earlier and I was ready to shoot my sperm into her hot tight ass.  I begin to thrust harder and deeper into her like a dog fucking his bitch.

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  . . . . "Fuck me daddy!! Ooooh. . . . fuck me like the slut that I am" she said making my shaft fill and expand stretching her ass to it's limits.  She leaned her head back looking up into the night sky and when the first shot of cum fired into her ass like a bullet, I let out a wolf-like howl. "OOhhhhhh yes daddy. . . give this little slut your cum. I want it all baby!!"  she screamed.

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   I continued thrusting in her ass as her hole milked my cock for all of it's cum. I was standing there releasing my cum into another womans ass, I had fully betrayed my wife and kids.


When I was done shooting my cum into her ass to my surprise I found that my dick was still hard, I wanted her pussy and I wanted it badly.  I hated myself and her for what she was making me do but I couldn’t stop this downward spiral. I pulled her back into the limo and leaned her over the seat with her face in the rear window.  She was on all fours with her pussy aimed at my massive dick. Using no gentleness, I rammed my dick into her pussy fucking her doggy style.

 I reached out and grabbed her shoulders pulling her to me with each thrust as I used my dick like a battering ram in her pussy. I was completely out of control behaving like wild untamed beast as I fucked her with every ounce of anger I could muster.  She began screaming as I fucked her hard and rough almost like a rape.  I said "Scream bitch. . . scream like the whore you are" and she let out a scream from somewhere in her soul. This made my dick ache with the desire to fill her pussy with my seed.

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  Â "Fuck me good daddy. Nobody has ever fucked me like you baby. . . mmmm. . . . give it to me good" she screamed. The more she screamed the more I rape fucked her showing no mercy. It felt so good that I was losing it and she kept screaming "fuck me like a dog baby. . . aaaaaahhhhhhh. .

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  . . . Âthis dick is so good!!!


I feel her clit begin its throbs as an orgasm suddenly took over her.  Her toes curled, my legs stiffened and my cock almost ached as I growled like an angry dog over and over again.  She purred like a wild cat as her orgasmic release intensified and my non stop pounding brought her to a multi orgasmic frenzy.  I continued humping like an animal banging her pussy with no mercy.  She came so much that she began to get dizzy and almost pass out. She told me that she could take it anymore and I told me to shut her little slut ass up. My anger was boiling over as I thought of how good the fucking felt and how she made me cheat on my wife. I hated her. I pulled her hair yanking her head back as I held her hair like horse reigns and used it as leverage as I fucked her so hard that I exploded in an earth shattering orgasm causing the cum I shot out to fill her pussy and SQUIRT from her pussy and back onto my dick and down her legs.


This turned her on so much that her pussy erupted in another orgasm. I could feel her pussy contracting and tightening on my dick bringing me to yet another devastating orgasm before I was through with the first one. That had never happened to me before and I was growling and grunting like a mad beast angry with her for bringing this primal behavior out of me.


   Her pussy was making me cum again and again and again as the cum continued to move through my pulsating dick at the speed of light.  I was filling her cunt with seed that should have only been in my wife. My anger was overwhelming as I thrust so hard and deep into her trying to break her womb.


My rage grew and grew with each orgasm when suddenly my body became tight and I was unable to move. My muscles ached to move, my heart was racing rapidly and a fire began building in my balls in the midst of the other orgasms. I held my breath in anticipation just as my dick allowed the most massive orgasm to burst forth releasingÂmy jizsm into her juicy pussy.  My body involuntarily jerked and thrust quickly getting it all out filling her as my cum ran out of her pussy and down the back of her legs and the front of mine. A low deadly roar erupted from deep within my chest as my balls ached to get all of the cum out. My muscles spasmed as my cum shot into her pussy slamming into her walls and ricocheting back onto my dick. With each load being released my body forced a thrust into her pussy as I stood helpless to do anything but cum. I grunted and grunted as my body and slowly my mind began to give way to the feelings that had taken over me. When I had nothing more to release my anger finally subsided and my dick softened and slipped out of her pussy.  I fell back into the opposite seat completely spent.


Out of breath I decided that I wanted to know the first name of the slut who just ruined my marriage. I asked her her name and she told me Amber.

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   She offered me her number which I grudgingly took. I could not refuse her yet I hated her so much. Sitting there staring at her as she dressed herself I began to get hard again. I couldn’t get enough of her. Pussy got while cheating was better than anything I had ever felt in my life. I see why so many people did it. This whore had brought out the worst in me. The realization of what I had just done rocked me to the core especially when faced remembering that I fucked this slut’s cunt raw (with no protection). My seed now ran through her, seed that should be in another woman. She could be carrying my child if not now very shortly. I could feel my rage boiling again and my dick was ready to punish her some more but I knew if I touched her at that moment I would hurt her. I needed to put a stop to it for her own good as much as that went against everything I desired.


As soon as we get into town I opened the door and let her out on a corner. She wasn't even completely dressed yet but I didn’t care. For her own safety I needed to put as much distance between me and her as possible as quickly as possible.

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   I hated her. I told the driver to drive off leaving her standing there on the corner looking like a freshly fucked hooker. I hated Amber Lawson, but I loved fucking her. I wished I had never met her but I'm glad I did. Something in me had snapped and I knew that I could never be faithful again. Pussy that good had me hooked. I knew I would look Amber up again soon because I needed more of that. I was addicted!Â


 I went to the privacy window and slipped the driver two hundred dollar bills. He knew it was silence money and he greedily accepted. I sat in the back of the limo desperately waiting for the moment when I could fuck this stranger again. And I would. . .


Email me at sexy_erotique_1@yahoo. com and tell me what you think.

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   Part three will be out soon.

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