Mrs. Listen, Part 2



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Just as I am shooting my last load into Mrs. Listen, in walks Stacy the other teacher.   Crash, we hear as she drops a tray to the floor.


“I am so sorry,” she says as she tries to cover her eyes.


But then it was too late.   She had seen all that there was to see.   Both Mrs. Listen and I gather ourselves and walk over to Stacy to talk.   Now just to give you a little background on Stacy.   She is short and compact.   I mean she is 5 foot even at best and that is with heels.  


She is boisterous and fun and the kids just absolutely love her.   Here is another thing that I love about her.   Two days prior to this we are standing at the back of the room talking.

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“My son is hilarious.   He has no idea how to end a conversation on the phone.   He just says, ‘Okay Mom’ and hangs up the phone.   Who does that?  You would think that I did not teach him better.   But, he never ceases to surprise me. ”


“It is amazing how much they grow and yet don’t grow at the same time,” I respond.   And we both have a hearty laugh as we continue to pass stories back and forth.


“Stacy, there is something that I have to ask you and I have been meaning to ask you since day one in the class.   You look like you have a gymnast’s body.   Did you do gymnastics in the past?”


“So, you noticed huh?”  She asks.


“Yes I did. ”


“So what gave it away, my size?” She asks.


“Well, that was part of it.   But you look powerful.   You have a strong core and even though you wear pants all of the time, I can tell that your legs are very muscular.

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“Wow, you don’t miss a beat do you?”


“That’s what my wife tells me. ”


“Actually, my legs are one feature that my husband says he would change about me. ”


“Well Stacy, let me tell you now.   He is crazy.   I love a woman with big, beautiful muscular legs. ”


Stacy gives me a smirk but I catch something in her eye that I had never seen before.   My wife would call it a glimmer.   But, she started to treat me differently from that point on.   She would walk over to greet me when I walked in the class.   She would make sure to engage me in some kind of conversation.   I cannot say that I complained because it sure made the day go by faster.


So now fast forward back to this fateful night and here we have this predicament that Mrs. Listen and I find ourselves in.  


“I don’t believe this.   I don’t believe this.

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    I don’t believe this. ”


“Stacy, we had no idea you were here,” I say to her as I am making the final adjustments on my pants.  


Mrs. Listen chimes in, “Stacy, I am so sorry.   I have never done anything like this before but you know how it is like at my house.   I thought we were alone and just sort of got caught up in the moment.

  It will never happen again, I promise. ”


“I was coming in because I forgot to some construction paper for Wednesday’s project.   Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would be walking into this. ”


“Stacy, says Mrs. Listen, can we talk about this later I absolutely have to get back to my kids.   The baby sitter is about to get off and she charges me extra for every five minutes that I am late.   But please, can we talk about in the near future?”


“I just don’t know.   I am so confused.   This is the last thing I expected to find.

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“Look, Mrs. Listen, you go on and take care of your kids.   I will stay and talk to Stacy. ”


So Mrs. Listen grabs her bags and off she goes in a flash.   At this point, Stacy has taken a seat on the rug towards the front of the room.   She still has this shocked look on her face.


“Stacy, I am sorry if we upset you.   That is the last thing that I would want to do. ”


“I am not completely upset by what I saw.   I have to confess that there is this part of me that wishes it were me. ”


“What, really?   I had no idea.   I knew that I saw something in your eye when we were talking about your body but I never expected anything like this. ”


By this time, my cock had recovered from my previous rendezvous and was ready for some more action.   I felt that familiar stirring making its rounds.

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“I have to confess that I saw more than you realize.   I was walking down the hallway when I got a glimpse of some movement.   I knew that no one was supposed to be here so I was surprised to see anything at all.   So I turned to see what it was and that is when I saw you enter her from behind.   She looked the happiest that I have seen her in a long time.   But this is not right, you are both married.   What if your wife finds out, what would she do?”


Right then, I saw another glimmer in her eye and a big grin mounted from ear to ear.  


“So, what would happen if your wife found out?”


“It would be over,” I responded.


“Then if you want to save your marriage then you need do what ever I tell you. ” 


At this point, she had all of the cards and there was nothing I could do to change it.


“First let me do this the right way so that we don’t get caught. ”


Stacy gets up, walks over to the furthest wall from us, and hits the light switch.   Immediately, the light of the moon shines into the room giving us just enough light to see each other.   You can tell that she knew the room well because she did not hit one chair lurking in the shadows.   She also moved with a sense of urgency but even more so with a confidence of someone who knew she was in complete control.

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What I did not know was that each time Stacy hit a shadow in the room, she was removing an article of clothing.   So that by the time she back to the rug, there stood before me a goddess.   Now granted, it had been some time since she had done gymnastics but the structure was still there.


“Take off your clothes.   You are not going to need those. ”


So I stripped down to my underwear.   Even though I knew what was about to happen, a hint of modesty had crept into the moment.  


“I said, take off your clothes or else I will tell your wife. ”


So, I dropped my underwear to the floor and out popped my semi-erect penis.


“MMMMM it is much nicer close up. ”


Stacy lies onto her back.


“Come here, I want you to eat my pussy and do not stop until you make me cum. ”


So I work my way between her legs and get ready to satisfy my little master.   What she did not know was that this was a fantasy come true for me.   Every since the days of Mary Lou Rettin, from the 1984 Olympics, I have had the fantasy of laying the pipe to a gymnast.

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It is something about the muscle structure.   Also, I have never been attracted to overly skinny women.   Sometimes, I just wish some of the actresses and singers would just put on 10 pounds.

  But, I just love a girl with thick, strong legs and this is what I was lying between.


So I pull her legs apart and take her clit into my mouth.   I tease it with my tongue by just putting pressure on it and pushing her clit against the roof of my mouth.   Stacy reaches down and grabs my head.


“Oh yes, that’s it. ”


I want to taste the wholeness of her love box so I slide my tongue out to the lips of her cunt and trace it all around.   This I press my tongue into her pussy.   At this point she is squirming around so I have to hook my hands around her legs to hold her in place.


I work my mouth back up to her clit and softly blow on it.   Then I pull her clit into my mouth and begin to bounce up and down on it.   As I build a rhythm with my mouth, I slide my thumb into her pussy.   Now I am both sucking her clit and fingering her at the same time.

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    The result is exactly what I thought it would be.


“I’m cumming.   I cumming.   Yes. ” 


She grabs my head and rams into her pussy as she comes all over my face.   Before she can recover, I am up on my arms working my cock into her pussy.


“Oh yes, you are good. ”


As I work my cock into her, she whispers in my ear.


“I have to confess to you.   It has always been by fantasy to be fucked by a black man.   Oh, your cock feels so good. ”


I decide to see how much flexibility she has so I stand up and life her rear off the floor.   Now I bend her back so that her pussy is lined up over her head.   This girl still has it.   Then I move her legs ever so slightly forward and slide my cock back into her again.

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    This position is incredible but it is also bringing me to the edge of climax and I have a special plan for this load.


I pull out and tell her to get on her hands and knees.  


“This is exactly how I wanted you to fuck me.   Take me from behind like you did Paula (Mrs. Listen). ”


I line my cock up and instead of placing it in her cunt.   I ram it right up her ass.   I want to teach her a lesson for trying to manipulate me.   All she had to do was ask and I would have fucked her, not hold my family hostage.


“Ow, ow, ow, stop, that’s my ass.   It hurts.   It hurts. ”


I ignore her and plow forward right into her ass.   She has that nice, thick gymnast as also.   So this is my night to make all of my fantasies come true.

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Eventually, Stacy gets over the pain and is matching me thrust for thrust as I screw her arse.   Her tightness is more than I could ever imagine.


“Here it comes Stacy.   You ready for it. ”


“As ready as I will ever be. ”


I grab her hips and thrust my cock in as far as I can.   Then, I start to cum inside of her ass emptying my cock.


I collapse on top of her and try to gather my strength.


“Oh my goodness, that was absolutely amazing.   My first black dick was all that I dreamed it would be. ”


Two days later, Stacy whispers to me.


“I still can’t find my panties.   They have never turned up in class. ”


Little did she know that I was able to find them that night and I took them as collateral.   Just in case she gets any ideas about telling anyone anything.


    I have the juice to make it very costly for her as well.