Me and Ms. Lee


It was a normal day of work and I was sitting at my desk day dreaming waiting for quitting time, when she walked by. Her name was Nina, Nina Lee. Me and Nina had worked together for about a year but except for the occasional pleasantries we had never really talked. Nina had always been attractive but conservative and she had never caught my eye until today. As she walked by my desk I noticed her in a short tight black dress hugging her voluptuous body. As my eyes took in every inch of her lovely body goose bumps filled my skin as I marveled at her long sexy legs. My dick became swollen with delight as I watched her plump round ass sway from side to side. Right then and there I knew I had to have her and me being married wasn't going to be enough to stop my desire. After my shift was over and my raging hard on subsided. I head to the parking lot. Thinking of how the image of Nina would be enough for me to fuck my wife ten times tonight. Much to my surprise I see Nina heading to her car which was parked next to mine. Quickly I thought of something to say "Are you trying to get in trouble by wearing that dress?". Immediately I began mentally beating myself up for saying something so stupid. "No, I'm sorry. " she said as she placed her hands over her huge breast to keep them from spilling out of her tight dress "I've just been so busy with work, school and the kids that I totally forgot to do laundry.

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   This was the only thing I could find. ". I then told her I was only joking and we both shared a laugh. After talking for a bit we both got in our cars and went our separate way.

The next afternoon at work Nina came by my desk again this time wearing a more conservative less sexy business outfit. She asked "Is my outfit better today?" making a gesture with her hands as to say "Taa Daa!". "Ummmmm no. " I responded laughing. Later we had lunch together in the company break room. As I sat and listened to her talk about work. I began to fantasize about grabbing her by her long wavy hair, pushing her face down on the table, and fucking her from behind with my thick hard cock right there in front of everyone. As my fantasy began to reach it's climax I was brought back to reality by the sound of "Hello! I said what's wrong with my outfit today?". "Nothing. " I responded "I just like the one from yesterday better, that's all. ".

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   "That old dress?!" she said "I put on a little weight since the last time I wore it so I think it was a little tight. ". "Obviously you put on weight in all the right places. " I said as I rolled my eyes in discuss for saying something so corny. She then blushed and took another bite of her sandwich. I couldn't believe I was sitting here flirting with another woman. Being married I felt bad, but I couldn't get past my pure animal lust. I had to have her, not as a friend or not as a mistress. I wanted no emotional attachment to this woman what so ever. I just wanted to fuck her. I wanted to use her as an instrument solely for my enjoyment and pleasure, like a toy.

That weekend I was invited to a birthday party by a friend from work. For some reason he decided to have his party at a local strip club. My wife had to work that night so after I dropped her off at work. I headed to the club.

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   I arrived about 11:00PM I sat for about an hour drinking and watch the strippers, planning the perfect time tomake my exit. As I walked over to wish the birthday boy a happy birthday and take my leave Nina and a few coworkers walked in. As she walked in her eyes lit up when she saw me as if I had recently been on her mind. She walked over and hugged me. "What is a married man like you doing in a place like this?" she asked. I responded "I was invited to a birthday party. How about you?". "Same thing!" she replied. "You're not leaving are you?" she then said. "Now that you're here no. " I replied. I watched as she smiled exposing her beautiful dimples and blushed out of embarrassment. We spent a few ours drinking, talking and making fun of old guy in front of us who had been paying the same stripper for lap dances since I first arrived at the club. "Watch this she's been doing the same routine for him for hours. " I told Nina.

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   I began to call out every move before the stripper performed it. Nina laughed in delight. Before the stripper did her final move I blurted out "Watch she's going to take that test tube shaped shot glass and deep throat it. ". As Nina watched her deep throat the shot glass. She then turned to me and said "That's no big deal. I can do that!". I looked at here amazed "Really?!!" I said. After that we once again found ourselves in a parking lot talking and laughing. Finally I got to the courage to tell her how I really felt and what my true intentions were. She then told me she felt the same way. Afterwards we both got in our cars, only this time we were both going to the same destination.

Once we both arrived at my place. The sexual tension and uncontrollable lust we both shared for each other exploded everywhere. She quickly took off my shirt.

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   I moan out in pain and pleasure as she dug her nails in to my back. She began to kiss and nibble her way down my chest to my stomach. She stuck her hands down my pants and pulled out my already hard and throbbing cock. Once again her eyes lit up "Long and thick, that's how I like it. " she said. She then pushed me on the couch. She was ready to prove what she told me early at the club was true. I moaned as she wrapped her soft lips around my dick. I gasped in amazement as she gobbled up every inch of my cock. She came up gasping air, her eyes watered as she said "See I told you I could do it. ". "Yeah!" I said "But you weren't down there long enough. ". I grabbed her by the back of her head and began force feeding her cock periodically letting her up for air until I filled her throat with my warm jizz. Once again she came up gasping for air.

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   "What now?" she said. I replied "I hope you don't think you're going home yet. " as I pointed to my cock revealing it was just as hard as before. She smiled as a drizzle of cum ran down the corner of her mouth. She sat in front of me on her knees with her hands in her lap like a egger puppy awaiting my next command. She wanted me to fuck her I could see it in her eyes. That made it even more fun for me to make her wait and suck my dick again. This time she slurped a licked my hard cock like a lollie pop. Until I made her stop. She then stood in front of me and pulled her tight skirt down revealing the round ass I'd been fantasizing about for days. She then laid on her back, it was time for me to return the favor. I dove face first in to her all ready dripping wet pussy licking and tounging her clit and cunt until she screamed in ecstasy releasing her sweet juices in to my mouth. She then turned over got on all fours and slowly crawled away wiggling her plump ass from side to side taunting me to take her from behind. I quickly took the bait and grabbed her by the waist and mounted her like I was a horny dog and she was a bitch in heat. She yelled out as I crammed every inch of my cock in to her drenching wet cunt.

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   I thrusted in and out in and out. Each time harder and faster then the next. I pummeled her from behind until she fell from her hands and knees to her stomach. Even then I continued to fuck her in to submission. There were tears of joy and exhaustion in her eyes but I wasn't done playing with my toy yet. I flipped her over and grabbed each leg with one hand spread them both as far as they would go readying her for a fast and strong entry. Once I again a thrusted in and out until I couldn't hold it any more. It was time for her reward. I quickly removed my cock from her cunt to her mouth making her taste her cum before she tasted mine. I screamed as I unload all in her mouth and face.

Afterwards we both laid exhausted. We didn't really talk about what just happened but we didn't really regret it either. The following Monday I arrived at work not knowing what to expect between me and Nina. That afternoon I was at my desk lost in my work. When I heard "How do I look today?".

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   I looked up to see Nina wearing the same black dress as last week. "Perfect" I replied. She smiled and walked away. That's when I realized things had just begun between Me and Ms. Lee.

To Be Continued. . . . . . . .