This really shook me up! pt 3


Mum having led my sleep-walking son from her room into mine and put him to bed alongside me. . .

As she'd done so,I'd turned my back towards him thinking he'd snuggle into it. At first he just lay there on his back breathing steadily as one would expect a sleeping person to do. On the other hand,I lay almost not breathing as I still wondered whether my mother was right and in fact my son was faking his sleep-walking for sexual reasons.

Five minutes passed,nothing happened. Ten minutes and still nothing happening. At about fifteen minutes I felt myself drifting back to sleep. Now fighting desperately to fight off falling off to sleep,I shifted slightly more onto my front,hardly anything but now with my highest thigh falling till my knee reached over to the mattress at my front of me,I knew my puffy vulva was slightly protruding from between the back of my thighs because of the highest thigh being drawn up and forward somewhat.

Within moments my heart double bumped as I felt him move. It was only slight but it was towards my back,also it was just enough to bring his pubes into contact with the puffy part of my vagina now pressing out towards him. Accidental? maybe,but you can imagine how my heart raced in case it was done with intent. I now became conscious of his cock,it was not exactly soft as it nestled down the back of my legs. Hardly daring to breath I waited,now fully awake to see if more was to happen.

I trembled inside as his arm moved across my hip and came to rest with his right arm and hand laying from the rise of my hip to just above my knee.

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   Everything was still again, - is he waiting to see if I respond or am I imagining this is his game? - Then after minutes his hand twists round behind my knee and gently presses trying to move my leg further forward. Almost against my will I help him by complying to this pressure.

Equally and slightly disgusted with myself,I became conscious of my pussy getting all juicy inside. - God this is my son and its getting me horny! - Feeling slightly more pressure I realised he was using his hand to lever his hips back from me,almost imperceptible but it allowed his cock to rise as it crept up the inner thigh until it came against my ass cheeks. Then his hips went back farther and I felt the head of his knob sort of dong and hover almost touching my vulva. In seconds it touched my excited touchy inner lips that I knew would be peeping from my vulva. - God I so much wanted to cum! - I realised it wasn't only my pussy wet,it was the head of his penis that also has precum on it as the very slippery feeling as our parts touched illustrated.


He had to be awake,like myself the sheer anticipation had made him produce precum,but how could I prove it? or for that matter did it matter anyway. I could kid myself now,the sheer feeling of his helmet hovering against my cunt meant all was lost. I intended to be satified by this penis no matter even if it was my own son's cock. So with all these sensations flying through my body,his hand moved down across my soft belly. staying at the centre and just about in contact with my pubic bone he applied pressure against it trying to make me push back at his hardon.

Again he had me comply. Oh so slowly I felt my vagina opening to his cocks bulbous head. Gently and making me tingle inside I felt our mutual love juices allowing my own son's cock to penetrate me.

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   Then with his fingers pressing between and into the hood part of my vaginas slit he held my pubic area and pressed his length deep into me. Within moments he started fucking me in earnest and after a minimal of thrusting I felt him spurt thrust after thrust of hot cum inside my quim just as my own orgasm overwhelmed me.

There was no denying,my own son had just brought a formidable orgasm from my loins while inpregnating enough cum in me to make a harem pregnant. If he wasn't awake when he started,he certainly was now as I pumped my ass back on to his stiffy. I grunted and he gasped as I again brought his cum bubbling to the end of his cock. - In all this frantic humping I became aware in the half light from the hallway that we were being watched.

My mother stood blatantly masterbating - as she'd previously admitted doing when she watched my father dry fuck me in his wet dream. It dawned on me as I came down from my orgasm,that unlike before when admitting she'd been fingered by my son, - her grandson, - she was now completely naked. Walking to Roddy's side of my bed. - As she slid under the duvet, - "If he's asleep,I'll eat my hat. Come on my little beauty,let Nan make you nice and warm with her bush against your horny young ass" - Fuck! Mum really was horned up,Roddy was in for some serious fucking, awake or asleep. I'd had my first turn with him,now it was mum's go.


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