Nathan walks down a path in the woods he knows all to well. It’s his own little hide out, a place away from ‘Sir Royal Pain’. Nathan is a small kid, and effectively a slave to a wealthy noble, who saw fit to protect him, house him, and raise him. This won the noble kudos among his people and other servants, since he could just have easily turned the boy out, but the boy would tell you that he was much better off on his own. “He’ll come for you with his dogs you know” says a voice from out of nowhere. “Who’s there!” A happy old wizard walks out from the trees, knees knocking as he walks with his cane and pointy hat brushing the branches. “I am, my boy! Who else? Why do you run when you know he’ll catch you and bring you back?” The boy scoffs in frustration. “I just needed some air. ” The wizard nods sagely, turning and walking down the path. Nathaniel follows. “Fresh air is good for the heart, but don’t let it fool you. Nature has a way of carrying you away sometimes, you know. ” He looks at Nathan with old, sagging eyes, and a smile breaks his face like a wave on the beach. “Well, I think I may be able to help you Nathan, and perhaps you might return the favor. Do you truly want to be free of this place? You want to see the world?” Nathan stops dead in his tracks. “You’d do that for me? What would you have me do?” “I would have you do whatever you want.

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   The only catch is that you must become a Dragon, and by that I mean I’ll transform you into a Dragon. There are so few you know, one more in the sky’s will do my heart good. ” It is, of course, just about every child’s dream, at some point in their life, that they might become a bird or a cat. For Nathan, it had always been a Dragon. Their power, their grace, their detachment from society, law, rules, and suffering held great appeal in his eyes. “Do it!” cried Nathan. “Are you certain, you’ve thought it all over and have no second thoughts or possible regrets? I’m afraid that once you’re a Dragon the effects will be irreversible, as Dragons are very resistant to magic. ” The wizard cocks a single a single bushy eyebrow at the boy, penetrating him with his gaze. “I have never been more certain. ” “That’s all I need my boy, and thank you. ” Nathan is about to say thank you back, when he finds he can’t find his voice. His entire body seems to be buzzing, and Nathan is lifted weightlessly into the air. Nathans body starts stretching and thickening. His neck extends outwards, a tail grows out his behind, and wings unfold from his back. His body becomes streamlined and feline, then is covered with smooth, red scales.

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   Nathan feels his teeth sharpen and strengthen, and his hind legs switch direction at the knee. He grows bigger and bigger, until he’s the size of a present day bus, and then Nathan’s gently set down on the ground. “My, you make a beautiful dragon Nathan. Quite the shade of red. ” Nathan looks down at himself. He can’t believe it, he’s a large, sleek, dark red dragon. He stands up and moves around, his tail unconsciously following his motions and maintaining a perfect balance. His grace and shape brings to mind a cat. Nathan tries to thank the magician again, but only emits a low growl that rattles the earth. “No need to thank me, at least not yet. I think I’ll be seeing you again soon, but try not to get into too much trouble before then. ” Nathan looks happily at the wizard one last time, his eye’s beaming, and in one fluid motion leaps into the air, flying to the south and heading back over to the only home he had ever known. Nathan is giddy with the joy of flying, it’s like nothing he could have possibly understood when he was grounded, no matter how well he had guessed and simulated the experience in his brain. The castle is now far below him, and Nathan sees tiny figures racing around in panic at the sight of the dragon. His vision ratchets in on one person in particular, the Baron, who is at that moment aiming the giant ballista high into the sky.

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   He fires, and it’s a fine shoot, but by the time the spear has reached Nathan’s altitude it has slowed down enough to be catchable, and Nathan grabs it in his mouth, then snaps it in two with delight, marveling at his own strength and reflexes. Nathan travels the world over the next few months, eating raw meat that he had killed himself like it was candy and visiting all of the sights that he had heard about. Many of them he couldn’t get too close to, such as cities, but many others he could never have visited as a human. One day, while passing over a desert to visit the top of a mountain, he spots in the distance another dragon following him. It’s a beautiful blue dragon, and Nathan feels irresistibly attracted to it. He turns around, and in a mater of minutes the two dragons meet. The other dragon is also a young dragon, and they both immediately start flying together. They can say nothing, but after while Nathan and the other dragon start moving back and forth through the air. Nathan is unashamedly attracted to this dragon, even it’s smell is arousing. Nathan had actually been feeling randier and randier all month long, but he didn’t have a clue as to how to masturbate. The other dragon starts flying closer and they start doing small acrobatics, and Nathan realizes that this is a mating flight. He could get lucky! Nathan immediately starts flying in more erotic ways, and the other dragon matches his every move with an equally impressive move. Soon they’re flying in symmetry, and getting closer and closer to each other, when all at once they smoothly and naturally grab each other in the middle of the air. Their bellies pressed together, their tails and necks entwined, they continue to beat their wings and keep flying, albeit now at a more gentle pace. Nathan feels a hot spot on the belly of the other dragon, and he too has a similar hot spot.

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   The two dragons line the two hot spots up until they start rubbing up against each other, and ecstasy erupts from Nathans spot. For a while nothing happens, they just rub together emitting low noises of pleasure, and Nathan starts wondering if dragons even have penis’s. Maybe they’re like birds, and just squirt jism onto each other’s privates. Even as he thinks that, something starts to happen, but the feeling isn’t what Nathan is expecting. He feels the hot spot on the other dragon start to push out some, and his first thought is that the dragon’s “mound” is opening up. He suddenly feels something happening to his own little hot spot, but now he’s becoming worried. His hot spot also seems to be poofing out, but not in quite the way that the other dragon’s is. Without warning, Nathan feels something enter him, and freaks. It feels like the other dragons vagina is turning inside out like a sock and is entering him! Nathan tries to pull away but finds that the base of the other dragon’s penis has spines on it that keep it from being pulled out. He cries out in pain as he pulls, but it’s no use. The other dragon is gripping him too tight to escape anyway. The penis pushes deeper into what Nathan now realizes with horror is his vagina, but only the end of the penis is moving. Nathan can’t help but become overwhelmed by the strange sensations that this penis is making him feel, and he quickly gives in. The cock snakes its way further and further into Nathan, bending with his curves until it feels like the dragon is nearly six feet deep inside of him. Nathan’s vagina is rippling, muscles he had never used before as a dragon nor as a human instinctively start stimulating the other dragon’s penis, and the other’s penis starts to expand.

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   Nathan roars unwillingly from the pleasure as the penis enlarges and stretches wide his sex hole, until the doesn’t think he can take any more. His pussy builds up suddenly and quickly, stemming a tidal wave of pleasure, then suddenly lets it go. He crushes the other dragon as every muscle, including his wings, clench, but the other dragon manages to keep flying. The motion of their bodies as they fly has been causing their sex’s to rub and shift inside of him, and this is now incredibly apparent to Nathan as he tries to start flying again. His pussy isn’t nearly done, and begins sending out new waves of pleasure as if to say that he hadn’t seen nothing yet. The other dragon starts to fly faster now, and is pressing his crotch against Nathans with more force. The increased speed makes their sexes move now in ways it hadn’t before and they both experience mind blowing pleasure from feeling his cock move deeper into Nathan’s pussy. Now it’s the other dragons turn to orgasm, and he clenches hard at Nathans sides with his back legs and fore legs both. Nathan feels his cock expanding even larger inside of him as cum travels down it, then erupts deep inside of him. The cum is very thick, and globs together in an insanely hot ball deep inside a pocket somewhere in Nathan’s belly. The pocket has only the tiniest of opening, but had allowed the other dragon’s penis to spread it wide. Now Nathan is being filled like a balloon with two gallons of potent dragon cum. They stay attached, flying through the air, and only minutes later they are both cumming again, the dragon expanding the already massive deposit of cum deep inside of Nathan. They do this three more times until the other dragon is completely empty, and finally starts to retreat his penis. It curls back into itself, and painlessly unhooks the barbs at the base of his cock.

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   They finally let go of each other and go their separate ways. Nathan is surprised to find himself above a forest, and lands inside of a cave, feeling his ball of seed trapped deep inside of him. There’s nothing he can do, what’s done is done, and Nathan knows with utter certainty that he’s pregnant now. Next edition, when I get around to it, will include a confrontation with the wizard, more sex, and a clutch of eggs. I have oodles of stories that I have promised to continue, and I am, but in the middle of writing one thing I might think of another, and I have to write it down before I forget it. There are about five brand new stories I’m going to release sometime in the future, though perhaps not this week and maybe even this month. We’ll see. The way I operate is I prioritize stories that are well commented on. .