Topic: BACK ROW MISTAKE Back row mistake.
 This was in out teen's. Cinema's were 1000 seaters and always full were 16 at this time. When at the cinema,we headed for the back row and invariably lost interest in the film as our snogging and sexual activities took precedence on such occasions. As we were now legally allowed into X sex films we felt cool, - in todays terminology about going into a rather notoriously sleazy dump that was known to constantly push the sexual envelope of sensorship to the extreme for those days. We also had little knowledge of the perv' element in those days. All we knew was sometimes one would watch us or anyone else through the bushes.
 So for what its worth,we only went to see this particular film because it was a french smutty farce. - content was the folie bougier cast being constantly and nakedly involved with a plumber sent to mend a tap. -  So having settled in our seats in the back row,Mollie had her top coat off and placed over her lap as always to avoid any attendant seeing what my hand was doing. A while before there had been talk of my mate and her mate coming as well. A seat had been cunningly kept on her side with the afore mentioned coat,which she moved to her lap as a person took this seat. - later as it transpired,as she thought,the said mate of mine.
 In no time we were cuddling and generally enjoying the privacy of the back row. Having had a grope of her tits I have a mind to feel her pussy. She'd sat more squarely in the seat knowing this was about to happen and slid as always more down and forward in the seats squash.

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   With my other arm round her shoulder,I felt her wiggle then settle and thought no more of this at that moment. Now putting my hand on her leg and feeling for the hem of her skirt I kissed her and felt further up the inside of her thigh. Opening my eyes at moments I could see the guy on the other side of Mollie was looking at us kissing and gave a slight grin as if he approved of our goings on.
 I was happy about this because I felt that knowing Mollie tends to get horny quickly when being fingered,he'd take it all in his stride. While I licked and kissed at her face I felt her again lift slightly and assumed she'd adjusted to allow me more room between her thighs to feel her. Now nearing her pussy I could feel her knickers moving and being that she'd not put her hand up her skirt in the past,leaving me to search my way past them,it crossed my mind she was more worked up than usual and needed it touched urgently. My hand froze at the knicker leg on my side. A hand or rather fingers were already inside her knickers and feeling around her quim.
 Waiting in shock but with pent up breath I could feel them working away at my girls pussy. Even more shocking I could feel Mollie responding to this fingering. Going very close to her ear, 'You're being fingered!' "Its your mate,he's been doing it since you got my tits" 'That guy by you is about 30,my mate is our age' In the dark I felt her pull away and look at me. "Don't cause a scene,everyone will know you're fingering me,that would be so embarrassing" I thought on this and while I was in fact fuming,the thought of a complete stranger working Mollie off with me feeling her at the same time had stiffened my cock to iron strength.
 Closing again, 'Relax,I won't make a scene if you're okay with him doing you' A little giggle,but she said no more as I felt her still responding to his fingering. I pressed my own fingers in and started to claim some pussy as well. Glancing at this guy,he winked and pushed a finger in Mollie as she lifted slightly.

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   This was new to me,normally I only done finger inside when we were at other places only tickling her clit and labia in the cinemas. I now had another shock,while having my share of the feel,I watched as his other hand caught hold of Mollie's hand and pulled it down across his lap. I just couldn't believe her action's now,between them they were fumbling to open his fly.
 Her hand disappeared inside and after some more fumbling reappeared holding a semi hard cock. 'That's his cock you're holding' "sssh! no scene,I'm alright with this" His hand on her cunt was speeding up and my cock was throbbing and nearly erupting at these goings on. Gently she started to give him a very steady wank. I'd had her do that and its crucifying as you're dying to cum but her slow movement makes you want to grab her hand and speed her to the finish. Feeling Mollie now beginning to go into an orgasm,I bit my lip to stop from making orgasmic grunts as my spunk exploded in my trousers. This other guy was with eyes shut clearly suffering from a similar sensation.
 Emptied for now I watched them again,concentrating on my girls hand torturing his hardon. Her had tightened so much that even under the limited light I could see the whiteness of her knuckles as she tried to make his orgasm hold back. Then it burst through her grip,a shot rose and fell back on her wrist,quickly now while still gripping around his knob,she pumped him to completion. A glistening ring of cum now lay over her fingers still creating a ringed groove behind his helmet. His eyes opened looking at her as he gave a heavy thrust at her quim's hole then took his hand out of her knickers.
 She in turn pulled her fingers up to the end of his knob and squeezed them shut as they left the head behind.

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   Looking now at the pool of sperm in a cup of her knuckled fist she carefully put her hand to her mouth and sucked the cum into her mouth as though she had an ice cream. Another whisper, "God that made me go all hot then" Me -  'It made me cum' A mutual smile in the dark and we settled into watching what was left of the film.
 Coming from the cinema,she said, "I really thought it was your mate though and you'd set it up to both feel me up at the same time" A while later on reflecting her comment I asked, 'If it had have been,would you have gone so far and in fact would you fuck two blokes at once' We walked on,then, "I'm not so sure about someone we knew but I might have with that stanger,because he couldn't have blabbed about it to our friends" That gave me another shock. How the hell could I find this bloke again?

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