Ashley Martin - Chapter 01


Topic: Ashley Martin - Chapter 01I had braced myself against a tree and let out a rather large heaving of alcohol and stomache acid when all of a sudden out of nowhere an ambulance turned a corner at fullspeed and aimed at my baby. While I did try to push her out of the way I more or less shoved her body out of the way but to the street. I would learn latter that she had become a peraplegic from the accident. However, the wheel had smashed my skull. Bits of my brain had coated both that's ho's dress and the underside of the ambulance. The next thing I knew I was screaming in a hospital while hanging upside down.   I took a step back and forced back tears of pain. I forced myself to make sure of my suroundings before I drifted off to sleep with an I. V. drip placed in my hand. When I came to my sences again I survey everything around me the best I could. The first thing though was realizing what had happend to me and why I had short stubby arms, and couldn't move well, let alone roll over to see better. I did about the only thing I could do I screamed at the top of my lungs two words. "HELP ME!" A nurse came over to my bed with a puzzled look. I immediatly recognized him. This nurse was my brother Neal.

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   Now while I knew Neal worked at the hospital, I thought He worked the nursery. My confusion was increased by his looks of confusion and his apparent increase in size. All of a sudden the accident came flushing back into my memory as tears began trickling down my cheeks as I let out a full gut scream. **********************Today is the Ash Wednesday of my sixteenth birthday since the time of the accident. My "parents" were idiots, naming me Ashley for that reason.   I would be in tenth grade if it weren't for the memories of my life as Martin.
It was a shock back then to find I had died in an accident. What had my attention was that I was reborn from the woman riding the ambulance that hit me. I had decided to refrain from doing more than journal my memories from my life as Martin.   The beginings of troubles as I began to "grow up" again were too. I often pushed my physical limits trying to acomplish with the body of a young girl what I had done as a young man. It took me eleven full years of attempting the immpossible to finally accept that I could no longer become who I was or act with the strength I had then. I was forced for the first year to wear cute dresses and regular swim wear for girls. Until I was thirteen I pressed this issue. While I had become mostly independent at the age of three, I still did what I needed to do to please my "family.

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  " Acting "girly" was one of the things I refused to do. I'd study for hours on end, lift weights, and go for long runs through the neiborhood. I'd tear up dresses and swimsuits.   I was still a man and could hope return to being one. I was reborn as a girl after all. What had stopped this was a family trip in which we went to the woods for a week to "rough it. " What this meant was to relax in an out of the way cabin with all the frills of staying at a hotel plus no one around for at least two miles. Still being young I would sit on older people's laps and listen to them just to make them happy. In the pool and in the hot tub were no exception. So there I was just sitting on my "father's" lap in the hot tube like normal. I was topless as was my fassion when I was Martin. The water was warm and soothing so I thought nothing of falling asleep in my "daddy's" arms. The next thing I knew I had a hand over my mouth and that man's dick running along the lips of my vagina. I bit down hard on his hand and did what I could with my left hand to twist his nuts. I screamed my mother came out with an iron frying pan and knocked my now standing rapist out of the hot tub grabed me and ran for the house.

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   Locking the door she pressed the management alarm and reached for the phone. By that time we were stranded. Doctors tried to analyze me after that for about three months.   Concern was that I had been tramatized by the event. Mandated social service visits, lawyers and weeks wasted to put him behind bars followed. A year latter I applied to take my GED behind my mother's back. **********************I've been living on my own for two years now. The courts and social services are trying to pull me back to that hell hole of a house, but I've been living pretty well.   It doesn't hurt to have information from prior life times to learn how to quickly earn money.   Proper investments have also made it so I don't have to worry about money for some time.   --------------------------------End Chapter 1
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