Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 21/3 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 My voyeur expectations are nearly our last incident with Den I hoped Jackie still held her developing desire to experience another mans cock for comparison to mine. She casually clarified with me somewhat later at home, "No,it was still ok,but she decides what she"s prepared to let him do to her and how and when it happens. He might think he"s the great lover trying to seduce this young housewife. Yeah,he can think that,but I decide who in front of or not and as to being watched,depends just how I feel at any particular time" going on; "If or when I decide, he"ll get fuck all,he"ll get fuck all"
 By this time I"d aquired a new on the market, shaft driven Sunbeam motorcycle. This ran very quietly and being our new travel toy I tended to bring it down the rear lane to park in our back garden. On this day I had to go back out shortly,so switching off as I ran into the lane I parked outside. On entering and heading up the garden I wondered when Den would put in an appearance with his throbbing so claimed sexually starved cock.
 Low and behold,as my head peaked over our lounge windowsill (as I always did hoping to see Jackie sexually active) Jackie was in the far corner half facing towards me with her back against the corner with Den holding her face to face. He had her jumper up,she not wearing a bra at home was experiencing a serious sucking to both her breasts. I"d concluded that this session had only just started because her skirt was still in place, normally in a matter of minutes he"d have had it up or off otherwise.
 Experience showed she never made this easy for him. Now alternating between tits and neck I could see he was getting her really worked up. My cock was as hard as iron,with heart bashing away in my chest I was a bit fearful he/they would hear me panting. God this must be where I actually see him screw Jackie. I can see she"s fumbling with his flys,then its there,she"s holding his cock! Like magic his attention and hands grabs her elasticated waistband at the top of her skirt and yanks it to the floor.

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   Fucking hell! She"s completely naked from the tits down. No knickers,nipples solid as rocks as his fingers on both hands start working her pussy.
 Then in an instant, Jackie unhooked his belt and his trousers were down round his ankles. An absolute lustful grin crossed Den"s face as he realised there was no barrier to fucking Jackie into pregnancy. I was now watching ever muscle in his ass cheeks,thighs and calves tensing and thrusting to achieve an entry to Jackie"s juicy pussy. My spunk equally oozed out of my cock as I relished his imminent first thrust. I could clearly see his fingers were in her cunt,all over her cunt and gripping her ass cheeks as his cock jabbed at her. No wonder she told him he was like an octopus. Jackie was cumming,I could see that by her face,her knees were parting and even more of his fingers were sinking up her pussy,all his fingers and his thumb of one hand had been devoured by my wifes cunt,right up to the end of his thumb joint. That was as much as I had ever managed to get in her when she was led down with her legs wide open. Here it goes then! But no!
 In an instant everything changed. Her pussy was free,his body was stood alone as my wife had quickly squatted on her haunches grabbed his hardon and stuck it in her mouth. Now Jackie was no deep throater as its now called. But Den"s cock was clearly to be seen bulging my wifes mouth cheek most obscenely. In no time she was spluttering a mass of salty spunk out past his man meat.

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   His nerves was making his legs tremble as his last couple of thrusts tried to push more cock into her mouth,but no, she held on to all the shaft she didn"t want down her throat.
 They then stopped and not being able to hear what was said,I certainly lip read "So Salty" uttered by Jackie,as they both smiled at the mess on the floor. Den then started to smooch Jackie,I assume in the hope of still getting his anticipated fuck. But she wriggled out from under his attentions and as she moved towards the living room door,me enjoying her ass flexing with a lot of juice shining at the back of her upper thighs, Den from behind caught hold of her still naked tits and bit at the back of her neck/shoulder.
 Putting her head back towards his shoulder,she stopped as he started trying to prod her bum cheeks with his hardening cock. I thought for a second,Fuck he"s going to bum her! But no,his cock slipped through her legs and as she turned back towards the window, there it was popping through and back. His cock was gleaming with wet as his helmet pressed through the front of her thighs then disappeared and reappeared as she held her thighs so tightly round it that a glob of spunk squeezed out the end.
 At this point Jackie saw I was outside, turned back to the door and indicated to the hearth clock. She said later,she pointing to our clock said, "Its over for now,Rich will be here any minute" but he,having got so near said, "Perhaps he"d enjoy watching us finish" Jackie, "You wish,be thankful for what you got slippery dick" Then he went out the front door as I came in the back door,dropping my trousers on the way I took my wife from the back as she stood in just her jumper and finished what Den had started. Everything being so slippery,Jackie came a bucket over my balls as I oozed baby maker juice into her insides.
 She said she had seen me right from when I had arrived and she intended to let me watch Den fuck her as we were at home but because she was enjoying it so much and he"d been an ass in front of Ginny he had to pay some more before he got to seduce her. SEDUCE HER? Yeah right! Seduction it may be,but by whom? 
 more later.