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"Wow," Dina whispered, "he is big, at least eight inches I'd guess, and Jackie obviously can't get enough of it, she's sucking and fucking him like there's no tomorrow!!!" While not taking his eyes off the screen, Alan stood up and shucked his clothing, before turning his erection towards Dina so she could suck him off!!! Jackie wasn't the only on who loved cock, Dina was a cocksucker par excellance', and while she sometimes acted the little bitch, in the end, what she always wanted and needed was to have Alan's pecker in her mouth or cunt!!! Alan moaned, and said excitedly, "Look, Dee, he's mounting her from the rear, I think she's cumming already, and he hasn't even pounded her yet!!!" While she was still sucking her husband, Dina could easily see the screen showing images of Jackie taking Rick's pecker and performing like the little fuck doll she was!!! Her own pussy was now wet enough to put the fire out of any cock, as she reached inside her panties and began furiously frigging her engorge clitoris!!!Take'm off, baby," Alan panted, as his attention moved from the screen to his own cock!!! "Oh don't stop he pleaded," when Dina let his hardon slip from her mouth while stripping of her clothing!!! She performed a little pirouette when she was naked and asked sweetly, "What turns you on more, me or what's on the screen!?!" For Alan, all thoughts of watching Rick and Jackie were the farthest thing from his mind, as he made a futile attempt at grabbing Dina as she lightly dance just out of his grasp!!! Cupping her breasts and thrusting the towards him, she teased, "Does my big boy want some of mama's tits!?!" With his hard pecker bouncing up and down in front of him, Alan leaped at Dina and threw her onto the bed where he buried his face in her full chest!!! "Mmmmmm, lover," she cooed, "suck mama's nipples, that's a good boy, make mama's nipples nice and hard!!!" It always drove Alan crazy when she teased him like he was a baby, but dammit, she was just so fucking hot he couldn't help himself, and so just as she asked, he sucked her pink nipples like he was a baby desperately in need of milk!!!
Dina was thankful of one thing, that being that Alan was a tit man!!! He would happily suck her nipples for hours if she let him, and on more than one occasion she had done that very thing, but now, her needs were more urgent, with the hurricane quickly developing between her legs!!! "Alan," she moaned, "you do mama's nipples so well, but now mama's pussy needs to be taken care of, could you please be a dear and fuck mama's cunt, she needs it so badly, pretty please!?!" Lifting his mouth from her pink tipped orbs he panted, "Jesus christ, Dee, you make me so fucking hot, I don't know how you do it," as he positioned himself between her wide spread legs!!! "Stop talking and fuck mama," she said sweetly, while waiting for his pecker to find eager opening!!! "Mmmmmm, that's a boy," she sighed as he slid inside of her, "you have such a nice pecker, mama really needs to be jammed hard, can you jam mama hard, baby, can you make your mama's pussy feel nice and full with your big hard penis!?!"
God it turned him on to hear her talk like that, she knew just how to drive him crazy with her little baby talk, while all the time acting like a cock hungry slut!!! It always drove him to fuck her with almost a vengeance, trying to prove to her that he was a man and not a little boy, but that was always her plan and in his heart he knew it, it was just her way of making him fuck like she was the last woman on earth, and this would be his last fuck!!! He knew what she was doing and didn't care, all that really mattered was to ram his thick erection in and out of her wet slit until they both satisfied each other's sexual organs with a numbing orgasm!!! As he pounded away at her he asked through clenched teeth, "Could a baby fuck you like this, bitch, could a baby make your fucking tongue hang out an fucking be for more!?!" Between her groans she chided, "You're just a little boy who thinks he can satisfy a woman, a real man would have made me cum a long time ago, but all you can do is make your pathetic little attempt a trying to make me cum!!!" That did it!!! He wasn't gonna take that from this little cock sucking cunt, and with ferocity that was almost scary, he hammered at the defenseless pussy until both of them exploded in orgasm that wracked both of their crotches in a tidal wave of climaxes!!!
Alan rolled off of her and gasped for air, while Dina, savored the feeling of having just been filled to over flowing by a thick hard penis!!! When he was finally able to speak Alan opined, "Someday, someday you're gonna kill me, I swear you're gonna kill me with that pussy of yours!!!" "It is hungry, isn't it," she giggled, "do you still think Jackie's is as hot as mine!?!"
To Dina's chagrin, Jackie answered, "We've been watching you two for the last half hour, and I must say, Dina, you really put on quite a show!!!" "W-where is that voice coming from," Dina stammered, sounding more than a little embarrassed?!? "While you were watching us," Jackie continued, "we could see you all the time on our own monitor, and we must commend Alan on a very ingenious setup, so that we could watch each other!!!" Dina, now turning her gaze towards Alan said, "So he's ingenious, you say, well, I have another word for it, as she playfully socked her husband in the arm!!!" Looking a little sheepish, Alan replied, "I completely forgot all about the camera after we got started, it just slipped my mind!!!" "Hmmmmmm," Dina retorted, "I'm sure you just "forgot", but anyway, you never answered my question!!!" "What question," Alan asked?!? "You know," Dina responded quickly, "is Jackie's pussy as hot as mine!?!" Looking into the monitor Alan asked, "What do you think, Rick, now that you've seen them both!?!" "Well, if you asked me, and I guess you asked me, I'd have to plead the fifth, they're both a couple of cock hungry tarts wouldn't you say!?!" "Yes," Alan replied, "cock hungry tarts, a perfect description, indeed!!!"

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