Used and Abused

True Story

My boyfriend Eric is six four with a lean upper body that tapers into a gorgeous ass, leading down to nice legs. He has brown hair and brown eyes and a beautiful smile, in short my boyfriend is a sexy beast with a huge dick. This story happened the other day on his day off from work. It started when we were smoke a cigarette on the porch.

"Alice, were not having sex tonight I'm tired and I just want to relax and sleep"

As he said this i leaned in close and pressed my 32 C's up against his chest, hoping he would just forget about being tired until after i was satisfied. "But Eric, please! rubbing one out just doesn't cut it"

He had his serious face on as we entered our bedroom. i immediately went and hid under the covers trying to hide my disappointment. He sits down and pulls off the blanket saying "stop your pouting, its just sex". I ignore him and just shove my face into the pillow. As he gets off the bed for something I just think about tying him down and having my way with him. Eric lays back down on the bed.

Eric turns to me and says "OK bitch get down there and suck my dick. "

I look at him and down and i realize that hes naked and that he had taken his clothes off while i had my face in the pillow. Instantly my pussy gets wet thinking about his flaccid dick in my mouth, getting bigger and harder as i suck and lick it. I look back at his face and ask if hes serious.

"Yea i mean it, get the fuck down there and put my cock in your mouth, NOW"

I get up and move down the bed so i can get to his dick easier, i put the head in my mouth as he says "i want you to put the whole thing in your mouth" I happily do what he says loving the feel of his soft skin in my head, filling it to the back of my throat.

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   I get it all in my mouth and i move up and down sucking as hard as i can, as his dick gets bigger he puts his hands on the back of my head and fucks my face moaning and saying to suck it harder. He loves it when i gag tightening my throat on his big cock. I twirl my tongue around the head of this penis and start licking it up and down like a Popsicle, quickly i shove the whole thing as far in as it can go now that its completely hard. He starts rubbing my pussy through my gym shorts and then he pushes them aside and puts just the tip of his finger in teasing me. I try and move to push his finger in, I need it so bad, I'm on fire.

"Don't move or i stop" he says, and i listen knowing that he means it and that i need it more than anything right now.

He slowly pushes his whole finger in then moving it around so slowly i could scream in frustration. When he pulls it out I feel empty and like my whole body is wired just waiting for his next move. He puts his finger that had just been in my pussy in my mouth and tells me to suck it like its his dick. I go to work sucking all my juice off his finger, once he was satisfied he yanked my shorts down to my knees and told me to stick my ass in the air. He quickly gets behind me and rubs his hard dick over my slit, teasing me with it, making me push back on it. then suddenly he pulls away and says "What the fuck did i tell you, move again and ill stop".

I stick my ass further in the air and just wait for him to decide to continue. thankfully it didn't take a long time, he grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them apart and slams his cock into my sopping wet pussy making me scream out, he starts to fuck me hard and fast just the way i like it. I moan and scream as i rub my titty's through my shirt and bra.

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   Suddenly he stops.

"What did i tell you? this is the third fucking time you dirty slut, i said don't fucking move. Now you cant fucking move or make a sound"

I just say "OK, please just fuck me like the dirty slut i am"

Eric pushes his cock into my pussy and smacks my ass as hard as he can at the same time. It feels so fucking good i just want to flip him over and ride us into oblivion but i don't make a sound i just take it all as silently as possible. I love it when hes rough with me and he knows it. After a minute he reaches forward and yanks my titty's out of my shirt squeezing the nipples and lightly smacking them, making them jiggle. He starts slamming into me harder than i thought was possible, he moves into a position where he can really get all the way into my tight pussy and fuck me as hard as possible. Then he grabs my hair and wraps it around his hand yanking my head back forcing me onto his dick as he slams into me slapping his balls against me.

"Who's bitch are you?" he asks as he slaps my ass with his free hand. "I'm yours!" i shout out in ecstasy. But its not good enough for him.

"What are you" he demands. I know the right reply "I'm your bitch, all yours, this is your pussy do whatever you want to it"

"I know it is, and i planned on doing just that" as he said it he pulled out and says "suck your pussy juice off my dick you filthy whore"

I suck his dick for a few minutes and then he takes my clothes completely off and tells me to lay down on the floor. I lay there looking up at him waiting for him to finish using me, he gets down on his knees and grabs my ankles putting them on his shoulders and he looks at me as he slowly inches into my pussy knowing that i was impatient. I start rubbing and plucking at my nipples as he slowly pumps in and out of me putting only two inches of his dick inside me torturing me by withholding what i want.

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   He was enjoying the drawn out torture, he starts to pump faster and faster getting all nine inches inside my pussy making me writhe and claw at the carpet. He slaps my ass HARD making the contrast between pain and pleasure so great I cum screaming his name.

He stops moving and pulls out, he looks down at me and says "did you just cum all over my dick you little bitch, get on your knees and clean it again"

I look up at him and say no. Hes shocked and says "what did you just say to me? did i just hear you say no?"

"Yea I'm not gonna suck your dick again" right after i say it he smacks me in the face and says "suck my dick"

I'm shocked and surprised, hes never slapped me in the face before. It gets me angry and yet I'm more turned on than i have ever been in my whole life. I get up and put his dick in my mouth, tasting my own flavor slowly moving my head. Eric trys to push my head farther down but i grab his hand and hold them away from my head. i run my tongue along teasing him paying him back. i finally release him and lay back down. He looks at me hungrily and lays down on top of me pushing his cock in me running a hand down my side and then under my ass, he pinches the cheek gently and then pushes a finger into my tight asshole doubling all my pleasure making me cry out for more. He reaches into one of our drawers and pulls out the little vibrator that we keep there and slowly pushes it into my ass and puts the setting to a high pulse. By this time i can not even remember how many times i cummed , my juices flowing making Eric's cock slip out and in easily. he leans down and takes my nipple in his mouth and sucks as hard as he can and then nibbles and licks and sucks even more. i grab his head by the hair and pull his head onto my breasts keeping it there then i pull him up to kiss him, he sucks on my bottom lip and pinches my nipple at the same time sending waves of pleasure all through my bodyworking up to another orgasm tightening all the muscles in my body. Eric is moaning and bucking wildly, fucking me so hard i can feel the beginnings of carpet burn on my back but i don't care.

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   i just pull him tighter wrapping my legs around him moving my hips to his to meet in a sweaty slapping sound. I can feel his heart pounding and his breathing is ragged, i feel my ultimate climax coming so i whisper into his ear "baby I'm about to cum, fuck me harder, cum inside my pussy" i know this sets him off to greater heights. As he pounds my pussy into the floor pushing the vibrator further inside my ass he bites my shoulder and sucks on my neck. Suddenly he slams me HARDER and HARDER jerking his head back and letting out a roar of pleasure as I scream out tensing my entire body in this glorious climax milking his cock for all of his cum reveling in the wonderful pleasure of this moment. . . . .