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True Story

I am Rahil from hyderabad Andhra pradesh,32 years old married iam manager in a multi national company with strong urge for sex always. This is my real story. It dates back four months. I had gone to Bank for deposite amount. I eyed a nice lady of about 42 years who was helping customers in the Bank. On inquiring from clerk who she was, I learn that she is the Manager,has joined from delhi. I went to her,introduced myself.
She greeted me with smile—oh her smile was really killing and I made up my mind to hook her. She was plump, big boobs, round sexy ass, beautiful face though she wasn’t fair enough. Overall, She was a very attractive lady. It took two to three weeks to build some kind of freshness with her. One day when again I went to Bank, I went to her cabin, she greeted me and offered me cup of cofee which I readily accepted as I thought this would give opportunity to talk to her. I asked about her family,her husband is also in the some finance company but in delhi and comes on weekends. Her child is in Hostel doing medical degree mbbs. She asked about me I told that I am married, then the lucky day came.
It was about 9 PM ,I saw her in one store she was buying groceries.

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   We exchanged pleasantries and I offered her to have a cup of coffee in nearby Restaurant , to which she said O. K. After having coffee, I offered her to drop at her house, she agreed. On the way , I asked about her hubby and weekend spent. She kept quiet for sometime then said , he doesn’t do sex much as he gets tired traveling. I felt sorry for asking this question but was happy inside that I can get her. All of sudden , she asked me how is my life. I said-I really feel g8 but looking for good friend,for sex. We reached her place and she offered me to come inside. The house was provided by the Bank , it was nice done up. She asked me what I will like to have. I became bit naughty and said I will like to have you. She smiled and said are you sure. I said yes. Then she brought two glasses of some anergy drink and sat next to me.

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  I put my hands on her thigh and was moving slowly while talking, she didn’t object. This gave me signal to go ahead. Then I hold her hands and started playing with her fingers, I could see she was enjoying it. Slowly I came near to her and started rotating my fingers on her lips, she was silent and enjoying, I could see she is breathing bit heavy and then I encircle d her big boobs with my both hands, and put mu lips on her hot lips, she started taking my tongue and offered her tongue. We both were hot now, I open her blouse and unzipped her bra, her big boobs , must be 38d, were out and I was pressing n squeezing hard, twisting her nipples, then I rolled my tongue on one of her nipples and started licking n sucking while was holding her other boob with my hand, she was enjoying. My cock of about 8. 3 inched was hard and eager to be out of pant. But, I was busy with playing with her nipples and boobs, slowly I started going bit lower, licking her body, I reached naval part and started encircling her, she was totally hot and was melting. She asked me to come to bed, I followed her to the bedroom, she took off her saree and I also took off my clothes, I was totally naked though she was in her pink panty. My cock was fully erect and precum was oozing out, she came close to me and took the precum in her hand and tasted, she said , it is delicious. I went in between her thigh and started kissing and licking thighs, took off her panty, oh she was clean shaven with nice pink pussy. Pussy lips were bit swollen and I wasted no time to put my tongue in her pussy. It was wet , thick salty juices were all over my face, she was enjoying every bit of it, I started licking her clit, her moans were getting louder n louder, she was pressing my head towards her pussy, she said Rahil –please do it , yes do it, yes please, I am enjoying, please lick me hard, please hard, and suddenly her body started shivering and there was lot of pelvic movements , juices started to flow, I licked and eaten all her salty tasty juices. She just asked me to remain in between her thigh and relax. It was feeling very nice.

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   My cock still hard and leaking. Then she gotup and started playing with my cock, I asked her to lick and suck, she wasted no time, immediately started blow job, now it was my turn to moan , I was enjoying every bit of her tongue movements on my cock, it became more hard. I asked her to lay, I mounted myself on her , put my cock on the lips of her pussy, it was fully lubricated and with my push, it went inside, she put her legs around my back, I started pushing in n out, she was enjoying, asked me to push hard now, my speed increased, she was moaning and asking me to fuck her hard, after about 15-20 minutes, I asked her to come on me and ride, she came on me and started pushing herself in and out, her juices were on my thighs, she had orgasm and rested on me for few seconds, again , I changed the position n started fucking very hard, I was about to come, she also started pushing herself , giving more thrust and pleasures, we came together and relaxed on her for 10-15 minutes. After that we got up, washed ourselves . This continued for about 3. 5 months , now she has been transferred to kerala, We still talk on phone and relish each and every moments of our past togetherness.

this is my story.