Our Friend and His Wife

True Story

My ex, Alice and I were together for a few years and in those years she went from sort of conservative to nymphomaniac. I have told you about the parties and also how she started doing girl on girl as often as she could. Anything sexual she was ready to do it. Well, before we moved from the apartments and when I was still at my job in Orlando one of the guys I worked with named Roy was always in a bad mood at work. So, one day I asked him what was up. He told me his wife, Gina, would not do anything for him except lay there and let him fuck her. That was it, no foreplay, no affection. I knew that Alice thought he was attractive so I told him one day, "Come on over after work and have diner with us. " and he said "Sure, gotta beat TV dinners at my place. " Well, I called Alice and told her to not have anything on when I got home and was bringing Roy home for her to "take care of" and she sounded excited already. I told her to set the dinner table but put only the place mat at Roy's place and then sit on the table in front of him legs spread for something better than a TV dinner.

After work I stopped and picked up some wine and went on home. I opened the door and Alice was there totally naked and Roy had his mouth open and almost fell over. He came in and Alice hugged him tight and then kissed ad hugged me. "Hope you two are hungry cause I have a lot for you to eat. " Alice said and then I saw that only place-mats were on the table.

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   We had a really solid oak dinning table and it was really nice and so we sat Roy down and he sat there looking at Alice naked walking in to open the wine and serve us some drinks. "I see why you like to come right home. " Roy said. Alice put down his wine and kissed him on the lips. "I give him lots of reasons to come right home. " she said. "Now, about diner. " she said and got on the table and put one leg on each side of Roy and said, "Here is the first course, eat all you want. " and he looked at me and I smiled, "Go ahead, you are the guest, eat all you want, then you can have something else. " and so his face was buried between Alice's legs for a long time and several orgasms for her.

Finally Alice got up and said, "Now pussy is hungry, time for her to be fed. " she stood Roy up and undressed him and out popped a huge cock, 7 inches long and thicker than anything Alice had had so far. She laid back on the table and pulled her legs up, "Feed pussy hunny, she really is hungry. " Roy put the head of his cock at her pussy entrance and she moaned and said, "Damn, I am gonna get fucked so good, that is going to stuff me. " and he began moving in and out of her.

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   It stretched her pussy out good and after a while he tensed up and she pulled him all the way into her and his load filled her up and gave her another orgasm. He slipped out and Alice came over to me and took care of my cock that was hard from watching, sucking it down. Roy was watching and was hard again and Alice said she wanted both at one time. We went to the bedroom and she told Roy to lay down and he did and she sat on his erect cock and then she bent forward for me to have her ass. It all worked great and after several hours Roy left and before he did Alice and I told him, "Anytime you need a good fuck, just call. " she told him.

That weekend Alice and I went for a drive, just out to enjoy the day and went to a park that we have found. We drove around and then I saw Roy's car. I knew if was for sure. "Come on, lets go see what he is up to," Alice said and so we walked around the trails and then we heard a woman in he middle of an orgasm. We both snick up to some trees and there was Gina, Roy's wife getting fucked by some guy. He was a good size but she took it easily. She had her dress pulled up and her panties off and he had her bent over a bench. They finished and we hid and let them go by and thought about the whole thing. "She is not getting away with this, "Alice said.

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Monday she called the office and talked to Roy asked him to bring over Gina and himself for dinner. He was nervous and Alice told him that she had a surprise that Gina would love. He said he would ask her. To our surprise she said yes and so, Friday evening she and Roy were at our door. Alice was dressed in a long summer sun dress, low cut and showing her very ample chest some. Gina was in a business looking outfit and Roy and I in jeans. Alice made a fuss over Gina and her perfume and her hair and everything and after some wine she began to loosen up some. Somehow, cause I do not remember bringing it up, the conversation turned to sex. Alice as saying, "I love my naked and raw and sometimes rough. But I just love getting laid. " and we saw that Roy was smiling. Gina looked at me, "So you have a nympho on your hands?" and I said that it was great and that I did not mind at all. Gina was about 5'6", nice almost buxom figure, about 36DD-28-36 or 38 or so. She had jet black hair and a nice smile when she did smile and now after the wine she was smiling. Roy was watching her an smiling too.

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   We had not told him about her in the park with another guy. Alice broke into my thoughts, "So Gina, how do you like getting fucked?" she said bluntly. Gina turned red, "Well, I don't think that is something that people should talk about. " "why not, people do it so why not talk about it?" Alice would not give up. "Well, I don't know, it is just so embarrassing. " Gina said. Alice looked at me smiling and said, "I bet you are the take me to a park and bend me over a table and fuck me from behind type aren't you?" She turned totally red and almost passed out. Alice got her another glass of wine and this time she slipped something in it, just a little. Gina swallowed it down to calm her self. "Or maybe the slow, make me moan and give it to me deep kind. " Alice kept on. Gina looked at her, "So what kind are you?" and she was really feeling the wine now. "I am the kind that says, the more the merrier and I will fuck or suck almost anything or anyone one, just so I get fucked really good. " "Well, I think we should find out, I bet you like girls don't you?" Alice said and she turned red again.

Alice stood and slipped her dress off and now only had on a thong.

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   Gina stared at her and her eyes swept all over Alice's body again and again and as Alice cupped her own tits and sucked the nipples Gina let out a moan. Alice stepped closer to Gina and offer her one of her tits and Gina looked at us, her eyes glassy and took the tits into her mouth and sucked it. "Oh yeah, I knew you would do it. " Alice said and she let her suck her tits and then pulled away from her. "So what is your problem fucking your own husband you bitch!" Alice said suddenly and Gina sat up. "What? What did you say?" Gina answered. "Steve and I saw you at the park this week letting that guy fuck you like hell and you will not let Roy fuck you?" Gina started to get up but was limp and so we lifted her to another chair and then began undressing her. She protested that this was not right and Alice reminded her of the guy in the park. We striped her and tied her hands down so she would not move them and her legs apart so that we could do as we wanted to. Her tits swelled and her nipples were hard. We moved the chair to the bedroom and Alice kissed Roy taking off his pants and shirt and as as she did. She sat him on the bed and came and did the same thing for me. After that she got down and began eating Gina while Gina protested soon she was moving her hips some to enjoy it more. Just before her orgasm Alice stopped and looked at her. "Now bitch, I will show you how to treat your husband.

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  " Alice said and she sat next to him, kissing him and working her way to his thick swollen cock and swallowed it down. I sat next to Gina playing with her tits and pussy but not giving her an orgasm. Alice swallowed his cum and laid him back and massaged his cock till it was back to life and this time slipped it into her pussy and rode him slowly. He was moaning and groaning and enjoying it all and Alice was in control and he began to swell and she told him to fill her pussy up. He did and Alice had an orgasm as he pumped her full.

After that there was a knock at our door and I went to it. Three guys from work were there as we had planned and they came in and looked at the situation and said they hoped they were not too late. Gina was going nuts, "Cover me up or something. " she was almost yelling. The guys were now undressed and one leaned down and said to Gina, "I think it will be 'something'' and he sucked her nipples. "Oh please no, please no. " she kept saying. He did not stop and finally she had an orgasm and relaxed some. "Oh my god, that was incredible, I have never had an orgasm from just hat. " she said.

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   "There are more on the way dear. " Alice said still sitting on Roy's cock. She got off and came to Gina, "Now for you to turn into the slut that you are. " she said and even though untied she was limp. We put her on the bed and Roy laid there next to her. She looked at him, "Please no. " she said to him. "How many times have I begged you to just kiss me, now there are no 'please no' going to stop everything and after that you will be a slut for anyone. " he said. Gina got on the bed and squat ed over her face. Gina had a pussy dripping with Roy's cum and she squeezed it out on Gina's face right on her mouth. Then she laid next to her and kissed her making her mouth come open so that she could get the cum inside. "Gus, make her love eating and sucking cock first. " Gina and she moved. One of the guys got over her face and pulled her up and slipped his cock into her limp mouth.

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   She did nothing but stay there but he forced it down her throat making her gag and after a while he moaned and said, "Here it comes. " and it filled her mouth dripping down on her tits. "Next" Alice said the the next guy and he sat Gina up and face fucked her and did the same. The third guy made sure she swallowed his load and then he stepped off. "I think now she is ready to get fucked god. " Alice said and we moved her so that her ass was available and she was bent over the edge of the bed. Her legs were apart. I stepped up and slipped my cock around the pussy that was wet and then moved it to her ass entrance. "Oh no, no not there please. " Gina moaned louder. I loo ed at Roy, "Up to you, where do I put it?" and he said she needs to not be such a tight ass, fuck her good. " Alice sat in front of her on the bed, "Eat me while you are getting that ass taken care of. " she said and shoved Gina's face into her pussy at the same time I rammed her as and she began to cry out but Alice muffled her cries with her pussy.

Roy was next and he took the pussy and gave it a good fucking, so god that Gina had an orgasm at the end of it. She now was licking Alice and not objecting to the treatment her pussy and ass was getting and was moaning as the things done to her became something she was looking like she was enjoying.

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   Over and over we took her and as long as someone got hard she got fucked. We looked up and about 2AM we were all worn out. Alice told us to slid Gina up on the bed and she cuddled up with her and Gina began kissing her and then the women got hot again and Gina was eating Alice and sucking and kissing her as much as she was getting from Alice. In the morning there were two women sleeping in bed and the guys in different places on couches and chairs, all night and the whole place had the smell of sex. I heard laughing and there was Gina over Alice kissing and playing. "Let's get breakfast for he guys. " she said and went to the kitchen naked and got out eggs and ham and other stuff to cook up for us all. Alice was with her soon and they made a great breakfast. All of us sat there naked and son the extra help left and it was the four of us. Alice looked at Gina across the table, "So Gina, what kind of sex do you like?" she said. Gina smiled, "What do you have in mind?" she said and we laughed and spent time in the shower. Roy and Gina were regularly at our place for he next 3 years till I moved.

We lived in some horseshoe shaped apartments and Alice said that she had to go check the mail. She went to he door and Gina said, "Don't you need to put something on?" "No, wanna go with me?" Alice said. "where is it?" Gina asked her.

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   "Oh, over by the office as you come in on the other side of the complex. " "If you will I guess so. " and so Alice and Gina left for the mail box. They came back after a while and Gina was smiling. "I can't believe that we did that. " she said. "You need to hang out with Alice" I said and then added, "She will show you how to get whatever you want to. " "Sounds great. " Roy said and then Gina agreed with him. They got dressed to go and Alice kissed Roy and Gina and they left. "Come over anytime at all. " Alice told them. "We will. " Gina said and Alice and I went back to sleep for a while. .