my mother in law

True Story

Hello this is something i have wanted to share for just over 7 years now and i feel it has to be shared or i would go mad.It happened on my 30th birthday which to be fair i treated like any other day as i am not into making big issue of birthdays etc. anyway first thing i woke up and my wife who loves birthdays Christmas etc brought me breakfast in bed and when i finished she took me by surprise by grabbing my morning stiffie and proceeded to give me a wonderful blow job the reason i surprised was I know she hates giving them and i usually have to beg to get even a quick 10 second gobble if i lucky and only presex to boost him up. As usual after longest she ever gave bj she stopped and when i tried to put her on bed she said no as her period had begun and bj was to make up for not having sex so i tried to talk into finishing bj off by she said no as the precum had started and she didn't like the taste of cum so i sitting with throbbing boner and nowhere to put it so needless to say i got ratty and we had a row. After that i got up and because I had been aroused I kept trying to have crafty wank but everything conspired again est it vistors wishing happy birthday and so on when she lumbered me with theline that i had agreed to go to her parents for dinner which i couldn't remember so that strained things a bit more and as she couldn't drive I had to go as usualbut thought as it weekend her sister might be there as we have had a few sessions but that another story. OK long story short we arrived and her mum and dad were there but no sister not even the one who i hadn't shagged just the 4 of us charming indeed so usual nonsense mum-in-law in kitchen preparing dinner father-in-law reading paper me bored wife chatting to her mum when her dad decided to go out and do a bit of gardening and after a few minutes my wife joined him.Right so i sitting there pissed off with a semi in my trousers so went to the bathroom thinking i could crack 1 off when couple of minutes later i hear her mum calling me grr so i zip up and go down and she had made tea damn was i getting royally pissed now. Anyhow wife and her dad took outside so i sat in kitchen as i was still pissed with wife but made most of it whilst sitting there to perv on her mum and heres why I might be slightly biased but at that time i had not came across another 53 year old lady who looked as well as she did hell she is 60 now and could shame ladies 20 years her Jr her lovely red hair fine Irish ass and bouncy tits yum yum so i craftily perving and my cock was rock hard.Finally she sat down and started to chat when out of the blue she asked if me and the wife having problems and maybe because i was pissed off i just came out with it and said i was horny as hell and getting none expecting her to get embarrassed and leave it i didn'texpect her to say she was in same boat and hadn't had sex for 6 years from her hubby had his stroke.Believe me i was shocked as she always seemed a prude which i thought was where the wife got it from so i took a risk and suggested we could help each other.At this she was shocked and started talking about how her hubby had been her only lover etc etc and i was married to her daughter when out of the blue i said that at least if i had sex with her she would know what my penis was up to and where it was going at this she laughed and said good point little knowing 1 of her other 2 daughters serviced me rarely along with 2 others neighbors daughter and wife's work mate.I could see the idea excited her as she started to blush when i leaned over and kissed her and damn it was like lighting up a rocket kissing back and rocking her hips so i gently guided her towards the stairs.So in the bedroom i slip my hand up her skirt and grab her panties which were started to get wet and wow i have never smelt a pussy that turned me on like it before and till now so i pushed her onto the bed opened her legs and started to lick that tasty pussy and man she loved it so off with my trousers into 69 position when she stopped and started going on this is wrong and she had never sucked a cock so this is where i am in a bad light i told her if i didn't get a shag at her now i would shout for my wife and her hubby and tell them we had already done it and i was horny as hell and was going to get some even if i had to rape her which i am ashamed of to this day but at time i was been really selfish. Anyway she lay back down and i mounted her and my cock was rock hard so with no finesse or care i just rammed it in and oh my god i have never had pussy that felt so good my nob could almost feel every bump and ridge and her vagina muscles gripped him well and lucky for an older lady she didn't need lubed up and such is life the finer the pussy the shorter the shag i think 2 minutes off this wonderful pussy and i blew my load in it.After this i said sorry for threatening her and she said she understood but she hadenjoyed it so we got up cleaned off and went downstairs and carried on like nothing happened now you would be thinking like i was that was it but we have enjoyed each other quite a few times from than but that is another story so adieu for now