Mutual Understanding/ Contract !!!!!!!

True Story

Mutual Understanding/ Contract !!!!!!!

Hi to all the readers this is my very first post, and also the first sexual experience I had other then my wife.

To start with let me tell you about my self I am Raghu 35 yr old from Hyderabad, around 5. 11’ in height, whitish in colour n slim body. I am happily married and blessed with one kid, my wife is good looking women and we have good understanding with each other, and till now we never had any type of problems in between us. Not to mention I am very reserved kind of a guy who as very small circle of friends.

So coming to the point today I took some courage to narrate my true happenings in my life which as changed for ever and this thing happened only a few weeks back, as I told you I am reserve kind of a guy I don’t mingle with new ppl, but I am very good in chatting with whom so ever with out any hesitation, so my story starts from here.

As a regular chatter in yahoo msg I came across few of such ppl who match my personality, in that few Swathi (name change) is one of the women who is around 32yrs of agemarried to a business men who is very much involved in his business then his personal life. I and swathi met few months back on chatting and started to share our thoughts and our personal life, she is from a decent and well to do family.

Initially we used to chat all sorts of things in general talk later on she started to tell me about her problems in her domestic life which she used to face from her family members, that time I gave some suggestions which fortunately worked out for her, in that way she become very close and open in chatting with me.

The D day has come as we were chatting the topic came to our personal life she was asking me how dose my wife cooperate with me and that sort, and slowly it diverted to how is my sex life, here started the story by now we came to know each other very well and it was almost 2 months since we are chatting regularly.

She was very silent when I asked her about her sex life, for that she tried to avoid telling me but I insisted as I told her every thing, In her words: I don’t have a life which is called Sex life I last had sex with my husband 3 weeks back that to a routine sex he on top n finish in 5mts no kissing or creasing nothing. By this I understood she is not satisfied with her husband.

As she was from a good family the word affair is far far term for her, even though she desired sex very much but not in a position to have or get from others due to her family bonds, she was tempted so many times but could not tell me her desire to have sex with me.

Days passed as there was nothing new between us our discussion was very open and mostly on sex, she used to ask me to send some hot sex clips which I obliged to send her by mail. Let me tell u guys till that time she or me never asked were we stay or what is our real name and what do we do for living.

One day don’t know why she asked me can I meet her for that I was stunned and as I said I am a very reserved kind of person who doesn’t talk mush I don’t know what to tell her, I said ya y not u can visit my store, n gave her the address, after 3 days she sent me a off line msg that she will be coming to my store to meet me and fixed the time and date so that I can be free with her.

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On one of the afternoon she came to my store and asked for me and when I told her it is me she is looking for, I saw some disappointment in her face I don’t know y but she was not happy by looking at me.

Let me describe her she is around 32yrs age fair complexion, height at around 5. 5 nice big boobs I don’t know what is the size b’cos I am not expert to judge in that and she has very good ass too. Totally she was very beautiful but not sexy.

That was the first time we saw each other, later on I asked her why she was not happy when she saw me, for that she told me she was expecting a older guy who is heavy in personality and very handsome, this did disappointment me but later she apologized for her remark n we forgot about that.

I told her we can go to my office which is just a walk able distance from my store for that she agreed so v went to our office which is on first flr of the building let me tell u my office is in a old house except me as a tenant there is no body available in that building except for a watchman.

We entered our office we sat on chair opposite to each other, and there was a silence between us we did not spoke to each other for say 5 – 10 mts. Later she started to ask what business I am in to and etc. , I got up from my chair and went and stood back of her chair, and put my both hands on her shoulders for that there was a sudden shock she felt, but dint object, after that I slowly lowered my hands till her bosoms for that she suddenly got up and tried to go as a reflex I got hold of her hand, and she stopped facing her back to me I asked her did I do any thing wrong, for that there was no response from her for at least for 30sec. later she told me before we do any thing I want some assurance and promise from you, for that I said I will agree for that. She told me I have few things which we should follow to go further.

1. We should not let know our identity to any body
2. We should not have any emotional bondage or attachment to each other.

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   We should not command each other
4. It should be mutual understanding and purely sex pleasure ie give and take.
5. No call no communications except on yahoo msg
6. No visiting to each other residence.
7. this should be nothing but one night stand sort off.

This are the conditions she put in front of me, for which I was very relived because I was also thinking on the same terms, because I love my wife and it also the matter of my and her family prestigeI was very happy to agree with her terms.

After our terms and conditions of mutual understanding she felt relaxed and I got opportunity to approach her I got hold of her face and plant a kiss on her 4head and later on her lips. She reciprocated to my move and gave me a kiss on my lips too.

Now I was exploring her body and my hands were moving from her face to her boobs and I started kissing and sucking her boobs and nipples on her blouse and my other hand was pressing her round big buts, the atmosphere in the office was very hot even though the fan was on full speed she was sweating very badly I told her to remove her sarry for that she removed her sarry with out any objection.

I saw her navel area which was very milky and attractive, I hold her very tightly placing my both hands on her buts and took her very near to me my man wood was getting harder and poking from my pant she slipped her hand from me and touched my dick inside my pant I felt a shock wave in that area, then I slowly removed her blouse hooks and her bra wow it was very beautiful pair of breasts I took one in my mouth and other in had pressing it harder she was moaning loudly.

I removed my shirt she was creasing my chest, I slowly took her to my office table and maid her sleep on back and simultaneously I was kissing her boobs her navel area, later I told her to remove her petticote for that she objected but she herself removed her panty, to my surprise her cunt was neatly shaved like it was waxed just now looking at it my dick was at its full eriction she gave a smile looking at me with her both hands she pulled me towards her, before that I took a condom and placed on my manhood and came in front of her pussy slowly I inserted my dick into her love tunnel it was not difficult because she was already wet inside I started to fuck her in slow motion holding her boobs in one hand and her left butt in other hand pressing hard, she closed her eyes and was in haven she murmuring some thing like ya ya fuck me fuck me faster faster ah ah ah…….

By that time she become so wet that her cunt juice was flowing from her cunt on to her peticote, I observed that and told her to remove that she stood and took of her peticote now she was completely naked in front of me, this is the second women I saw completely naked other then my wife, now I told her to rest on her front facing the table and she did as I said, her round white ass was awesome I inserted my dick from back into her cunt and started to fuck holding her abdomen and spanking on her butts, it was hell of a pleasure her butts were very soft an fleshy when my dick was going inside I can feel her soft flesh on my abdomen area it was like haven to me and after a long session of 8 – 12 mts we both came at a time I saw a satisfaction feeling on her face and full of sweet on her she dint got up I went and sat on the chair looking at her super body my dick was still hard she was facing the other side and after 3-5 mts later she moved her head and saw me with a smile, then I understood that she enjoyed the fuck and she is satisfied, then she got up from the table and came and sat in front of me on other chair, but we dint talk our body was talking to each other she saw my dick and smiled at me I asked her what is the reason for that she told her husband dick is fatter and bigger then mine but she said it is of no use she got up and kissed me on my forehead and on my lips and said thank you, I obliged her kiss and said any time.

Mean time my dick was again in action it was in semi eriction she saw it and removed the condom on it took it in her had and started to shagg with in no time it got to its full position she got up and was about to take my dick in her cunt in sitting position for that I told her to stop and said my condition is never have sex with out condom she laughed and took a condom and placed on my dick we started to have sex in sitting position on that chair this experience was awesome she guided my mouth to her nipples and told me to suck her hard she was ridding on my dick very fast and she was making loud noises of lust ahahahahahah fuck ahahaahah common fuck fuck ………… she felt she was in heaven after 8 mts I discharged my cum, I asked are u satisfied dear!!! She gave a smile and kissed me on my lips and said after long long time she had multiple organisms and she is very happy and thanked me for allowing and understanding her sexual need.

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We were there on the chair for 10 more mts talking other things and we got up cleaned ourselves dressed and locked my office and came out side she opened her car doors sat in and waved me goodbye she drove off and I came walking to my store back.
The whole episode took almost 2 hrs, when I returned to my store my counter sales girls looked at me and smiled to each other.

So guys this is the incident which happened just few weeks may be 2 weeks back today I am writing this to post my experience to share with you believe me before I posted I showed the entire text to her and took her consent before posting.

To be frank I am not sex starved I am very mush happy with my wife who satisfies all my sexual desire but I always wanted to fuck other women other then my wife and my wish came true today.

I would love to know your opinion on my post you can catch me on couplesfun@rocketmail. com on yahoo chatting or send me your valuable comment or opinion to my id I will be delighted to know

Byeee take care I will be back again when I get to fuck her again wish me luck…. .