mother-in-laws dodgy past

True Story

Hello again fellow readers good to be back sharing my experience with yous true what they say better off spreading the money than hoarding it up. Anyhow to the matter at hand as you know by now i have been having sex with my mother-in-law for over 7 years now but what i haven't shared yet is what she sees as her shameful past.OKthe past 7 yearsmy wife hasn't suspected anything but she knows i fancy her mum and sometimes tries to wind me up about it anyway around 4 years ago she told me that when her mum was younger and living in England she had been asked to be a centerfold(not a surprise she still hot) but had turned it down but this is where it all changed.The next time i met up with her mum(Mary) i started to wind her up about this supposed photo shoot when to my surprise she asked how i found out and had i saw it this threw me so i told her what my wife had said which is where the twist comes in she had told her family she had been asked but never done it and asked me how i felt about it. How i felt how did she thinki was busting mad to see the spread even if it had been done before i was born i was curious to see how sexy she was then so she promised as long as the rest of her family never found out she would show me.So back at her house she asked me to go up into the roof-space to help shift some stuff so she could retrieve the mag but here's the great bit after she lifted the floor board i noticed more than 1 magazine so before she managed to hide the rest i stopped her and damn how she went into a panic and tried to convince me nothing there but i insisted to seeand pushed her out off the way as she wouldn't move and bingo we struck gold as they say in behind the floorboard was another 3 mags and 4 old VHS tapes.At this stage she was sobbing hysterically and asked me not to judge her badly so i took her downstairs and made her a coffee (I know big softy) and she come clean with me about her secret porn past.Basically went like this she was a student and not as into her catholic faith as she was now(still frets about sleeping with me) and she was asked if she would pose for an issue of playboy at first she said she wasn't going to but it was a good money offer and a free Holiday so she accepted after penthouse asked her matched the money and another free trip so yes then Hustler same only she had to show bit of pink but after that nothing for ages at first she was angry she had been used when out of the blue Color Climax approached her and although it was hard core they offered to take her to Copenhagen and offered her twice the money to do a magazine spread with a black guy which ironically was her one desire.After that it went wrong in her opinion supposedly she signed up to do 4 scenes for them first three were her and another girl pleasuring an old guy second was her with 2 black guys third was her and a midget but the fourth is want you want to hear about and what stopped her porn career (pity) her and another girl socking and having sex with a collie and she started to cry again Fantastic thought I and was busting a nut to see the tape as bestiality 1 of my fave topics so after a bit of comfort she said i could take all of it and destroy it (as if) as she was always scared someone would find it and she couldn't understand why she had kept it all although where it was at no one would have found it unless they were going to re floor the attic.So back home dug out the old VHS player and in with the dog tape and wow was it worth it. It started with a collie (if you know your old color climax stuff it was Bodils dog lassie) sitting near a bus stop licking his parts the bus pulls up and younger version of Mary and a well stacked blonde get off as they walk by him he gets up and puts his head up the blondes skirt and she laughs and asks in a jokey manner if anything he likes and pushes him away cuts to next bit Mary and the blonde in a house and blonde playing with herself on the sofa whilst Mary in kitchen next bit shows lassie sniffing along the pavement and up the garden path to the door and you see him push door open (Woman cant even shut a door right) and trots up to blonde and starts to lick her and she squeals and Mary comes in and comedy moment as they try to get rid of dog but he outwits them and hides behind sofa a brief chat and blonde says he can stay but he needs to screw her so she lays down on floor and plays with herself again enticing lassie out to lick her next she goes on all fours and lassie mounts her and Marys character says she is getting turned on and starts to strip and gets behind him and licks his balls then bit lassie laying on his back and the two of them giving him a blow-job any man would pay a fortune for do this for about 5 Min's then Marys turn to have sex so she gets on all fours and lassie mounts her and gives him a serious seeing too after hedismounts they both start to suck him off again and it fades to next scene. After this i was so goddamn horny I drove back down to Marys house and literally trailed her to bed and nailed her hard and fast and after told her i watched the dog and her and it made me horny which pissed her off as she said it was most disgusting thing she done which was why she hated dogs(her story to everyone else she had bee