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True Story

This is Dani from karachi, 30 yrs old male. working in a gud company. Today I am telling all my sexy story readers friends about my relationship with my sexy secretary.

When I joined the company as a Senior Manager, I hired many people with my reference and made my team. If any one interested in friendship from Karachi may contact me at silent_magma@hotmail. com, I will be more than happy if I receive ur response after reading my story. At this stage I need a personal secretary to handle my minor jobs and schedules. I gave advertisement in a News Paper through which we got 1000 of resume.

I reviewed and call around 5 girls for interview. As usual was so bbusy that its not possible to take interview in office time so I called them on Sat , as our office was not working on sat.

Interviews started from 4 pm after lunch and only me and a peon was in the office, whole staff is on holiday. When I walked in the office at 4. 15 almost all the girls arrived and sat in the waiting area. I just make an eye on them and entered in my room, (they all r cute faces, I felt v gud from inside). Any girl interested in having a gud friendship with me pls contact at silent_magma@hotmail. com Then I gradually taken interview of 3 girls , they all are ok, then the 4th candidate entered in my room and when she said “May I come in Boss” in a very sweet and smily sound I just look at her face and I freezed.

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   She is very smart, very fair, dam sexy with a figure of around 34,26,32, with long black untied hair and a sweet and attractive smile on her face. She sat in front of me and moved a bit forward towards me. She was wearing a Black shirt with a very deep neck and her duppata is lying on a side, revealing both her sexy breasts.

Before I started her interview, she asked me sir can we have some drinks and discuss about the job on sitting on the sofa lying on the side. I was really surprised to see the boldness of that candidate, I said okay but we have to finish quickly as 1 more girl is waiting outside. She smiled and said sir that 5th girl is gone, I told her that the person who is taking interview (me) is my friend and I will definitely get the job. I was shocked to hear that, now till that time we have seated on the sofa, when the peon brought drinks for us, she said to the peon that Mr u can go home, sir will have to discuss something with me in detail so we have to sit late. Peon asked me, and I affirmed and he is gone. Now only me and that girl is sitting in the office alone. She stood and locked the door and then come close to me looking in my eyes and said, Sir I need this job and I can do anything for getting this. In the mean time she wrapped her arms around my waist. I hugged her tight and started kissing her on her juicy lips. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh she has very juicy and soft lips, I suck her lower lips and she took part and insert her tongue in my mouth. That’s so amazing and pleasurable moments of my life. I became wild in no time, I suck her earlobes and her neck, now my hands were moving inside her shirt pressing her boobs.

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   She is also enjoying a lot and moaning. Then I lift her in my arms and lie her on the sofa. I pull out my shirt and pant and now I m only in underwear in which the bbuldge is very obvious. Her eyes admire my body, and then I lay on her and pull off her shirt , she was wearing a black net bra , which I removed in a second, now she is lying only in her trouser with naked top. Her nipples become rock hard when I kissed and bbite them. I started kissing her from lips to neck and then go down and again taken whole breast in my mouth and roll my tounge on the nipples. She is feeling my rock hard pennies on her vagina , Then I removed my pant and lower down her trouser. She had a shaved virgin pussy. I started rubbing her pussy lips, she is excited a lot and moaning and shouting fuck me sir, fuck me hard, then I inserted my figure in her tight pussy and move to and from. When I move in and out she is moving like a fish out of water and stroking my pennies from her hand, giving me a sexy hand job. She cum v soon and all her pussy hole is filled with her juice, Then I put my pennies between her breasts and slide it, and breast fuck her, after a few minutes all my load releases and eject at her neck.

Since that day we do this a lots of time, and now she is feeling uncomfortable whenever I missed to suck her. Pls vote my story and contact me at silent_magma at hotmail. com