A True story of dogging (Dartford Viewpoint, Kent, 2001) - part 2... Steve and Rose

True Story

************* Please note. . . . . The local council closed Dartford viewpoint in 2006, so please dont go there expecting dogging action now **************

After several occasions of visiting Dartford, I got to know the times to go - and when to avoid - and some of the regulars.

One regular couple were Steve and Rose. they were both in their 40's and usually turned up 15 minutes after pub closing. Rose was always "Merry" and they seemed to see the viewpoint as a continuation of their social life.
Rose would chat, and then go of with a guy to give him a handjob or blow job while steve carried on chatting. a few minutes later she would come back, wipe her mouth, and continue the conversation.

I liked Steve and Rose's easy going attitude and would often chat with them about sex, politics or anything else.

One evening, I arrived at the viewpointwhen steve and rose were already there. I got chatting to Steve and he told me they were going to go, as rose was a bit cold. . .

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"would you like to come back with us" he said
"Sure", I replied. . . . I had played with Rose a couple of times (to be honest she gave the worst blowjobs EVER) but had never fucked her.

after a few minutes, we got in our cars, and I followed them back to a small council house in Dartford.

we went indoors, and rose made us tea, while steve put some softcore porn channel on the TV.
we sat on the sofa - me and steve at the ends and rose in the middle.
Even though it was softcore, the images on the TV started to get me hard and rose's hands went out. . . one either side and started to massage my groin and steves.
I helped her move my zip down, and her hand pulled my cock out from my briefs. I saw she was now handling steve's cock too.

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I started to grope her breasts and she left our cocks to take her top off over her head. She had really odd nipples. . . they were inverted and i thought they were fascinating. i bent my head and started to suckle at the nearest nipple and i found out that, even though they were 'innies' instead of 'outies' they seemed to be just as sensitive.

steve stood up and started to undress, so I followed suit. . . Rose did too and then steve laid on the floor. Rose sat on his cock and grabbed for my cock to give me a blow job.
as I mentioned, she gave the worst BJ's in the world. . . all teeth and scraping.

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  . So I avoided her mouth and knelt to continue playing with her lovely nipples.

steve had enough of being underneath, so he moved Rose into a kneeling position and proceeded to fuck her doggy style. After a few minutes he spunked in her pussy and left it dripping with cum.
While steve went off to wash, I rolled on a condom and laid on the floor. Rose sat on me and I felt her delightfully tight cunt - gripping, but very, very slippery.

I let her bounce on top of me, enjoying the relaxation of laying down, and the amazing wet-velvet feel of her cunt massaging my cock. I loved watching her tits bouncing with their beautiful nipples. . . . . slowly and wonderfully the orgasm built,and I had an amazing orgasm deep inside rose's pussy.

Rose climbed off me and pulled the condom off of my cock. I felt a trickle down my balls and even now, I don't know if it was Steve's cum still dripping out of her cunt, or the cum from my used Condom dripping onto me.

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It didnt matter to rose, she went down and licked and sucked the cum from my cock and balls.

I met up with Steve and Rose several times over the next two years. . . I only ever went back to their place once after that day, but we would play in the open or even just chat , and I really missed their easy going sexuality when they moved away. .