My first black man


After a long Friday of shopping and getting my nails filled I got home and took a bath. I got out of the tube dried off did my hair and make up. I decided to get dress sexy and go out even that it was holiday weekend and the bars were dead. So I put on my pink and black corset with black fishnet stockings and hooked to the gartor straps, glue my fake breast on and pushed my balls up in there sockets and made glued my pussy like mom showed me. I picked out a red mini dress anda pair of peep toe 5 inch spike heels putting them on. I finished doing my ma makeup and stuff.
I drove down to one bar it was close I drove around finding most were close that I new were safe for me to go in. Well I thought, when I remembered there was one more small little drive bar that was off the beaten path. I went there and it was open so I went in and got drink but the bar tender said I was only one there tonite. I was sitting at the bar having my drink when an older black man came in and asked if he could sit down beside me. I said sure, so he sat down an ordered his drink.
We start to make small talk and he told his name was Jake and I told him mine was Paula. after a few minutes of us chatting about different things. I began to like talking to him cause he was not overbearing just a nice sweet older man. I even told him about how I started to dress and my mom. He made me blush when he said well your mom taught you well cause you look beautifuland sexy, I said thank you and how sweet it was for him to say that.

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   He order us another drink and kinda rubbed my leg on accident with his hand, he said he was sorry, I said that was OK he could if he wanted too. So he rubbed my thigh with his hand tell how soft an smooth it was even threw the fishnets. I said this mite be stupid but I enjoy talking to you an you are really the first guy that really kind and sweet in long time I have enjoyed being by. He said well thank you I figured you would blow me off due to me be colored. Oh, well be honest with you Jake usually don't talk to black men but your different.
Well the bar tender said she was going to close up for the night so Jake and I finished our drinks. He walked me out to my car and gave me a hug open my door for me. Then said I don't mean to sound bad our anything but would you like to come over my house and watch a movie or something. I figured why not the night was young and he was nice, so i said sure. I followed him to his place. He open the door on my car and we went in a nice clean house. He got us each a drink and we sat on the couch and started to watch a movie and talk.
Half way through the movie he had his hand on my thigh and asked if he could kiss me. I shook my head yes and we gentle kissed lips which was gentle and nice. Jake kissed me few more times and I asked him were his bathroom was and if minded me coming out more relaxed. 

   He said it was OK if I didn't mind if he did. So I went in an took off my dress just leaving my corset and stuff on. He walked by the the door as i was checking my make up, and said hope you don't get mad at me but this is the way I am around my house most of the time. I walk back out to the living room were he was sitting with out a shirt and covered up with a blanket on his lap. He looked at me and pulled me down to him we kissed long and hard. I reached under the blanket and found out he was naked so I threw the blanket off him and started to play with his cock.
As his cock got hard I realized he was hung very good 8. 5 inches about 3 inches thick. I couldn't help myself Ikissed my way down chest wanting his chocolate pole. I kissed an licked each of his balls and then licked every inch of his cock before I went to suck him he moved and laied down on the blanket on the floor and pulled over so we were in the 69 position. I took his big cock in my mouth and started to suck him as he licked and stuck his tongue deep in my boy-pussy. I sucked him slowly and worked till I was taken his cock all the way down my throat soon he had lubed his fingers up and while I was sucking him he started to finger fuck me as he licked me till he had 3 of his fingers in me. I tasted his pre-cum in my mouth and after a good 15 minutes of me sucking an deep throating him he said Omg I going to cum and he shoot a big heavy load in my mouth with was sweet and hot tasting as swallowed every drop. We laied on the floor for a good While kissing and making out.
He rolled over on top of me after a bit and started to kiss me my legs spread open an he between them I felt his hard cock so so I wrapped my legs around his waist as we kissed.


   He took his one hand and Lupe up his cock. I felt him push the head of his against my ass the pressure grew as he slowly push and stretched my ass open he eased the head of his thick cock in me and stopped. After a minute or so of me relaxing he slowly gave me more and started to thrust in an out of me till his nuts were smacking my ass. It felt so good after a few minutes of him fucking me with his big black dick that I begged Jake to fuck me hard. He fucked me hard and fast for about 25 minutes when he gave one last thrust deep in an buried his hard cock to his balls when I felt his cum shooting deep in me. He layied on top of me till he went soft.
I sucked him and fuck me 2 more time before I left that night. .
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