My amazing time babysitting pt. 2


New entry:

  Well this has been a phenomenal time babysitting my cute neighbor. Let me tell you about what has happened recently. Well as you all know I'm babysitting my nieghbors's daughter. My parents are very overjoyed at how nice I am to her and how much she likes me. So at the beginning of the week it was business as usual. She came over and threw off her clothes and I got to watch her parade around wearing nothing at all. Then I followed and took off my clothes as well. Everytime I took them off I could always see her looking at me and even staring sometimes. Nothing much had happened every since we got each other off but that was fine for now. I was still doing everything the same. I'd let her watch tv, sometimes we'd play a board game, and I'd make her food. (all of this while naked, don't forget. )


It was around the middle of the week and when she came over, it was back into the routine. All clothes off. Today I made her some food and sat down to watch tv with her. I couldn't help staring at her body and she seemed like she enjoyed it.

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   after the tv show ended she turned to me and asked me a question.

"Remember how you rubbed me?"

"Yes i do" I said with a bit of anxiousness.

"Well do you think you could help me learn to do it to my self?" She asked me.

"umm well sure" I replied.

Right after she laid down and spread her legs. It was an amazing sight. She was beautiful and hairless. I took her hand and moved it to her clit. I used her hands tostart rubbing herself and pretty soon she got the hang of it. She started to very carefully rub and then started to rub more vigorously. Her breathing was getting heavier and it was making me incredibly hard. Without thinking I moved and started to lick her nipples. She  seemed taken aback by this.

"I'm sorry did you want me to stop?" I asked her.

"No no I liked it" she said with an embarrassed look on her face.

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She went back to rubbing and I went back to licking. Her breathing was getting more intense now and every now and then she would let out very quiet moans. I could tell she was loving this. As she got incredibly close to climax I stopped her and took over with the rubbing. Then I stopped completely to let her cool down.

"Can I do anything for you?" She asked, looking at my dick.

"Um yes if you are willing to try. "

"oh sure I'll try it. "

"Okso you're gonna put it in your mouth and move up and down, like this. " as I demonstrated with my finger.   "Just try not to let your teeth touch"

"Hmm alright" she replied.

She moved overand began to put my head in her mouth. It felt wonderful having this girl suck on me. she could only go a little past the head but that's what I expected. I showed her how to move her head up and down and she caught on.


   she began to bob up and down and it felt incredible for me. She sped up a little and at that point I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't want to cum in her mouth so I stopped her and went back to pleasing her.

"I'm going to try something a little diferrent" i told her. I'm going to put a finger inside you down there. "

"will it hurt?" She asked timidly.

"It shouldn't" I replied gently.

 Istarted to rub her chest with my hand, enjoying the sweet felling of her flatness. then i moved down to her hole. She was incredibly wet. I slowly put a finger inside of her as gently as I could. I looked at her and saw her clenching her teeth. once I got in bout halfway, I left my finger in there for a little bit. I looked up at her and asked if it still hurt, to which she said it didn't anymore. With that I slowly started to get a rhythm going with my finger.

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   She closed her eyes and went back to her heavy breathing. I slowly began to speed up and go a little deeper. She got more aroused.

"how does it feel?" I asked.

"goood! gooood! faster faster!" she ordered.

I followed orders and began to speed up and go deeper. At this point she wa letting out louder moans and squeezing the side of the couch. I kept going and speed to as fas as I could when I felt her tighten around my finger. I slowly pulled out and she said she finished.

 "Was that nice?" I asked.

"awesome" she said in a half dream like state.

"Lets do this again sometime" she replied.

"sure but for now let's go get dressed it's almost time to go".

 Well that was just one of the great things that happened that week. I really hope ever more exciting stuff happens next week.

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End entry.




PS also Im glad you guys are enjoying. Sorry about the last story with no paragraphs I transferred from word and it had paragraphs before I submitted. Ok so this one should have paragraphs now.