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Being clueless at times can pay off depending on the situation and how you react. Everyday you learn something new but when I think back to when I was a teenager, I wish knew some of the things I know now and wished I had payed attention in sex education also known as blue movies. It all happened so fast at times I wish I could rewind time and relive that moment. This all happened on a Friday night when I was in town still exploring the pleasures of clubbing with the boys as we had all just turned 18 till I started texting Shell just to make sure she was okay. Shell was a girl I was getting to know that I had met at a previous party who I had taken a liking into. She seemed like the only girl that there was for me at the time and every time she told me to jump I made the mistake to ask how high which eventually paid off that night. After a couple of hours with the boys I got a text from her telling me to pick her up. At this point I did the sensible thing and found an excuse to disappear from the boys without letting them know my true intentions for the night. As I left the club I met 2 college friends who were on their way home that knew her and as a nice guy I offered them a lift home. We all set off to pick her up and as we arrived I noticed her facial expression drop as we parked up. This was because of the other two people in the car but at this point I did not realise it because this was my first proper encounter with a women and while I was driving. I was more excited about the fact that I had a trophy girl and all the material objects I had. After a good thirty minutes of interacting with each other and enjoying each other's company, Shell whispered in my ear and told me she wanted to go home. At this point I put my foot down for the first time and told her she had to wait till we all were ready to go, at this point she whispered in my ear that she was walking home and as a true gentle man I let her walk off. After about 5 mins I decided to run after her and pulled her back because there was no way I was letting her walk home in the dark alone especially when I was driving. As we walked back hand in hand to the car I realised what I wanted that night but did not know how ask her for it.

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   As I drove back to her house the glow on her face made me forget about my bad intentions and mad me focus on the good while my friends were in the car. This made me smile the whole journey back to hers and as we approached the car park I turned off the lights and parked the car. As a gentle man I walked her home through an alley way which we struggled to get through because half way through it I stopped for no reason and told her that was the end of the road for me and she had to catch me. At that point she came close to me and told me she had to go in the most flirtatious voice I had ever heard while brushing her voluptuous lips against mine. As this was my first experience in open I followed the leader and kissed her back while slowly moving my hands up and down her body. This was a turn on for both of us as I could feel her moving closer and closer to me while I tried to hide how hard my dick was getting because of her. As we slowly kissed and moved closer to the wall I started to forget that I had left two people in the car. They we're not as important as Shell at the time because they could not do what she could for me. At this point Shell gently but violently started to push me against the wall and in return I started to nibble her neck gently while she did the same to me. For a second I lost control of all my senses and as I regained them my eyes felt as tho they we're about to roll into the back of my head and my dick was so hot and hard even water could not help it. From this point on I felt lyk I had taken viagra and was watching a blue movie. At this point Shell had switched positions and had her arse grinding on my dick. Slowly but sure while I kissed her neck I slowly undid her bra and felt her rock hard nipples which were a sure sign that we were both on the same level in the alley way. As she slowly played with my hair while grinding on me like she had hydraulics I started to feel a bit more relaxed about being in the alley way and any attention directed to us was hopefully good attention with people filming because at this point I felt like nothing could go wrong. As I started to slide down my hand down her stomach towards her pussy while using the other hand to gently massage her breasts I got a phone call which I did not answer because the vibration on her bum made her react more aggressively towards me.

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   As the phone rang she grinded harder and harder against me on the wall to the point we're I nearly forgot my name with my eyes stuck in my eyes lids while breathing heavily. At this point I gently undid her tight jeans and slipped my hands down her pussy while I kissed her neck. She returned the favour by grinded so hard against me telling me how much she wanted to feel the real thing inside her instead of on her. At this point I bent her over and pulled her tights down and as I was about to stick it in her pussy from behind her phone rang. In anticipation I listened to her talking while she moaned softly as I rubbed stretch Armstrong against her pussy. As she got off the phone she turned around and told me that she did not want me to go but I had to because the people in the car were getting impatient and were planning to drive off. At that point my brain had automatically shut down and I managed to convince her to stay for an extra 15mins not worried about the car, but as we started to get back into it again the phone rang. At that point we both got fed up and told her we would have to put a book marker where we were till next. I walked back to the car felling satisfied with a dick so hard I could play golf with it.


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