Kelsey and Jamantha prt 2: The Morning After



I woke up the next morning face down on my bed one arm flung over Jamantha’s chest. My phone was flashing with a txt from my mum saying that they had taken my twin brother and sister to the beach for the week. I sent back that I was fine then turned my phone onto vibrate an put it on my pussy. The reply cameÂthrough and the vibrate got me so horney I wanted Jamantha to suck me but she was still asleep.

I lent over the side of the bad and pulled out a large box. It was full to the brim of sex toys I’d ‘acquired’ this past year. I chose a double vibrating plug and shoved one end up my ass and the other into my pussy then turned it on. I moved a bit to get it going but it wasn’t enough to tip me over the edge of climax.

I sat down and looked at Jamantha, she was still asleep with her legs wide open. I crawled over to her, filling the plugs press against my cunt. I lent down and licked her pussy. My tongue flick expertly over her clit while my fingers teased her ass. Her groans grow louder as my orgasm grown. I stopped licking and mounted her leg, grinding against it, hands gently rubbing her nipples.

The plug moved around inside me as I grinded and I came at the same time as Jamantha turned onto her back. I kept grinding against the bask of her leg as my juices wet her and made my pussy slippery.

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Amazingly Jamantha was still asleep so I started to finger her ass. She gasped but didn’t stop me so I jammed another finger in moving them around slowly. She loosened up a bit more so I put in another, I moved them around and felt her start to grind against my fingers. I pulled them out and heard an annoyed groan come from Jamantha. Smiling I reached into the box and pulled out a vibrator. I started teasing her ass with it then positioned it at her opening. With one hard push the whole vibrator was taken by her ass.

Jamantha woke with a scream, tears rolling down her face. I moved the vibrator slowly and her scream went from one of pain to one of pleasure. I leave the vibrator in her ass and she moves slightly to make it move. I climb on top of her and started rubbing my plugged pussy against her empty one. I fall forward onto Jamantha, kissing her neck and stroking her breast. Our bodies spasm into climax as we lay with our arms around each other.

I pulled the plug out and put it into the box.

Out of it I pulled a long, double ended dildo.

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   I pushed as much of itÂ- about 7. 5 inches - and started pumping my cunt with it. Jamantha pulled the vibrator out of her cunt and throw it away, she closed her hand around mine, stopping the attack on my cunt. She wriggled into the same position as we were in last night, this time with the dildo connecting us.


We moved furiously for a couple minutes, the dildo sliding in and out of us but we were to tired to cum. We lay there panting for a few moments, leg entwined and dildo in place. I turned my head toward my computer and noticed that my web cam was on.

I disentangled myself from Jamantha, who was watching the end of last nights movie. I sit down at the computer and turned on the screen. A MSN window is still open. I suddenly remember last night before the party I was talking to Greg.

Shit I said he’s seen everything. fuck shit crap the mics ion. He’s heard everything. At that every second my phone went off.

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   The txt was from Greg ‘I saw everything and I want in next time’. I sit down next to Jamantha and give her the phone. Her eyes light up as she reads the txt. She passes it back to me nodding.

I send a txt back. ‘when can you come round’?

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