I am Beverly and this a true story, not fiction, of MY FIRST TIME 60 year ago. I was 16 years old and between my junior and senior year in high school.

    I had met this collage boy through a girl friend and her boy friend.   Y He was the first boy I ever let undue my bra and play and suck my tits. One evening I was at his house alone, his parents had gone on a trip. We started kissing while sitting on the couch and before long my bra was off and he was playing with my nipples, it turned me on. Then he started undoing the top of my jeans, I didn’t know what to do.   Before long he had started to slide them and my panties down my legs.   I told no and to stop, but he didn’t, I still don’t remember how he got them off my legs.   The next thing I knew he was on top of me and was still kissing mouth. My legs went around his body and then I felt his penis going into me.   I never felt any thing so good before.   He pushed it in all the way and stopped.   We stayed this way for some time before he pulled it out.   I didn’t if he had com or what.   We lay and he asked me if I knew about sex?  I didn’t really know, my mother didn’t talk to me nor did my older sister which was married.

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   While I was pulling on my jeans he went up stairs and came down with a  small book which he gave to me.   It told me all about the sex act.   Then he took me home

    All the next day between thinking about what I felt the night before when he was in me and reading the book I got real excited and my panties were wet. I got my sister to take me over to his house late. He was there and I told him I wanted to sleep with him this night. We went up stairs to his bed room, I took off my dress he pulled off my panties, we laid on the bed and he put a pillow under my bottom and mounted me.   He took a long time before he came and pulled out of me.   We went sleep.   Some time I woke up and found him playing with me , I couldn’t wait until he mounted me again.   I don’t know long he was in pushing in and pulling out, but after while he was done.

    When he was in the bathroom I looked at his bed side dresser and found the foil the rubber  was in ans asked if this was what he was using to keep me from having a baby, he said it was.

    When we went out all it took was for him to start running his hands over my breasts and I spread my legs for him get between and put his penis in me.  

    He went back to collage and I met another boy and we got married and had two children. I don’t know what ever happened to my first.


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