Age differences don't matter.


I'm 14 and I've always hung out around people 3 or 4 years older than me I just fit in with them better I guess. I have blonde hair grey eyes and a normal body. My best guy friend sean is 18 we never really have thought about are age difference and he's never treated me like a I was younger than him ever. One day I wasn't feeling to good and no one was home and I wanted some company so I had sean come over. Sean came in my room and layed down in my bed with me and cuddled me (we always cuddled this wasn't anything new) he new something was wrong so we just layed down with eachother for a while. "You look pretty today" he whispered to me as soon as he said that a hugged him tighter because I've always liked sean and him saying that to me made me soo happy. Sean could tell that I liked his complement because after he pressed his lips against mine. I was shocked but I couldn't complain. "Do u like this?" he said, I nodded and we continuded softly kissing I don't no what came over me but I became really horny and thinking dirty things about sean and I soon I accidently whispered "I want to grab it" as soon as I said it I noticed that the thought was supposed to stay in my head Sean pulled back from me he was starteld and I turned over on my bed hoping he'd just leave but he hugged me from the back "your cute" he said while laughing he could tell this pissed me off "If u want to grab it,then grab it" he said in my ear. I turned around and looked at him and tilted me head to the side in confusion. His cock grew hard as he pulled me to him kissing me softly. His cock was so hard under his pants and I couldn't resist I grabbed it "mmm. " sean moaned just from my touch. He pulled my top off and unhooked my lacy blue bra. "Wow I didn't no my little baby emily had such big tits" he said while laughing , I giggled at this and I was loving the attention. He grasped my boobs and carressed them "mmm I never knew this could feel soo good" I moaned "your a virgin aren't you?" sean asked.

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   I was embarrassed "well ,see I'm only 14 and . . " He stopped me and took his own shit of and grabbed my hand putting it on his pants,I took the hint and slid them off quick his cock was throbbing in his boxes as I slid them off too. I put my hand around it and moved it up and down ocasinally squeezing it. "ooooh fuck baby this feels sooo good mm" he replied . He grabbed me and pulled my mini skirt and and bright green pantys off he slided his fingers up and down the lips of my pussy and teased me rubbing my clit and quickly shoved two fingers inside moving them in and out faster and faster this was getting me off I felt so horny and naughty I starded yelling "mmm! Fuck me ! Fuck your little girl! stick your cock inside me mmmm" "Not yet baby " sean said totally turned on bye the fact of me yelling . I pushed him off me and got down so my mouth was at his cock I breathed on it licked the tip of it and kissed it as he breathed harder "oh god emily! Suck me pleeaseee suck it!" I didn't need to hear more than that as I wrapped my lips around it putting all 7 inches in my mouth deepthroating it and sucking as hard as I could. "mmmm fuck my little baby knows how to suck me!" he screamed I spead my legs apart and he stared kissing my pussy and licking my clit I couldn't resist as I shoved my own finger inside of me while he did this I was going to have a mind blowing orgasim I could feel it "fuck sean omg seannn!! Ahhhh fuck oooo! " this was enough for sean to hear he got up and stared to put his cock inside me it was a bit painful because it was my first time so he helped relax me saying "its okay baby it'll only hurt this time I swear " he kissed me and moaned in my mouth my pussy clamped his cock making his moan and me scream in pain as he poped my cherry it then felt good as he pumped it going harder and faster in and out in and out. "Ooo fuck sean harder fuck me fuck your little 14 year old slut!!!!!!!" I screamed as sean moaned "em, I going to cum , I want to cum inside you" this turned me on as I was about to cum myself our bodies were both jerking and we were moaning and breathing hard and we both came at the same time I felt the warm goo flow inside my pussy as my cum ran down his now softened cock. He layed next to me and kissed me "I didn't no u were so naughty,baby" I kisses him and we told eachother we loved oneanother. And fell asleep. More of these to come if u guys wirte reviews!.