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Topic: The Lonely OfficeCheryl worked in an office as a purchasing agent, and there was a large group of office workers that liked to get together after work for drinks, or sometimes dinner. One Friday night, the whole group was going to go to a local club right after work. Unfortunately, Cheryl ended up being the last person in the office. But since her computer at home was down for repairs, she decided to use her computer at work to go online and order herself a new vibrator. No one would know, and she would only be a minute or two, she thought. Cheryl found a sex superstore online and began browsing through the vibrators. There were small slender ones to fit into a purse, and smooth silver ones that looked like a large bullet. Cheryl continued looking, but when she arrived at the vibrators that were crafted to look like a real cock, she smiled and started to examine them carefully. She noticed that some would vibrate and others would twirl and rotate. While trying to imagine what the different realistic looking vibrators might feel like, Cheryl could sense herself getting a little horny. After all, she hadn't had sex in a long time. She had broken up with her boyfriend about 6 months ago and hadn't started dating anyone new yet. Knowing that she was the only one in the office, and everyone else was at the club, Cheryl decided to make herself cum before she met up with the others. Cheryl quickly unbuttoned her blouse and slid her hand up under her lavender, sheer lace bra. She began to squeeze her nipples, and they became firm immediately. She then made small circles with her fingertips around each areola.

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   Cheryl’s pussy was already a little moist from looking at all the vibrators and sex toys, but as soon as she started massaging her plump breasts, she really started getting wet and horny. Taking a quick look around, Cheryl stood up, stepped out of her skirt and sat down again, putting her feet up on her desk. Careful not to create a run, Cheryl gently pulled up each black stocking, thus relieving the tension on the garter belt they were attached to. She then looked down on the rest of her lingerie set, feeling very sexy while admiring it. Cheryl slipped her hand beneath her lavender, sheer lace panties and began to rub her clit. Since her pussy was already very wet, she slid her fingers down between her swollen lips and into her wet pussy. Cheryl then pulled the wetness up and rubbed it around her protruding clit. She had her eyes closed and was envisioning a gorgeous guy, with a nice big cock. She envisioned him rubbing the head of his cock around her clit and teasing her with it. All of a sudden, Cheryl heard a man's voice say "Can I help you with that?" Completely mortified, she jumped up from her desk and there stood Rob, a guy from her office that she always thought was pretty cute. "Oh my God! I'm so embarrassed," Cheryl said. Advancing slowly toward her, Rob replied, "Please don't be, you looked so hot playing with yourself. I've got such a hard on, you wouldn’t believe it. "Rob then came around Cheryl’s desk and started kissing her. She was shocked, but too horny to refuse.

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   He slowly pressed his hand down to Cheryl’s orange pubic hair, and slid his middle finger into her hot, wet pussy. While he continued to kiss her, Rob’s finger rotated and pressed her G-spot, deep within her quivering love tunnel. Cheryl moaned as she had the first vaginal orgasm. Standing up, Rob then pulled off Cheryl’s blouse and bra, picked her up, and laid her out on the desk. Rob bent down to lick and suck Cheryl’s pussy with wild abandon. Within minutes, Cheryl was cumming in what seemed like the longest orgasm she had ever had. Rob had pulled his cock out of his pants while he was licking Cheryl’s clit. She could see that it was nice and big. She thought to herself, “I don't think it can get any harder; it’s simply bulging to the max. ”Cheryl reached down and pulled Rob's pants off, throwing them aside, and immediately took his big cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head, and then engulfed his swollen dick all the way down the shaft, as far as she could get. He moaned with pleasure and ran his fingers through her flame red hair, as she worshipped his throbbing cock. After only a short time, Rob said, "I can't wait any longer. I have to be inside you. Now!"Cheryl got back on the desk and Rob pulled her to the edge and held her legs up as he slowly entered her.

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   Cheryl’s pussy was having involuntary spasms as it was grabbing hold of his cock. From the look on his face, Cheryl thought he might lose it before he even got all the way inside her. Then Rob began to slide slowly in and out, while making a circling motion that really stimulated Cheryl’s clit. She was squeezing her nipples and watching him pump her. Then Cheryl reached down and started stroking her own clit. Rob then said, "Yeah, I like to see that. "Rubbing her clit, and having his cock inside her, made Cheryl’s pussy contract like crazy. Even though she wanted it to last longer, she couldn't hold off anymore. Cheryl twitched and convulsed as a massive vaginal and clitoral orgasm rippled through her body, and she soaked his swollen cock with her warm juices. Cheryl’s orgasm then pushed Rob over the edge. He pulled his cock out and began stroking it, using her creamy cum as lubrication. Soon he was shooting a huge amount of his hot cum all over her stomach. Afterwards, he dipped his still hard cock back into her still pulsing pussy, for a few mini strokes. Rob then said, "We should probably get dressed and get going.  But I'm sure am glad that I was the one picked to come over and see what was taking you so long.

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  ”"Yeah, me too" Cheryl replied with a smile, as they got dressed and headed for the club. Cheryl and Rob ended up having several repeat performances in Cheryl’s office, whenever they got the chance. But because office romances were frowned upon, from then on, they had to sneak around and be very careful, which added to their excitement.