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The bell rang and like every day at school the whole class gets up to leave in a fury. Miss. Tailor shouted out the last of the homework assignment over the chatter of the class. Miss. Tailor was a sexy, short haired brunette who had slightly larger breasts for her frame. Be only 28, she acted a mature 35, and every guy in her class was glad they had such a pretty Sex Ed teacher and I liked her just the same. I was sitting in the first row farthest from the door; I had just turned and gotten up when I felt a hand grab my shoulder. “Sit down, we need to talk about your grades” Miss Tailor said. Her tone told me that she was not happy with me. Why should shy be, in her class I have made nothing but D’s and F’s the whole school year. Being a senator and graduation in a month, I didn’t care that I was failing my Sex Ed class.
            Sitting back down I watched as Miss. Tailor finished up talking to another student and when they left and the room was quite just leaving me and Miss. Tailor. Miss Tailor began “I’m not going to sugar coat this for you, Seann, you will fail my class. Even if you made a 115 on the next test it will still put you average below a D.

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   And I know you think that being a senior and passing your others classes that we will just over look an elative like Sex Ed, right?” I was not sure what to say. “ Umm, yea…” Was all I could get out. Miss Tailor continued “Well, I’m not going to allow it, I will hold you back and make you miss graduation and since this class is not offered in the summer I will see you here again next year while all your friends are off at collage. Oh, and don’t think you can make me feel guilty for doing it because it would be your fault entirely. ” “What, why?” I was filled with anxiety; I couldn’t believe that would come true or that Miss. Tailor would be the reason I miss graduation. “What can I do about it now? I’ll do anything just pass me” I demanded. A slight smile slid across Miss. Tailor face. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t tell you all of this if I didn’t have a way for you to redeem yourself. ” This was good news that I was happy to apply with. “Ok how do I redeem myself” I said. “I’m not going to tell you how right now, I’ll just tell you that if you want to pass my class you are going to have to do what I say when I say it, ok. And if I have to repeat in more than once your will insanely fail my class. Do you agree?” I look at her for a moment, she stared me right in the eye.

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   I knew she meant business and that I would have to do everything she told me but I didn’t have a choice. “OK, I’ll do it” I said. “Good, I had a feeling you would agree to my offer. Come with me into my office. ” Her office was on the far side of the class room. It was a narrow window less room that was only lit by one overhead light. As she took out her key to unlock the door she asked” When did you last masturbate?” “What?” I said. ”When did you last ejaculate your penis?” she asked again. Seeing that she really wanted me to answer I told her “Last night before going to bed” She said nothing. The door opened and we walked into a dark room. She turned on the over head light, her desk was pushed up against a wall and a covered table of some sort was in the middle of the room where she leaned against and faced me. I was about to ask her about the table when she said “Now shut the door and I want you to remove your clothes”. “What?” I asked. “Do I need to repeat my self?” she said with a dark tone. I took a deep breath and took off my shirt, kicked off my sandals and dropped my shorts.

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   I look up at her again. “Well?” she said. I let my boxers fall to the ground as I watch her eyes drop from my face to my cock. “That’s quite a big penis you have, too bad you don’t know how to use it” she said. I didn’t respond to her comment. My focus was on the covered table. “What‘s the table for?” I asked. She stated “If you want me to tell you, you are going to have to beg”. “Beg, how?” “On your knees licking and sucking my toes, begging for me to tell you” she smiled and sat on the table letting her legs hand down. There was a pause and with a smirk she said “Well?” I couldn’t image myself sucking and licking her feet but I had to do it. I stepped forward and dropped to my knees. I took her left foot by the heel and removed her shoe. I kiss her toes a few times, “Lick” she demanded. I ran my tong over the top of her toes than again along the bottom. I lifted her foot up and kissed her heel and ran my tong to her toes.


   “Now suck” she said and as my tong got to her toes my mouth closed around them and I sucked them, moving from one side to the other sucking all five toes. “Good, now my right foot. ” I let her left foot dangle and I removed her right shoe. I wasted no time kiss her foot and ran my tong all over her toes. She gave out a moan and I took that as a sign to suck her toes. She giggled and pulled her toes out of my mouth. “That’s a good boy, now are you still wondering about the table?” “Yes” I said, she moved off the table and stood to the side and with a flick of the arm uncovered it. I stood up to see a doctor’s exam table but it had wrist strap and other strap on it. I was scared to look at it and my fear only got worse. Miss. Tailor pulled out the black stirrups and both stirrup had ankle strap on it. I couldn’t breathe out of fear of hearing what Miss. Tailor said next. “Now get on the table and I’ll strap you in. ” I stared to take a few steps back, “I can’t” was all I could say.

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   She walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. “Seann, if you don’t get on the table I’ll fail you, now you don’t want that. Besides it will all be over vary quickly, I promise” I like the fact that she didn’t demand I get on the table and with the smile she gave me I felt she was telling the truth, besides I had no choice. I sat on the table and laid back, Miss Tailor strap my wrist down then putting my legs in the stirrup and strap my ankles down. Now that I was in, her smile changed and a panic tock over me, I wish I could have gotten up and left but it was too late for that. Her hands moved over my body, she took my cock in her hand and gave it a good squeeze, making me really hard. Next her hand dropped and I felt a finger push against my ass hole. “There it is” and with that she walk to her desk and opened a drawer, I saw her remove a few items and I heard the opening of a bottle. She turned around holding a green butt plug and a bottle of lube. After spreading the lube all over the plug she approached me. “You know where this is going” she said lining it up with my ass hole. “please don’t I’ll…” was all I could get out before she sank the plug into my ass. I let out a loud cry of pain as I struggle to break free “Oh, god it hearts”. “Just except it” she replayed. She reached down and with one hand removed her shirt to revile a black see-through bra.

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   He other hand continued to move the plug in and out of ass. “That feels better, now are you liking you butt plug?” “No! Please stop!” as pain rippled through my ass up to my body. “Well” she said “if you like this you are going to love what I do next. ” There was a pause. “When I fuck you in your ass” I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move and I didn’t want to believe that I was going to get fuck by my sexy Sex Ed teacher. She left the plug in and she used both hands to take off her long skirt. It fell to the floor and warring nothing but a black thong and bra walk back over to the desk. I watch a she picked up a strap-on with a huge dido on it. She put it on and walked back to me “Am I big enough for you” she said and removed the plug. “Will it heart?” I sheepishly asked? “Of course it will, now relax so I can get this in you”. I felt the head of the monster push against my ass hole. With a pop it went in, it was massive and my ass griped ever inch of it. She took hold of my legs and with a might push sunk it in deep. I gave out a loud cry “OH GOD, OH GOD please stop I can’t take any more”. “Yes you can, just relax here comes more” Her dido filled my ass and with another might push more of her cock managed to force its way in.

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   Tears rolled down my face as the pain was unbearable. With it all the way in she gave me a wink and I watched as her bra dropped to the floor, her C tits bounced out as she ran her hand over them, then she polled half of her dido out to only force it back in again. I could only moan in pain with each thrust. “You like getting fuck by your teacher don’t you?” She exclaimed as she quicken her pace. “Say you like it!” She demanded. “I like it. ” I said. “like what, say what you like” She demanded again. “I like getting fuck by be Sex Ed teacher!” “Why” she asked. “Because, because you fills my ass with your cock” I thought this is what she wanted to hear. “No, because you are bad boy, that’s why I’m fucking you. ” My ass was now getting use to the dido and I could think somewhat. “Do you get it?” She said, “yes” I replied. “Do you want me to stop?” “Yes” I said. “Fine I’ll stop but I’m not done with you, besides I know you will love what I have next for you.

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  ” With that she stepped backwards and her dido slid out leaving my ass open and on fire. She went back to the desk and slid the strap-on off. Pulling out a few other items I couldn’t see, I heard the snap of latex gloves being put on. She came back and stood in between my legs. With her right hand she held my cock up in the air. She lowered her head and flicked her tong over my balls. Then in one motion ran her tong up the bottom of my cock and when her tong reached the head she took my whole cock into her mouth. The pain I once had was over run with pleaser. She closed her eyes and bobbed her head up and down giving me an amazing blowjob. Then in an instance took my cock out of her mouth and ran her hand up and down my saliva covered cock. “Did you enjoy me sucking you off?” she asked. “Yes please do it again” I responded, her hand kept massaging my cock. “I’m sorry but I’m not going to, but if you like I could tell you what I have planed for you next. ” Not sure what to say I asked a safe question “do I need to know what you have planed?” “No, but you might want to prepare yourself for it” she said this with a smile and I had to know what was next. “Ok, what do you have next for me?” “I’m glad you asked, I’m giving you a hand job and when you ejaculate I’m going you collect you’re cum into a shot glass and you are going to drink it.

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  ” “No, I …” she cut me off saying “have you ever tasted your cum before?” “No” I said. “Well, in a little bit you’re going to find out what you’ve been missing” she was now massaging my cock with both of her hands and the pleaser grew. “You can’t make me” I shouted. “I’m not going to make you, your going to drink your cum of your own free will. ” She said and walked over to the head of the table. “Just lay your head back and relax…” with that she pushed my head back against the table and ran a strap over my forehead leaving me unable to move my head, “…you‘ll be drinking it shortly. ” She returned to giving me a hand job. I could only look up into the light and feel as the pleasure she was giving me grow. Now using both hands again she quickened her pace and I moaned in pleasure. “OH God, that feels so fucking good! Please don’t make me drink it. ” I moaned. She said nothing. The pleasure grew and in an instance my hips buckled and Miss. Tailor pointed my cock at my chest as I exploded my load on it. One stream after another shot out then my cum just rolled down my cock.

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   I was breathless as I felt her take her hands off my limping cock and replace it with what felt like the edge of a spoon. She first scoped up my cum that was on my cock and balls then I felt the spoon slide across my chest collecting the cum that landed there. “There we go, that’s all of it” she said. Standing behind my head I watched as she raised the shot glass above my head, it was almost full with my milky white cum. “Are you ready to drink your cum?” she asked. “No please don’t” I begged. “It’s almost over just open your mouth wide” she said. “I’m not going to” I said trying to keep my mouth as closed as possible. “If you don’t I’ll fail you, now open your mouth. ” I had no choice and after a deep breath I opened my mouth. “That’s a good boy” as she poured my cum into my mouth. It rolled down my tong and into the back of my throat. It was warm and it had a horrible taste, I wanted to spit it back out but as soon as the shot glass was empty Miss. Tailor forced my mouth shut. I felt my cum roll around in my mouth and I couldn’t stand the taste of it.


   “Do you like the taste of your own cum?. . . ” she said was a sarcastic smile. “…Now swallow it. ” I didn’t want to but when she started to massage my throat I couldn’t resists. I swallowed. It went down hard and there was still cum left in my mouth. “Swallow again” she insisted. I swallowed again and I wanted it to be over. Miss. Tailor smiled as she said “that a good boy, I think you learned your lesson. ” She smiled and unhooked the strap holding my head down. Miss. Tailor leaned in for a kiss, her tong swirled around in my mouth.

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   As if she was tasting my cum in my mouth. She broke the kiss off and said “Have a happy graduation. ”