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His mouth dried up. He tried to speak, gave up, and simply nodded. I leaned over and ran the beads along his leg, right up against his balls. He trembled. "Want to help me try them out? I wouldn't want to pay for something that doesn't really work, now would I?" The bulge in his pants was splitting the seams. He dropped his bag and took the string of balls into his shaking hands. I let go of my towel. His eyes devoured my tanned, muscular body, with tits big enough to get lost between them. He leaned me back on the table. His teeth hungrily bit at my nipples. Expertly, his fingers traveled down my body hitting every nerve ending. He dragged the cold balls through my snatch. The sensation lit a fire inside me. He pried open my pucker and slowly inserted each ball. There were ten. Lost in the mind blowing sensation of my asshole being ripped apart, my cunt dying to be fucked, I didn't notice when his clothes evaporated.

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   But, by the time he locked on and sucked my knob, my legs wrapped around bare skin. The wave built inside me. Pressure mounted. Any second. . . He stopped. My mailman didn't make good on the delivery. I sagged on the wooden table. He smiled. He was playing with me. "You want to come don't you pretty lady?" I nodded helplessly, caught up in an ache so demanding, I'd do anything to release it. "How badly does your pussy want me?" "Fuck me. Suck me. Do whatever you want.

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   Just let me come," I begged. My mailman gave a tiny tug on the string. One ball popped out of my twitching butt hole. I shuddered. He eyed me. Then, he closed in and blew hot air onto my clit. Another ball popped out. I couldn't take it. "Fuck me!" I screamed. He stood up and smiled down at me. Another ball popped out. I grabbed the sides of the table. "Please fuck me!" I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him in towards me, aiming his cock at my dripping cunt. "Just fuck me!" I pleaded. He yanked out another ball.

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   I closed my eyes and moaned. Without warning, he drove his long, rock hard cock into my soaking wet hole. That's all I needed to send me over the edge. As I screamed out, my mailman shot hot cum and yanked the rest of the balls out of my asshole. Everything inside my body blasted away. It was an orgasm like none I'd ever experienced. I paid for my package. I couldn't wait for the next one to arrive. Hopefully, my mailman would want to test it out with me as well. .