Bus Ride

Sex In Public

We’d been together for a long time, and we had found out a long time ago that we both liked dangerous sex. The fear of being caught got us excited. Today was no exception…
We were on the bus, it was completely full. She stood facing me near the rear exit. She had on her white skirt, my favorite one. I quickly glance around, and then look her full in the eyes, and there is an unspoken conversation. I keep one hand on the pole to steady myself, and I pinch her left nipple through her shirt with my free hand. She squirms, and I know she wants me to keep going. I drop my hand, and caress her knee. I move my hand slowly up the side of her leg inside the skirt, glancing around ever so often to make sure that nobody sees.
I get to her panty line, and I move my hand around the back. She moves her body against me, putting an arm around me. I squeeze her ass, and enjoy the feel of it in my hand, so smooth. I slip my hand underneath the underwear, and run a finger up her crack, causing her to shudder lightly against me. She repositions her legs, spreading them to give me access. I slide my hand out, and then back into her panties from the top.

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   I come into contact with her dripping slit, and I feel how bad she wants it. I tease her pussy, running my finger from bottom to top a few times really slowly. I insert one finger into her, and she sighs in my ear. I bury a second one with it and she whispers “Mmmm…yes…. ”
I pull my fingers out, and begin to pinch her clit between my first and middle fingers. I rub it between my fingers slowly at first, then speeding up bit by bit. I can’t go as fast as I’d like, or as fast as she’d like me to, because we’d be caught. She grinds against me in a very urgent way, and I know she is close. I remove a finger and just circle her love button with my index finger, quick tight circles. She moans softly in my ear, and I feel her legs start to shake. I know she is coming, and she opens her eyes, she knows I love to watch her eyes as she cums, I can see her orgasm so deep inside her that way. Her legs keep shaking for almost 2 minutes as she cums, and I keep massaging her clit mercilessly the whole time. She finally stops quivering, and I let up, and slowly pull my hand out of her panties. I bring my fingers to my mouth, and I suck the juices off my middle finger, as she watches. Then I offer her my index finger, and she licks her own juices off of it as well.

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   I kiss her deeply then, tasting her saliva mixed with all her other juices.
I ding the bell, and we get off the bus, and go home to continue playing…