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First off id like to say this is a account of a true story that happened to me, I hope u enjoy it. I was 15 years old and it had been a terribly hot summer, I was constantly horny and Day dreaming about all kinds of dirty sex. My mom and dad worked day shift and in the summer had to find a person to look after me ,i was allways geting in to some trouble and could never be trusted alone. My regular babysitter could not look after me this summer so mom and dad had me stay with a neighbor till we could find one. I kept telling mom that i diddnt need a babysiter i was 15 and could look after myself but they would have none of that,so i said ok. for character sake lets call my neighbor bob tho that wasnt his real name. Bob was pretty cool he was about 40 ish mom and dad knew him all their life and diddnt think twice to ask him specically since he would be doing it free. I never really knew what he did for a living but was home pretty much all day. Every day id basically go over and Play video games for hours untill mom or dad got home wich was about 4pm. I had such a fun time playin games at his house i talked mom into letting him be my perminent babysiter, they agreed to it. After a couple weeks i got pretty comfortable being their and was bored playing games all day so i began to snoop around a bit. he had a big entertainment center and a nice library of videos,i looked through them to see if their were any ones i liked. After several minuets of looking i found a section with the labels riped off so i grabed one and poped it in the VCR immediatly the most Graphic Lesbian triple X movie was on the screen,i instantly blushed and at the same time got a hard on ,I must have the most horrible luck tho cause bob walked in just as it started playing,I started punching all the VCR buttons trying to make it stop or eject. After hitting the right button i looked at bob and said sorry i diddnt meen to watch that , he told me no need to apologise to go on and watch it he diddnt care. I said are u sure its ok u wont tell mom or dad will u , Bob said hell no i wont tell and went to the VCR and hit the play button. Bob went and sat down in his recliner and i sat on the couch.

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  I could not believe i was seeing this the most beautiful pink pussys geting licked and fingerd. I tryed to hide my boner but it was impossible i know bob seen it, im pretty sure he had one to but i diddnt break my neck to look or anything. Well i had found my new pastime every day thats what we did was watch porn i loved it. A whole week went by and one day just like usual i went to his video collection and found a good one and poped it in. and just as allways bob came and sat down to watch, it was another lesbian movie (my fav kind) but this time was different,about 15 min into the movie i noticed Bob had his hand down his pants. I knew he was stroking his cock , i diddnt say anything but i would take a glance at him every now and then. I looked at bob and said those are the best pussys ive ever seen,he said yea they are and that he wished he had a pussy to fuck. I said yea that would be cool,i glanced over again and saw bob really stroking his cock. He noticed me glancing at him and Bob said U wanna see me beat my man cock dont ya as he smirked. I said umm . . . before i could get a yes or no out he unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick and started strokeing it with wide strokes. I diddnt know what to do but i just stared at his cock, he looked at me and spit in his hand and started to beat off again, his cock was glistining with spit and my heart was beating 1000 beats aminuet. I was turned on like crazy, bob then said dont be afraid take yours out and jack off with me.

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  My cock was super hard i pulled my sweat pants down a lil bit and pulled mine out and started to jack off . Bob said cool and notieced i was having probs keeping my sweat pants down told me to take em down to my knees so i Did. I kept stareing at bobs dick it looked so smooth and big it was the perfect cock. After 5 min of meat pounding bob looked at me and said can i ask u a question , i said sure ask, Bob replied u promise u wont tell your parents? i said theirs no way id tell , bob continued to stroke his Beautiful circumsized cock with wide strides for a min . Bob stood up and said can i Fuck u , I thought to myself shit what am i going to say. trying to think of something to say for a few seconds,again not giving me much time to think bob walks over to the couch im front of me , finally thinking of something to say i said No! i wouldnt like it up the butt im sure of it,Bob smiled and said Not that way silly theirs other ways to Fuck ,I said huh what other ways,Bob said,I want to fuck your mouth like a pussy. Bob was Standing in front of me Beating his meat just a couple feet away from my face, my dick was hard and i was lusting like crazy,I said well ok we can try it. Bob stoped jacking off and said well here i am Fuck me, i nibbled a lil bit on the end of his dick for a few min, bob said here i got a better idea follow me , he took me in his bedroom and told me to lay on the bed, i nodded and layed on the bed ,bob looked at me and said lay on your back not your stomach, embarrassed i turned over too my back. Bob looked down and said its time to see how good your pussymouth is. Bob then took off one leg of his jeans and began to get on the bed, u could tell he really wanted it badly his cock was hard and ready!He got on top of my chest and looked at me and said are u ready for your pussy to be fucked? i said yes , so he Guided his cock in my mouth ,going slow at first only putting the head in and out, he began to slowly pump my mouth , leting out with a oooh fuck yea every now and then. a couple minuets into the fuck fest he pulled his cock out and began to lick my mouth. He quickly got back in mount position and resumed to Fuck my face, after a few minuets of that Bob started saying stuff like ooo your pussy is soo warm and wet, fuck my cock like u want to fuck me o yea fuck my cock ,Fuck me like u want to fuck me he kept saying, i know its wierd but i was surpriseingly turned on,at this point he was really raming is cock deep in me,i looked up at him he was sweating and his eyes was closed really concentrating, i gaged a few times. Then he said ooo Fuck im cumming in your pussy ,im cumming in your pussy. at this point i reached up with my hands and grabed both his ass cheaks and forced him to fuck me hard and fast,he looks down at me and says Oooooooo Shiiiit ooo fuck yea OOOO FUCK yea , just as he was cumming he said DONT STOP , ooo FUCK DONT STOP, i could feel his warm cumm fill my mouth, their was nothing i could do but Swallow his load, he kept fucking my mouth pump after pump i could feel his last few remaining squirts of cumm in me. I swallowed it all bob looked down and said that was fucking great.

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  For me it was a great adventure one of the many we had that summer.  .