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After selecting the movie from the menu, we relaxed and watched the show. Every once in a while I glanced over at Dunc and noticed that he was sub-conciously stroking his hard member through his pants. That made me so god damn horny. I said "If you don't mind I'm gonna beat off, because I can't take this any longer. Without waiting for an answer I pulled out my cock and started stroking it. I have a good 6 1/2" on me. He looked at me in surprise, and he had a slight look in his eye. I told him to join me, and he refused saying that he didn't think he would be comfortable. I said "If you beat off with me I'll give you oral sex. " he laughed it off and I said "Dude, I'm serious. " and walked over to him and started rubbing him through his pants. He was shocked, I slid my hands to the elastic of his soccer shorts and pulled them down with his boxers. His dick popped right out. He had a 6" cock bouncing in my face. I grabbed it with my hand and then licked it from the bottom of the shaft to the head, and took it in my mouth. His head rolled back into the chair and he started moaning.

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   I bobbed my head and jacked him at the same time. He was moaning so loud I was sure my neighbors could hear him. After only three or four minutes he gasped "Phil, watch out IM CUMMING!!! AHHHHHHHHH" I just looked him in the eye and kept sucking. He shot load after sweet load of his man juice down my throat, and I swallowed it all. He looked down at me in shock, he finally said "Dude, are you gay?" and I replied "Nope, I'm Bi-sexual. " He said "I'm not gay, but that is the best orgasm I've ever had. " I kissed his cock and said "Think this bad boy is ready to ream my ass?" He looked at me surprised, and smiled "Sure, as long as I dont have to suck you off or anyhthing like that. " to which I replied "Don't worry about it. " I went upstairs and found some KY jelly where I found the porn. I went back down stairs and found him naked on the couch. I stripped and lay down on the sofa opposite him. "Come and get me, sexy. " I taunted. He came over, his cock swinging free, and grabbed the KY. He rubbed some on his prick, and then some on and into my asshole.

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   OOOh did that feel good! I pulled my legs up to my shoulders and braced myself, he eased his cock slowly into my hole. . . and after the head was in, he fucking plunged as hard as he could into my ass. "OOOOOOOOH" I moaned in pain or pleasure, I wasnt exactly sure but the emotion overwhelmed me. He pumped in and out. I kept moaning "Duncan! Duncan! FUCK ME HARDER, HARDER FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME. " and he never let me down. In one final triumphant thrust he came in my ass. "Ahhhh" he moaned and kissed me at the same time. I looked him in the eye and saw a michevious smile. He pulled out of me and started rimming my ass, drinking his cum out of me. He then came up and sucked my raging hard cock into his mouth. "I-I-I. " I began, stuttering in pleasure "thought you weren't gay.

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  " he replied "I wasn't, until I felt complete love when I came in your ass. " Hearing him say that made me cum so damn hard that he had to pull my cock out or risk drowning in my cum. His face looked so cute with my cum splattered on his face. I licked it off. He then took the KY and lubed up my cock. "What are you doing?" i asked. "Its your turn for a fuck. " he replied. YES!! MY FANTASY COME TRUE! I positiioned myself and slowly eased into him. He had me stop every inch or so, until i was completely in. He then said "RAVAGE ME, FUCK ME HARD! CUM IN MY ASSSSSSSSS!!!!" and i did, I pumped so hard and so fast into him that i heard my balls slap against him louder that most people can clap. I was fucking him for atleast 10 mintues when i screamed "HERE IT COMES, OOOOOOHHAAHHHHHHHH," and sent a torrid of cum up his rectum. He moand with me and shot his cum all over my and his belly. We were both exhausted and we collapsed next to each other on the couch. "I love you" i said, kissing him.

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   "I love you too. " he relpied, and we fell asleep on my couch. . . together. Tell me what you think of my first story. Be harsh!.
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