Mike And Rick's Experience


    Mike had just turned 17 years old when he had the best experience of his life. He was at baseball practice with 10 other guys. It was a sunny afternoon around 85 degrees.
    They had been practicing awhile and they all started to sweat. Mike was about 6'1" and weighed 173 pounds. Baseball was the only thing Mike ever did after school and he loved it because of the teams star pitcher Rick.
    Rick was also 17 years old. He was a little taller than Mike and weighed about 180 pounds. They had both been on the baseball team since their freshmen year and they knew everything about eachother.
    While they were at practice Mike saw Rick was sweating and he was completely turned on. He started to get a bulge in his pants and everyone noticed. Noone said anything until they got back into the locker room and they all started making fun of him. They called him gay and wouldnt leave him alone. Rick was the only one not picking on mike because secretly he was also gay.
    After awhile they left Mike alone and they all got into the shower. While they were in the shower Mike started looking at all their cocks.

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   He instantly got hard again and he didnt want anyone to notice. So he went into the back room where he thought he would be alone.
    When he went into the back room he saw Rick back there all alone jerking off. Rick was extremely embarassed and tried to cover up but there was nothing for him to cover up with. Mike told Rick it was ok and Mike asked if he could join in.  RIck didnt hesitate at all and told Mike ok.
    They were wacking off seperately at first until Rick asked Mike if they could do eachother. Mike of course said yes and Rick grabbed his cock. Mikes cock was about 9" and Ricks was around 10". After only a few minutes Mike came all over Rick. Rick licked it all up and told Mike it was his turn now.
    So Mike grabbed Ricks 10" shaved cock and started jerking him off. 10 minutes has passed and Rick still didnt cum. So Mike tried something else.
    Mike took Ricks cock into his mouth and started sucking his cock.

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   Rick started to moan and the other players on the team walked in. Mike and Rick didnt pay any attention to them at all and continued.
    The other guys on the team whipped out their own cocks and started to watch. Within 5 minutes the members of the team were all cumming all over eachother. RIck still hadnt cum.
    So Mike had one more idea. Mike took his cock and aimed it at Ricks ass. Rick was scared because he had never been butt fucked before. Mike started to stick his cock in Ricks ass and it didnt get far. Rick was already starting to cry from the pain. Mike kept pushing and finally got his 9" cock into Ricks tight virgin ass.
    Mike kept pushing in and out and Ric was moaning in pleasure. Rick finally came all over the room. The other players on the team immediately came over and licked up all the cum.
    Now every week at practice Mike fucks a different member on the team while the others watch.

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