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My wife was unhappy with our sex life, so much so she didn’t want to have sex, make love or even play around for weeks at a time.   She went to see a few doctors and then a shrink who suggested that she explore the wilder side of life.   She told my wife to think what would have her so hot that she would make love, and the next thing I know she is writing a personal ad on the computer, for a man, not for herself but me.
She took some pictures of me posing for her and sent them in, you see her one real fantast since we were kids was to see some guy fuck me and make me suck him, then have him hold me between her legs and eat her while he played with me, fucked or her.
We were both 40, she is a little overweight but still able to turn heads.   Sherrie is 5’3” 40-30-38, blonde wavy hair and blue eyes and a tanned body that screams for cream.   I am 5’9” 180 pounds, and an ex football player turned accountant exec.   I have short brown hair neat, no facial hair, tattoos or any scars.   Slightly feminine sometimes over the years, as she always loved to dress me up in her silky panties and then suck my five inch cock off.   She also for several weeks would slip a hormone in my mouth and tell it was a vitamin.   By the time she got the nerve to post an ad those things had started working.   My nipples were always sensitive now they were down right sexual tools.   Touching them got me hard, kissing them made me week and if you caressed them, well I would have sucked an elephant.
She had three responses the first day, but chose not to tell me until she found a man who was right for me.   Then she seduced me into going to meet him for a drink.   He was 53, 6’2” 190 pounds, firm body, slightly gray on the sides but black hair everywhere else and he had charm.

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    His name was Trevor and when he met us both, he asked her, “Are you planning on watching or would you prefer a video?”
His manner made you feel at ease and after the meeting we went home and talked, which led to me stripping naked and bending over the coffee table while she used her dildo to tease my ass.   When she had me so hot I went to the phone and called him back.
It was Friday night and he asked me if I could come over early the next morning to his house.   Well usually in the Spring I am on the links, but his request seemed nice enough, and after telling me not worry he would let me show how far I was willing to go, I said yes.   So we set it up for 7:00 am the next morning.
My wife woke us at 5:30 am that morning and showered, shaved and pampered me with lotion, cream and perfume not cologne.   She made me wear a pair of sexy sheer black panties and she painted my finger and toe nails with bright red, then did my eyes with blue shadow and sent me to him in a silk tank top and matching shorts that were purple.  
I drove to his house with heart beating a hundred miles a second and when I arrived at exactly 7:00 am he was waiting at the door with a smile and a bath towel only.   I walked through his yard and if anyone else was awake they saw me and what I looked like.   I entered his house and was instantly greeted with a warm hug and then a hot passionate kiss as he dropped his towel with the front door still opened wide.
My hand was guided towards his eight inch cock and when I touched it I sort of gasped and looked down.   He sensed that I was nervous and petted my shoulder and arm as he slipped his hand to touch my right nipple and then caress it ever so gently like only my wife knew about.
Instantly I was hard and panting madly as he smiled and continued playing with it.   My hand now holding his cock ever so softly began to slide easily up and then down.   With each caress of my nipple my desire to taste it grew until I fell to my knees and began to suck him with all the ability I had.

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I licked up and down the shaft and then sucked on the tip and head then repeated my adorning of his cock.   When I sucked on his balls, his hands began to glide through my hair and he spoke softly saying, “Suck me like that for just a few more minutes. ”
I was unaware that he had set up a camera and was recording everything I was doing to his cock and my strip tease as I sucked him off.   Soon I was bare ass naked with my clothes in the threshold of his front door, and when it opened it and kicked them out, I was glad.   Suddenly I began to taste his salty tangy flavors and as I did he groaned slightly then said, “Open your mouth and keep it wide open. ”
Suddenly I found myself splattered all over the face by his cum, and then I found myself licking, slurping and swallowing it and being fed what was on my by using his cock as a spoon.   His cum was swished into my mouth by his fingers as well and as I finished cleaning my face and his cock we heard applause from across the street as two men stood watching our performance.   He bowed to them then slowly shut the door and said, “You see you are going to be well thought of very soon.   Not only did you give a live performance to those men, but I have made it a direct feed on the internet as well.   Is there anything you wish to say to wife or those watching now?”
I looked up at the camera smiling and said, “I need you to fuck me. ”
He pulled me from the floor and kissed me right on the mouth and I kissed back as his hands played with my nipples and made my cock tingle like mad.   Then in a matter of seconds he had me in his arms as his hand slowly worked over my cock and balls and while doing he whispered in my ear, “If you let me fuck you, then that makes you my bitch.   Are you sure you want to be my bitch?”
“Yes,” I replied.   Then he whispered again, “Than say it loudly. ”  So I looked at the camera just as he was bringing my cock to a climax of its own and yelled, “I want to be your bitch.

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    I need to be your bitch.   Please keep as your bitch and you or anyone else can fuck my wife. ”
With that I exploded and he caught most of it on his hand and fed it to me, which I gladly slurped off and swallowed.   Then he smiled and led me to the floor, and there placing me on my back, he said, “Now my bitch is about to enjoy his first cock up his ass. ”
He slid inside me with a mighty thrust and I yelped out for the camera, “I love it.   I want it. ”
He sent his cock up me several more times before I actually did really like it, but when I did you could see it on my face and the hear in my begging for a harder fucking.   That’s when he went crazy and very soon I was being driven wild by his pulsing climax in my bowels.   Then he pulled me from the floor spun my as around bent me over for the camera and said, “This is some great ass guys.   You should write his wife an email now and ask for a piece. A-1 Grade A and absolutely tight as a drum. ”
By the time he finished with me on camera, I was his.   He washed in the bath tub after that then brought me a pair of pink shorts he bought for me and white pair of flip flops.   Then he dried me off, dressed me up and took me home to fuck my wife.  
When we got there he didn’t knock but used my house key.

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    She was upstairs alone watching the video feed again, and playing with her chubby hole as he walked in with me in his arms and announced; “Now it’s your turn bitch!”
Taking her by her long red gown, he yanked her from her seat upwards then he stripped her completely and held her naked body as he kissed her mouth, and I sat on my knees caressing his ass and undressing him for her.   Soon his cock exposed was being moistened by her as I watched, and then I began to fondle her nipples from behind as I coached her to suck him better.   She did well enough allowing his cock to fill her mouth which I cleaned for her after he was clean.   She swished it to me and I calmly drank it from her until he ordered me to fuck her mouth.   So I stood up and stuck my cock in her mouth and as she looked up at me I face fucked her.   She was surprised at how well I did it.   Then with my cum rising he yanked me off and had me blast her tits.   I was then allowed to suck them and clean them while they kissed.   She was excited enough by this time, and when made me suck him hard, I gladly obeyed.   She watched and I saw her twitching and sighing and then heard her cum.
She was already working on a second wave when he drove in her and fucked like the bitch she is.   He was ruthless with his pounding of her making fly every which way while he did her.   She came on his cock at least twice, maybe more.   Then she begged for him to cum in her and he did.   As she watched me clean out his cum from her pussy she asked him, “Which one do you like most?”
“Your bitch husband of course.

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    He’s mine now.   I am his owner and master.   If you want to enjoy him you have to pay me for it.   If not, I’m sure some women will do you for free,” as he smacked her face and pulled her hair.
She smiled at him and said, “Then take him with you.   Fuck him for me on the net tonight and every night so I can cum and you can keep him. ”

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