I never knew I was...


One spring afternoon, my roomate, Cheryl, had invited some people over for dinner. One was her hairdresser.   An attractive man in his early thirties and obviously gay.  We ate and the bottles of wine never stopped. As the night started to dwindle, we cleaned up and Cheryl went to bed. The only person left was Darryl the hairdresser.
We sat and talked over another bottle of wine.   He asked me "Do you have a large cock?" "MMM. . . I think it about average. " I said. "I think it is a little bigger than that" he said. "Why do ask? I said. "I just wanted to see if the myth was true. " He said.

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   "What myth" I said.   "Large feet large cock" He said. I wore size twelve shoes.   "May I see it?" he asked. I thought to myself what the hell, why not. I whipped it out and he said "I see it is true" "It's a little soft maybe I can see its full size" He reached over and started rubbing my cock. I loved it. He wrapped his hand around it and started stroking it. It was the best hand job I ever had.   He moved closer.  He kissed my lips. Our tounges touched. His hot breath was on my neck. then my chest. Slowly he moved down onto my cock.

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   Hard and throbbing he licked it like a flesh colored popcicle.   He slowly slipped my pants off and laid me back on the couch. He bent my knees and spread my legs. Again he went down to my now throbbing cock. He teased my asshole with his tounge, sucked my balls and ran his tounge up my rock hard shaft.   He stroked my cock and wispered in my ear, "Do you want to try?" I knodded. He leaned back on the couch unzipped his pants and exposed his rock hard love rocket.   We kissed long and hot. I kissed his chest and moved down to he awaiting giant, hard cock.   I liked and teased his cock, tounged his balls and slid my finger across his asshole. He moaned "Are you sure you havn't done this before?" At that point I put his cock in my mouth.  I was so excited I thought I would cum just sucking him off. I knew he was close so I stopped. When I got down on the floor on all fours and he knew what I wanted. "I have no lube" he said.

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   I told him to make me cum and he could use that. He reached underneath me and strocked my cock as he ate my asshole. Soon I came in his hand.  Gobs and Gobs of cum went into his cupped hand.   He took my cum and lubed my waiting ass. One finger, two fingers, Three fingers, I moaned.   He spread my cum on his cock and pushed against my asshold.  Working it in I pushed against the head of his cock as it slid all the way in.  "Harder, faster" I moaned.  He did until he exploded inside of me. We layed on the floor holding each other and I said " I never knew I was interested in gay sex until. . . I met you. "  

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