Fridays just got better 1


Fridays after I finished work early I usually went into the city for a look around and a few beers before walking out to my wifes office for our drive home together. This particular Friday I was taken short and the nearest toilet was the one in the Rundle St car park.
I went in the centre cubicle and dropped my pants, glancing round I noticed the usual graffiti, so and so gives good head,my wife fucks anybody etc. There was also a couple of small holes in the wall, not exactly glory holes though. I glanced through both cubicles were empty so I got down to doing what I went in for. I had just about finished when the cubicle door on my left opened, someone came in and dropped his pants. I wiped myself with paper and was about to leave but a glanced through the hole I saw my neighbour was rubbing his cock. I took a better look, it was one of those beautifully shaped cocks, long, thick, the veins causing a marble effect, the glans was a light purple and it curved slightly along its entire length, in truth a magnificent specimen. Now I'm not gay just bi, but looking at that cock I just had to feel it. With just looking through the hole my own cock had grown to its throbbing best and I was stroking it, an eye appeared at the hole and I moved slightly to give a better view. Just then the lights went out leaving us in total darkness, 'bloody great' I thought 'no more looking at that gorgeous cock. I sat for another minute hoping the lights would come back on, no such luck, infact my neighbour appeared to have thought it was a pointless exercise because I heard the door next door open and close then light from the outside door flooded in as he left. Totally pissed off I pulled up my own trousers and followed him out.
I walked out on to Rundle Street my eyes still getting used to the summer sun.
"Hi black in there wasn't it"
I glanced round, a guy about thirty years old with long black hair and startling blue eyes was standing next to me smiling.
"Err, yes sure was couldn't see a bloody thing", startling dialogue I can come up with at times.

agencies, agency 

"Are you interested in seeing a bit more than you did in there, if you are interested I live near by".
Well I had to admit I was interested and we walked off together, turning into Hutt Street we headed in the general direction of my wifes office. At the time I was hoping that I would not see anyone that worked with my wife. Before we got that far he stopped at the gate of a town house, turning he asked if I was coming in, a seconds thought and I was through the gate in a secluded courtyard. In the house he turned to me and pushed himself against me his arms going round my neck he kissed me full on the lips. As I said I'm not gay and kissing a guy isn't my thing, he seemed to sense it, instead he dropped his hands to my belt and began undressing me. I returned the favour after all, I wanted to see and touch that that magnificent shaft. His cock bobbed free of his underpants as I pulled them down, I dropped to my knees to get a better view of it, almost hypnotised by the sight I couldn't help myself I took the head in my mouth. It felt magnificent hard but soft a slight salty taste and musky smell came from it, my toungue circled the glans and probed the slit precum started to flow and I lapped it off. I felt hands on me encouraging me to stand.
"Come up stairs its more comfortable"
Reluctently I stood and followed him admiring his tight arse and muscled back. Upstairs he laid back on his bed where I joined him once again my mouth engulfed his cock, at least now he could work on my cock at the same time