Boy's First Time- Chapter 2


So i got some good feed back on the first story, and the first story is now re-eddited because i wrote it on my cell phone on a road trip, and had it spaced and in paragraphs but i guess it didn't save it how i wrote it exactly, but it's been eddited and is now in the " re-approval" process i guess. . Anyway, on with part 2.
It's now Saturday morning, I thought lastnight had to have been a dream, I laid there and wondered about it, and replayed what seem like a dream over in my head.
Then I realized, Justin is still laying on my back, His arms still wrapping me, and his dick still in me.  
Wow, i thought to myself. This is really real.
Trying not to wake him after what had to have been a very tiring performance last night,I tried to ease my way out from under him to go to the bathroom.
"Morning baby" He said as he awoke.
" Morning Daddy" I said as i was putting my shorts on.
" Lastnight was fucking awesome, I've never had any that good in my life. EVER!" He says while putting his shorts on too.
" Hell yeah it was. Even though I can hardly walk, or sit for that matter, the pain was sure as hell worth it" I said with a laugh
" You think you're hurting? My dick is so sore man, I've jacked off for hours watching porn and it's never been this sore. I must have really gave it to you, huh?" He said with a shit-eating grin
" You sure as hell did, Wore yourself out in the process too. I've never sweated that much, or seen anyone sweat as much as we did lastnight.

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  It felt like raindrops hitting my back when you were fucking me" I said while looking through the sheets trying to find my shirt
" Haha, yeah, We're still a little moist from the sweat too" He said while looking at me getting dressed.
" Want anything to drink, or anything? I'm going to the bathroom so i can get you something while im out if you want" I asked
 " Sure baby, I'll have whatever you're getting" He said with a grin
" K daddy, be back in a few" I said as i was walking to the door
" Hurry back" He said, While delivering a nice slap to my ass as i walked to the door from the bed side.
 " Here's your drink Daddy, I know it's Your fave, Sweet tea with lots of ice and extra sugar" I said while handing him the glass
" Damnit baby, You've been my B/F for less than a day and already doing sweet things like that" He said while kissing me 
" I know. But since we are B/F and B/F or whatever it is now, I figured I shouldn't wait to start acting like it. Hell, you were calling Baby 3 minutes into our relationship" I said with a laugh as i rubbed his chest
" Yeah, that's true. So, how are you liking our relationship so far" He asked
" It's great, I just wish every night could be like last night, And every morning could be like this morning" I said while starting to blush
" Who says it couldn't be baby?" He replied
" Well, You only stay here on the weekends" I replied
" Yeah, but we could figure out something for the night part" He said confidently
" Yeah, I'm sure we could" I replied
" It's awful quiet down stairs, where are your parents?" He asked
" No clue really, There was a note on the table saying they were gone out for the day, Probably shopping or whatever, you know how my mom is. Has to re-decorate the house every week" I said with a laugh
" Haha yeah, that re-decorating stuff of her's is starting to rub off on my momma too" He said with a laugh.
" Did you not bring another outfit with you?" I asked
" Naw, Mom was rushing me to get ready last night so i just wore what i had on and brought the PS3 stuff" He replied while smelling his clothes
" Stinks like sweat" He said after smelling his shirt
" Well, I am your Girlfriend Boyfriend, let me have those clothes and I'll wahs them for you" I said 
" Aw baby really? Thats so sweet of you!" He said with a smile
" Hey, isnt it my duty to take care of my man?" I replied back
" Well, if thats the case, I am kind of hungry too" He replied with a grin.
" Ok well give me those clothes, and I will throw them in the wash and go make some food" I said.
Walking to the garage with my Man's clothes, I thought to myself, So this is how it's like to have a man. I love it!. I dont think I could ever go back to being with Girls. Not after the awesome sex he gave me, and how sweet he is to me. Not to mention the fact that no one has ever made me as horny as him, just by looking at him. And when he touches me, I feel like i could orgasm just by his touch, no matter where on my body he touches me.


I throw his clothes into the washer, making sure to use the " Good" detergent and softner. As i remember his mother saying something about the cheaper brands make his skin dry and what not. Aren't I a sweet person? 
Walking into the kitchen, I look into the Fridge, What could i cook for my man? I asked myself. Hmm. . . It is about Noon, so I guess I will just make him something for Lunch.  
My parent's don't really keep the Fridge stocked too good, as they are always at work, and eat out, and just leave me money to eat out as well. Looking at the counter I noticed 40 dollars with another note attached " Son, this is for lunch and dinner, we may not be back untill late tonight"
Hmm, I said to myself. I know my boy loves pizza hut Deep-dish with extra pineapple. So I will just order him that.
I place the order for the pizza and continue on with house chores. I was in the Garage, putting his clothes into the dryer when the door bell rang.
" Hey Justin! Get the door! And put some clothes on!" I yelled out
" Okay, just a second, I'm gonna have to wear something of yours!" He yelled back
" Thats fine, just get the door, money is on the bar" I replied
Minutes later Justin walks back into the kitchen with the pizza
" Damn baby, You've really racked up the bonus points with all the sweet things you do for me!" He said with a grin
" Well thanks daddy, They may do me some good one day" I said with a laugh
Justin grabs him a plate, a piece or 2 of pizza and goes and sits in the living room,watching re- runs of his favorite show while eating.
While getting myself a plate, I look into the living room at him.

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   Damn! I said to myself. Look at that Sexy motherfucker! I started feeling aroused and for the life of me could not get it to quit, even to eat.
I walk into the living room and have a seat next to him, noticing that he has removed his shirt, and is now eating in nothing but a pair of Boxer underwear. Totally fucking sexy.
He looks over at me, with the same look as last night before he literally raped me with my consent. I started to quiver as I looked back at him.
We finished eating minutes later, noticing how much a mess he made,
" Daddy you've done made a damn mess with that pizza sauce" I said, while wiping him off
" Yeah, But that's what I've got you for, My very own Wife" He said with a laugh
" pshhh" I said with a laugh while hitting him on the arm
" So, you're clothes are in the dryer now, should be done in a few minutes, But I think you need a bath before you go putting on clean clothes, Don't you think" I asked
" Yeah, it probably wouldn't hurt" He replied
I went into the bathroom and started the shower. We have a nice big stand up shower stall in our home,Could easily fit 10 people in there. I have no idea why my parents installed this downstairs just for me, as they had their own in their Master bed room.  
I got the water the right temp, and started the shower up. Walking back into the living room, I walked up to him, grabbing him gently by the crotch.
" Come here dirty boy" I said with a sexy grin
" Oh yes mam" He replied with a grin
Leading him into the bathroom, i shut and locked the door, just in case, you never know.  
I got on my knees in front of him, and ever so slowly pulled his underwear to his ankles  and tossed them into the hamper.
Standing up, I again gently grabbed his cock and tugged him into the shower.
Standing under the main shower head, I made sure to soak this dirty boy down.

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   He reached for the soap,
" Oh no no" I said 
" I'll wash you for you, just relax and let me go" I said softly
" Sure thing baby" He said with a relieving sigh as my hands ran across his body
Grabbing the shampoo, and gently scrubbing into his hair, making sure not to let any of it into his eyes, i softly passionately washed his hair.
I then grab the soap, and start to lather up a wash cloth.
" You done this before?" He asked with a grin
" Nope, but I damn sure have fantasized about it a lot" I said softly
Gently washing his chest, moving to his arms and under arms, and down his tummy to his cock, washing his cock ever so gently yet thoroughly as well as his huge balls. I continue down his legs.
" Turn around daddy" I softly whisper
I now start gently washing his neck and back, moving down to his ass, making sure to wash everything really good.  
Rinsing his hair, and body, paying special attention to his wonderful Dick which had gave me the ride of a lifetime last night, I stand up and give him a deep kiss
 " All done. Squeaky clean" I say with a laugh
" Now, go lay on the couch and I'll be out in a few minutes, ok?" I said.
Standing in the shower, Quickly yet thoroughly washing myself, I thought to myself how Hot,Sexy and Passionate it was to wash his body while he stood there enjoying every second of it. I began to get aroused once again.
Stepping out of the shower, quickly drying off, i put on some deodorant and walk into the living with the deodorant.
" Arms up" I say, while applying deodorant to his arm pits
" Damn baby, this is awesome"  He said with a surprised tone
" How's that cock? Still sore?" I asked
" No it's okay now. That hot shower really helped it, and my whole body out" He said with a laugh
With my hands resting on his big muscular thighs, almost touching his balls, I look up at him, into his gorgeous eyes and i can tell what he wants.
Without a word being said, I gently stroke his soft cock, slowly reviving it to its entire 9 inch erect state, while not forgetting his balls either, I gently massage them while stroking his now fully erect cock. God, it felt so wonderful in my hand, His giant balls filled my other hand.
" Ahh,ughhhh" He moaned with relief
" You like that, Daddy?" I asked in a sexy low tone
" You know I do baby" He replied while yet again moaning
I continue stroking his monster cock, feeling it get harder and harder in my hands.

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   Running my hands up and down his muscular legs,chest and arms.
I kneel down beside him on the floor, and begin licking him. From his lower legs to chest, missing his cock and balls just to tease him. I return to his crotch, and immediately take all of his cock i can fit into my mouth, returning to the same way i had gotten him off the night before, Sucking the head of his cock very hard while jacking him off.
Within minutes i heard " Baby, ohhhh baby, I'm gonna cum, ughhh" 
I kept going, sucking harder, stroking faster. Anticipating another load of cum like last time, I prepared for it, I could feel his big balls tighten up in my hands and I knew he wasn't far from the edge.
" I'm fuckin cummin! God damn! Ohhh fuck yeahhh baby!!!! God please dont stop!!!!" He yelled
Continuing on, I feel his balls tightening up even more, his whole body tensing up. . I could taste his cum, pre-cum leaking like a faucet.  
Spurt after spurt, his hot and thick load shot down my throat, This time, I was prepared, and didn't lose a single drop.
On my knee's looking up at him, mouth still closed as if I were holding his cum, He looks at me and says,
" Damn boy, did you swallow it all? That was a shit ton! It felt like twice as much as last night!" He said in a loud tone
" All gone daddy, See, AHHH" I said while opening my mouth wide to show him I had swallowed every single drop of what seemed like a Gallon of his hot thick sticky cum.
" What a good little whore you are, I love you baby" He said
" I love you too" I said while kissing his cock
" And i love you too" I said while kissing him deeply
" Now, let's get dressed and walk down to the mall for awhile, maybe venture into some sexual acts there too, I've always wanted to mess around in a bathroom stall" I said with excitement
" Yeah, we could give it a shot, just got to be careful ya know?" He replied
That's all for now. Let me know how you liked part 2. comments please!