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This incredible story just happened to me a week ago. I'm 45,with 2 kids,and have been married for 23years. I'm still considered attractive,at 6'3",220pounds,strong,and I'm proud of my 7. 5inch cock.
My wife doesn't like sex much anymore,so I find other ways to get off. I surf the net,pornos,mags,whatever it takes,I'll jack off at least 5 times a week. I love getting off,as it feels good. Well today when I got home from work,around noon,I decided to go for a swim. As I was in the pool, my neighbors daughter,Amanda,who is a truly,hot 15 year old,at 5'0",90 pounds,brown hair,perky tits,and a  perfect,tight butt,(My favorite),was in her backyard ,tanning. I looked at her for a few minutes,thinking of how nice it would be to fuck her,while stroking my cock. Knowing she was to young,I jumped back into the pool,to get off in there. She then yelled out:"Hey Mr. M,can I come swimming with you,its a hot day?"
Thinking dirty thoughts,I answered:"Of course you can. " Now her parents and I are friends,and she has been over many times to swim before,but always with others around. My cock started to get a little hard. She came over in about 10 minutes,in a hot,white ,thong bikini.

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   I about shot my load when I saw her! The outline of her perky breasts,that soft skin,and when she turned around to set her towel down,that great ass,that I've jacked off to so many times,was pointing right at me. She jumped into the pool,swam to me,and gave me a hug,as she always has. She said:"Thank you for letting me come over. " I said:"Anytime,you know that. With her bikini now wet,I saw the outline of those dark,aeroulas,and her nipples that were now getting a little hard. She said her school had a holiday today,so she was home by herself until,her parents got home. I made small talk with her about school,her sports ,her friends,while my cock was slowly starting to grow. She said everything was normal,nothing new. As she swam around the pool,the great ass sticking up in the air,I knew I couldn't take much more of looking at this beautiful girl,without blowing my load. All of a sudden,she started splashing me,and getting playful,so I returned the splashing. In minutes,with water flying everywhere,I grabbed her from behind,to make her stop. This made my cock get harder,as I pushed on those tight cheeks. She was laughing as I grinded harder into them,which now made my cock rock hard. She then turned to face me and said:"I know its wrong,but can I kiss you?"I said:"We can get in trouble,you know. "In a second,our lips met,and we kissed.

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   It was so nice. Her soft lips,her tongue in my mouth,and my hard cock,sticking in between us,as I grabbed her perfect ass. She then looked up and said:"I'm really horny,can we do something?"
I told her I would do anything to please her,and she would enjoy it. " She said:"I'm a virgin you know,but I like to play with my pussy alot,and I make myself come,too. " I told her:"Thats good,I do the same thing. " She asked:""You masturbate,how come,your married?"I said:"My wife doesn't like sex much anymore,thats why,and I've masturbated thinking of you and your hot ass,many times. " She looked at me and said:"Wow,thats hot!" You really think I'm hot?"  I said:"You are so beautiful,and you have a fantastic body,anybody who's with you,will be a lucky guy. " As we kissed again,she took off her bikini. Those perky tits were now begging me to suck them. I raised her onto the pool deck,her young,shaved pussy,staring at me. My shorts came off,my cock fuly erect. I began to suck those hard nipples,and feel how firm they were. In minutes she was begging me to eat her pussy,since she never had it done before. I told her:"You'll like this,I'm very good at it. " I attacked that virgin pussy,like a wild animal! It was unbelievable.

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  !So tight,yet soft lips,and in minutes she began to grind her pussy,hard on my face. She was now getting really wet,when she began to scream:"I"m coming. . I'm coming. . . oh my god,it feels good. " I ate it harder and faster. She then grabbed my face,and forced her pussy onto my mouth,then exploded! She was screaming:"Yes. . . Yes. . . I love it!!.

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   As I stuck my head up,she said:"My god that felt so good. " I climbed out of the pool,my raging hard on sticking straight out,and without a word being said,she opened her young mouth. I put it in slowly. She began to give me a blowjob like a pro. It was incredible. The way she licked and sucked,and stroked it,I couldn't believe it.
I knew I wouldn't last long,when she pulled it out,and said:"Would you please fuck me?"I really want you too. "I told her :"Yes,more than anything,I'll be careful. " She said she was on the pill. so we'd be fine. I slowly eased down to that pussy. Cock in hand,I tried to enter her. I had to push hard to get into that virgin love box. She screamed in pain at first,but in  seconds,we began to get in time with each other.  I've never fucked a virgin in my life,but my god,I couldn't believe how tight.

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   Every inch I put in her,was like in a vise grip! She was screaming :"IT feels so fucking good. . . I love your big cock. . . fuck my little pussy. . . please don't stop!!!"In only a few more minutes,,she said she was coming again. She said:"I'm coming . . . I'm coming Mr. M!.

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  . . hearing that,and sucking those nipples,and forcing that tight ass onto my cock,I said:"Here it comes baby!! She tightened her legs around me,and I went off like an explosion! I don't ever remember coming like that in my life. We kissed until I was ready to pull out,and as I did,she said:"That was perfect! I always wanted my first time to be good,and it was,thank you so much. " As I stood up, my cock dripping with come,and her juices,she put it back in her mouth,and sucked me dry! Wow!! I told her:" you are unreal!"but,soon as I catch my breath,can I fuck your tight little ass?" I've wanted it for so long. Without hesitating,she kissed me and said:"I'll do whatever you want,and I know you want my ass,so yes,you can. " I've died and gone to heaven,I thought! That story,about doing her ass will come next