to fuck a thief


Note: This story is completely fictional and never really happened.
Kevin Henson was a normal sixteen year old male who jacked off once a week and studied hard and passed his classes. He was single with no girlfriend to speak of, but knew the town's local prostitute very intamately.
He had just finished a movie with his friends and laid on his bed to masturbate that night when he heard something, the key to the kitchen door ratling. He completley forgot he was naked and went to look out the window.
He saw three girls in nothing but panties and bras encouraging a fourth to break into my front door. he snuck down to the hall next to the foyer and waited behind a chair she walked in and closed the door. she walked towards his bedroom and locked the door she entered through. She talked into a cell phone telling her friends to go on home with out her.
When she got to his room he walked in and grabed her from behind. covering her mouth so she would not scream. He held her this way and waited until she calmed down. He explained to her that he wouldent call the cops as long as she did what she was told. She noded and he let go of her. He looked at her an saw that her pussy was tight and begining to get wet as he stared through her panties.
Her tits were very small about the size of baseballs and her nipples were hard.

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"What should I do with you, you little thief?" she just stared at him.
"I think i will fuck you since you came in during my horny time. " with that, he told her to strip her panties, she bit her lip and slowley pulled her panties down showin her bald wet cunt.
He knelt her down and told her to suck him off. She obviously was not new to this because whe imediatly began slowly sucking his cock and teasng it like a pro. He came quickly, the cum pouring down her throat. He picked her up an laid her on the bed and began to knead the head of his cock in  out a few inches of her pussy,
Then he began to fuck her, in in out deeper and deeper until he met her hymen, he pulled back and pumped hard, taking her virginity he began moaning and pumping juices out through her pussy screaming for him to fuck her harder and harder. It was then that they orgasmed together, he told her to get dressed again and to call her friends over, but not to say anything or he would fuck her again. But that is a different story.