My First Time Was Prom Night...


Topic: My First Time Was Prom Night. . .  Chapter 1-The planning stages
'Hey Tom, wait up!' I ran to meet my boyfriend Tom in the corridor at the end of the school day. Tom is gorgeous, a football player with short black hair and green eyes. He's 19, 6'2'', not too muscly, just toned and strong. I'm Grace. I'm 16 years old, with long wavy brown hair, and i also have green eyes. I weigh 120 pounds, and i am 5'6'', with long legs and size 32C breasts. Tom is my first serious boyfriend, i've had a few others but all we did was make out, i want Tom to be the first guy inside of me. And i want him tonight.
'Hey gorgeous,' Tom said when he saw me 'You look hot!' He commented on my cheerleader outfit, a tight fitting red and white top, and a white skirt that barely skimmed my toned ass.
'Thanks,' i replied, grinning naughtily 'Are you looking forward to the prom tonight?'
'You bet! My parents are out of town at the moment, so i can get home as late as i want!' Tom smirked.
'Awesome! So, i'll see you at seven!' I kissed Tom quickly on the cheek and ran away down the corridor, aware that he was watching my skirt swinging almost high enough that he could see that i wasn't wearing any panties. I smiled as i ran to cheerleader practice, knowing how lucky it was that his parents had chosen tonight to go away.
Chapter 2-Preparations
I climbed out of the shower and patted myself dry with a towel, then slipped on the black bra and thong, hoping Tom would enjoy them later on.

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   I wandered into my room and sat down at my dressing table, carefully applying my make up. As i did so, i thought about tonight and wondered how long Tom had been hoping for me to do this, we've been together for 7 months now but i haven't felt ready to go any further than giving Tom blowjobs and handjobs, and letting him finger me. I finished my make up and hair and stood up, checking myself out in the full length mirror. I like my body, i'm toned but not muscular, with round ass cheeks that the thong showed off beautifully, and lean, brown legs that my high black heels will compliment to perfection. I pulled up my stockings, deciding on the spur of the moment to give Tom another treat. I clipped them onto the suspenders and then let my dress slip over my head, smiling and loving how much it emphasised my perfect C cups.
Downstairs, the doorbell rang. My mom opened it, and i heard her invite Tom in. I heard her retreat into the kitchen, and decided now was the moment to come down. As i walked down the stairs, Tom turned and saw me, his eyes grazing over my body three times.
'You look beautiful' He whispered as i reached him.
I smiled. 'You're not looking so bad yourself' i replied, glancing over his simple black tuxedo. I went into the kitchen to say goodnight to my mom, and tell her that i was going to be sleeping at a friend's house tonight, and that my stuff was already there. She agreed, and with that i left.

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Chapter 3-The after party
Prom was a blur, all i could think about was what came after. I danced with Tom, letting his hands graze my breats and mine occasionally brushing over his cock. It paid off; when we came to the final slow dance i could feel his rock hard tool pressing against me, and started to get wet thinking about him being inside of me. The dance finished and we went outside. He was about to call a cab to take me home, when i stretched up and kissed him like i never had before.
'Come on, your mom will be expecting you back' Tom said after pulling away reluctantly.
'Actually,' i said, biting my lip. 'She thinks i'm staying at a friends house tonight' I looked up at Tom, raising an eyebrow. His eyes widened, and i knew he knew i was ready. We got into the same cab, kissing passionately on the way back to his house, his hand occasionally snaking up my dress. We got out of the cab, and he lead me through the house to his bedroom, still kissing me. I unbuttoned his shirt with one hand, the other rubbing his cock as hard as i could. His hands found the zip on the back on my dress, and he unzipped it and pulled it off in one motion, gasping when he saw my stockings and black underwear. I kissed him again, and as i did so i unzipped his pants and pulled them down, and he stepped out of them for me, his shoes and socks already off. Tom then pushed me gently onto his bed, and leant over me in his boxers.

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   His fingers found my thong, and he slid it down over my legs, smiling as he saw my bare pussy. He knelt in front of me, and began licking me out. I writhed in pleasure, quickly reaching the egde of orgasm, but he felt my body tighten, and pulled away, instead taking my bra off and squeezing my nipples gently. I decided it was his turn, and instructed him to stand up so that i could give his 9 inch cock the best blowjob he'd ever have.
Chapter 4-The big event
When we had both finished teasing each other, we were both on the edge of orgasm, at the point of no return. He lay me on his bed again and looked deep into my eyes.
'Are you sure about this, Grace?' he whispered.
I nodded, i'd never been more sure of anything in my life. I made to take off my stockings and heels but he caught me, whispering 'Leave them on for now. . . '
Tom climbed on top of me, positioning his cock above my pussy. As he slid into me i let out a moan, i'd never felt anything so amazing in all my life. He started thrusting in and out of me slowly at first, then he picked up speed and was soon banging me as hard as he could. He slowed down a bit, then picked up the pace until finally we climaxed together.

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   He fell on top and me kissed me, murmuring about protection. I whispered in his ear that i was on the pill and had been waiting for this moment for weeks. We kissed again and climbed into bed properly, falling asleep in each other's arms.