I Don't Wanna Be Friends PART 2


"So what's goin' on boy?" Stephanie said as she broke into Brandon's room.
"Ah you know, just livin life, boring old life," Brandon replied as they shared a laugh. They both sat down on the loveseat in Brandon's room, and set all the papers down in front of them. "Gee, I'm surprised my mom didn't say anything about you comin straight to my room, but she has been acting a little weird around me lately. "
"Yeah. . Brandon, about last night. I just wanna say that. . "
"Steph, listen. . " Brandon said, cutting her off. I'm sorry that I came onto you like that. I just thought it was time to take the next step. "
"Well ya see, that's what I wanted to tell you," she replied, leaving a puzzled look on Brandon's face. "I was waiting for you to do that.

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   It just kinda shocked me that you did it while I was sleeping. " Brandon just continued to look at her with a puzzled look. "So are we gonna do this project or not?"
"Ye. . . Yeah" Brandon finally mustered out.
After about a half an hour of them working, they stopped to get some food.
"What kind of food you want Stephie?" Brandon asked as she followed him into the kitchen.
"I'm not that hungry. "
"Oh. . so your gonna play that card on me, huh? Here I've got a bag of chips, we can share it. " Stephanie just smiled and giggled a little as they headed back upstairs.
When they got back to his room, she was very quiet, and only ate a few chips, as they finished their project.  "Alright, what the hell is wrong with you?" Brandon said with a little demand.

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   "Why are you acting like this Steph? Normally I can't get you to keep your mouth shut," he said with a chuckle.
"Okay, Brandon, listen to me" Stephanie started. "Last night, I'm glad you kissed me, but I wanted more. I came into your house, late last night, and told your mom that you forgot something, so I wanted to drop it off. I came up here, and you were sleeping. " Brandon thought about the night before, the change of clothes, the sex dream, the panties on the floor. "I can't believe I'm telling you this, but I drugged you. . . I didn't want you to find out. That's why you were sick this morning (which Brandon told her about earlier). I did it. . I DID it!! I had sex with you. " Her cheeks turned bright red.

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   "Did you find these?" She pulled out the panties. Brandon was almost in shock.
"I. . . I. . had a. . I had a dream. . . last night. You were there, and it was dark, and you were on top of me. Maybe since I dreamed that, I knew it was going to reall.

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  . " He stopped mid-sentence, and turned to look Stephanie straight in her beautiful brown eyes. "That was IT!! It really did happen!"
"Well I'm glad I told you. And Brandon, I'm ready to be more than just friends. " She started explaining why and how she wanted it to happen.
In the middle of her sentence, he put his hand over her mouth, and started to slowly make out with her. After a long, passionate kiss, he pulled her closer, looked her in the eyes, and said, "Let's both enjoy it this time. "
They began to make out again, as he pulled her on top of him, and, still kissing, carried her to his bed. Tehy laid down together, and she started to grind her hips against his as they made out. She then slowly lowered herself, and removed his shorts, boxers, and shirt from his fit, athletic body. Before Brandon could sit up, Stephanie already had her clothes off of her. When he signaled her to put her mouth to his genitals, she nodded her head. There was no foreplay on this day. She mounted him, and moved up to rub his throbbing, seven inch cock against her tight wet pussy.
As she lowered herself, inserting his member into her, Brandon pushed upward, causing Stephanie to moan loudly.

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   They both looked at each other, and started pumping and thrusting, grinding against each other rapidly. Stephanie bounced up and down, with her medium-sized hooters bouncing with each thrust. They moved around to a few different positions, but Brandon was becoming very disoriented, and almost passed out, still from the sickness he was feeling before.  Because of this, after about ten minutes, he unexpectedly busted his enormous load inside of her. She knew it, he knew it, and they didn't like it.
They quickly seperated, and as if nothing happened, Stephanie lowered to her knees, and cleaned off the tip of his cock with her mouth and tongue.
"What the. . . aren't you a little worried?"
About what?" she replied.
"I just busted my load inside of you. "
"Oh, I'm on prevention pills," she said as she giggled, still licking his throbbing cock.
The color filled back into Brandon's face, as he enjoyed what she was doing now. They put their clothes back on, and cleaned up, as Stephanie gathered their Science project.
Brandon walked up to Steph and kissed her again, as she kissed back.

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   "So, more than friends, right?"
"Damn right!" she replied, as she walked down the steps. Brandon decided to walk his "new girlfriend" a mile away to her home.
"So, I guess I'll see you tomorrow?"
She walked up and slowly kissed him one more time. "Yes you will. . . boyfriend. " She then smiled and waved as she walked into her house.

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