on my way to work


Sorry this is somewhat long but I thought it necessary for the background of the story. If I get enough positive feedback i will continue it.
There goes that damn alarm clock. I sit up, stretch trying to get the kinks out, shower while thinking about last night and man what a night. I did not get lucky or anything that great it was just a good night. I dry off, brush my teeth, and then get dressed just like every other Monday. I go downstairs to make me coffee and a bagel, get my briefcase and out the door, I go 3am as usual. Damn I am so predictable theses days.
    I start up my old beater of a car, back out of the drive and head for the interstate and the start of the 57 minute commute to the office. The office is such a stretch, its more like a small jail cell, and they have the nerve to call it a "cubicle". I turn right onto the on ramp and accelerate to speed and merge into traffic, which there is hardly any of with it being so early. The car in front of me slams on the brakes and then swerves wildly to the left with horns blaring, I have only seconds to swerve myself and just barely miss the little hatchback that is broke down.
    I pull over and look to see if someone needs any help, I get out after making sure my four ways are on and no ones coming. I run along the shoulder and try to see inside the car but its dark and I cant make anything out inside, then another car come up quickly, I see someone inside the car with there head down on the steering wheel. I hear the screech of tires as the car slams on the brakes and swerves quickly to avoid the hatchback. I smell the rubber from the tires as it passes by.

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    I knock on the passenger window twice, no answer, no movement. I knock harder and the form stirs a little, it looks up, I see finally as another car approaches that the form inside is a young woman, I knock again and tell her that she needs to move her car before someone hits her in the rear end. She says something but I cannot make it out, I try the door and it opens. Please, you must move your car before you or someone else dies. She looks up again and I can tell she has been crying, you must move your car before you get hit or worse, I don't care she says, maybe its better that I'm not here anymore, no one will miss me. I reach over and touch her shoulder; she does not move or say anything. You need to get off the road before you cause an accident miss. She looks at me again, the car will not move its broken I think. Besides, I really do not care.
    Please miss, you need to try to move off the road, even if you do not care the people that hit you might be a family or a doctor on his way to an emergency call. She looks at me again and then tries the key, nothing happens, no lights, no bells no nothing. Are you able to put in neutral? If so, I can help push you off onto the shoulder. I think so, I can try it, but the shifter does not move. Try turning the key to the on position and try it again, it works this time. I open the passenger door and push, it moves easily and we get it to the shoulder just in time for two semi trucks to go roaring past side by side.

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   I shudder to think about what would have happened if we did not move the car just then. I look inside the car and see her crying into her hands as I can hear the soft sniffles and the ragged breathing that come from crying.
    I walk around to the driver door but as I do I look at my watch and notice that it's already 3:45, I'm going to be late, I mutter to myself. It will be the first time ever in my life that I was late for anything. I open the door and kneel down beside her; miss we need to get you some help is there anything I can do for you? Someone I can call or notify? No, there is no one who cares about me. She shivers and I notice she is cold. Would you like to sit in my car? It is not much but its warmer in there then in here. She looks up at me again and just nods her head. I take her hand and help her out of her car just as another semi truck flies by and she grabs me hard and holds onto me so tight that it's hard to breath. We make it to my car, I open the passenger side door, and I help her in.
    My interior light is on and I see for the first time that she is a young woman maybe 18 possibly 19 years old, dressed in a white blouse and a summer skirt, red hair that hangs just past her shoulders. Why were you sitting in the middle of the road? The car would not go anymore it just stopped there, then the lights died and I just stayed there not wanting to move, hoping someone would hit me and then I would not feel the pain anymore. We sit there in the darkness not a word spoken, just her soft cries.
    I look at the radio clock and see its 4:30 now, in 30 minutes I will officially be late for the first time in my life. Oh well I will just have to let them know later why I was late.

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   The young woman next to me was my first priority now. I glanced over and noticed for the first time that she had very tan legs and her skirt had a slit up the side all the way to her hip. I could see the upper leg as I scanned my eyes upwards and then I noticed the blouse was fairly tight and short sleeved; the top three or four buttons were undone. The swell of her breast was just starting to be noticeable and then I looked at her profile, she glanced at me and caught me looking at her. She bit her lower lip and looked forward while twisting her hands together.
    My god the car felt like the temperature rose 10 degrees all of a sudden. As I reached over to turn the heat down I brushed her hand, she was thinking the same thing as me. I held her hand for a just a second and I could not believe how aroused I got from just touching her. We looked at each other as we both turned red from the embarrassment of being caught. I am sorry about that, I am not like that at all I stammered. She turns and smiles at me, "its ok I rather enjoyed the little spark I felt there". I reach over to take her hand in mine again but this time I squeeze it gently to let her know that I care. We look into each others eyes again and just sit there looking at each other doing nothing else but looking into each other's eyes.
    I reach over with my other hand and caress her cheek softly; I have not done anything like this ever in my life. She shivers in the cold and I pull her gently to me while we sit on the side of the road.

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   I wrap my arms around her as she starts to cry uncontrollably again. What's wrong, I ask her, and she starts to tell me.
    I was at my friend's house, at a party. We were all having a good time and all when this ass of a person shows up already three sheets to the wind and starts to drink even more. It wasn't long before he noticed me and tried to dance and as I said no he grabs me and pulls me out to the middle of the floor and then starts to put his hands every where they were not wanted! He tried to slip his hands under my shirt to get to my breasts and I slapped him hard and told him NO! When I tried to walk away, he grabs me again and then pulls me into the hallway and tries to tell me he was so sorry and that he didn't mean to be so crude. He asks me for a hug and I agree thinking him to be sincere in his apologies, boy was I ever wrong. He puts his arms around me and hugs me tight then his hands start to rub down to my ass and he actually starts to raise my skirt right there in the hallway , as I try to push him away his hands find my bare ass cause I was only wearing a thong. He moans as his hands start to rub my bare skin and then he actually slips a finger past the fabric and tried to put his fingers in me, right there in the hallway. I scream out NO! Stop and I finally push him away from me and run into the kitchen where my friends were.
    I grab my friend and hug her close to me. I start to cry on her shoulder and tell her what just happened to me and she just backs away and with a smirk says "well look at you and the way your dressed, you look like your wanting a good fucking" I just look at her my jaw on the floor at what she just said. I scream at her, "I was just about raped and you tell me that I deserved it!" All of you are worthless and just as bad as that ass hole that tried to rape me! I run out of the house and leave, as I'm driving I start to cry. Then my car starts to chug, sputter, and then just stops in the middle of the road and that's where you found me. I tried to start it repeatedly but then it just stopped turning over completely and I put my head down and started to cry even more hoping that someone would come by hit and then I wouldn't have anything to worry about again. I sat there listening to her tell me what happened and to be honest I wanted to go find this ass hole and make him pay for what he did to her.

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    I took her hand in mine again, held it tight, and told her that it was ok and that I would let nothing happen to her as long as she was here with me. She thanked me for letting her vent out her frustration and then leans over and kisses me on my cheek, and to be honest I must have turned two shades of red because that kiss just went straight through me and had me tingling from head to toes. I look in her eyes and put my hands on her cheeks as I pull her to me and then I really do not know why but I kissed her gently on her lips. Those lips were so soft and wanting. I thought I heard her sigh a little and she lingered some before pulling away and looking at me with a confused look on her face.
    I look down at my hands and noticed its now 5:30, shit I'm officially late now but I just cant leave her here alone, not in the state that she is in. I'm sorry about that kiss, which was very inappropriate of me I state. Its ok she says, it was nice to be touched and treated so softly and not mauled. She starts to shiver again and I pull her closer to me, now she is sitting right next to me in the front seat of my car.
    The sun was starting to peak over the horizon now and I was able to see her even better now. My guess was that she was about five six or seven, red hair, athletic build with very, very sexy legs. My arm was around her shoulders rubbing her arm to help her stay warm while the left hand was holding her hand sitting on her lap. She lays her head on my shoulder, snuggles into my neck, and exhales a long breath. You smell good she says as her lips graze my neck. I find it getting warmer by the second now as her tongue starts to trace my earlobe, she nips it gently and then giggles as I jump from the sensation it causes.

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    The sensation between my legs was going to start being obvious if I didn't stop this. I started to pull back some when her hand went behind my neck and pulled my face to hers. Our lips met and she kissed me softly, her tongue sliding against mine trying to gain access, I surrender to her caress and open my mouth to hers, our tongues start to duel against each other, the kiss becoming deeper as we continue the exploration of each others mouth. We both moan at the same time and which stops the kiss as we both look at each other then start to laugh.
    I know I have said this before but I have never done anything like this. Neither have I she says. We lean into each other again and start kissing, this time with passion. My hands come up around her shoulders to pull her closer still while her hands are rubbing my sides at my waist. I start to move my lips to her cheeks and then to her ear where now it's my turn to slide my tongue along the bottom of her earlobe. She shivers and moans softly at the same time. I continue my light kisses down her neck to her shoulder where I gently bite her, she comes unglued at that, as she moans even louder and takes my hand and places it on her breast. I can feel the nipple starting to harden under my palm. My hand starts to rub in soft circles with the palm rolling the nipple in little circles. She pushes her breast into my hand and lets out a low moan, this time its her turn to lick my ear and to kiss my neck, she whispers in my ear that the only reason she is doing this is because I have been so gentle and caring to her, and it's a huge turn on for her. As she says the word huge, she reaches to my lap and feels my cock, hard and throbbing in my jeans.

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   I did say huge she giggles.
    I reach down to her waist and run my hand along her stomach and I can feel the bare skin there. I start to slide my hand up her stomach in little circles, as my fingers brush the underside of her breast I find out something that I never noticed before; she is not wearing a bra at all! As my hand makes its next pass under her breast, I slip my hand over the bare flesh and feel the heat and the excitement at the same time. I take the nipple in-between my fingers and slowly pinch while I roll it between my fingers. Yes! She cries out and kisses me hard on the lips shoving her tongue into my mouth while her hands start to undo my belt then my pants follow. Her hand reaches in and wraps around my cock, damn, it's so hard she whispers, as she pulls it out. She starts to stroke it some but then stops as shivers run through her body due to me sliding my hand under her skirt and finding the softest, smoothest, and wettest pussy I have ever seen or felt before.
    I feel around the fabric of the thong and can tell that she is very, very wet, I slip a finger passed the thong and run it up and down her shaved lips slipping in quickly then taken my hand away and bringing it to my lips where I can taste this incredibly sexy woman for the first time. Before I can do another thing to her, she lowers her head and engulfs my cock in her mouth and starts to hum, sending shivers up and down my spine. I have never felt anything like this before, this was definitely the world's best blowjob! She has brought me close to cumming twice now and then backed off each time telling me that it's worth the wait. She pulls off my cock, kisses the head with a wet smack, and looks up at me with a sly smile on her lips.
    Without saying a word, she scoots over, straddles my lap, a knee on each side, and kisses me passionately on the lips, her tongue sliding into my mouth as my hands find her hard nipples. I start to unbutton her blouse and find her nipples as hard as diamonds, I roll them between my fingers, and she runs her hands down my sides and into my lap. She starts to stroke me again and I am still as hard as ever. She lifts herself up and manuvers herself over my cock.

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   She looks into my eyes and states, "I told you it was going to be worth it," as she moves her thong over and lowers herself onto my cock. We both moan at the same time, as her pussy was the tightest I have ever been in before. She starts to rock back and forth, and then slowly slides up and down quickly; giving me this most incredible feeling I have ever felt while fucking! I take her nipple in my mouth and savour the hardness and saltiness together, what a taste, I moan loudly wanting more and more with each stroke she makes on m y cock! I feel the familiar tingling in my balls and know I will not last much longer, I whisper, " please slow down, not yet" she lowers herself all the way down and lifts my lips to hers and kisses me hard, deep and her tongue goes deep as well as mine does.
    I'm caressing her nipples they are becoming harder still. She sits straight up and archers her back and I feel her pussy clamping down as she cams hard and fast, I can't resist and I come too from the sensation of it all, I suck a nipple in and lightly bite down and this brings her to an even higher orgasm. She holds me tight as she slowly rocks back and firth trying to get it all from out of me. I pump what I have left and we enjoy the moment with me still inside her very wet and pulsing pussy. She looks at me and smiles, and then says "Thank you for all your help and this quick fuck was just what I needed! Well I guess I'm late for work I say, as we both crack up laughing.
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