This is a fantasy about my co-worker Lailla and me. She is around 29 and married with two kids. Her husband is out of country since last two years and she have to do a job for her livings. We both are working for the same company and are very good friends. When ever we got chance, we go for outing and have lot of fun and discussions on topics of mutual interest. We use to discuss almost every thing under sky including sex. I am also married with tow kids, but my sexual life is not up to mark as my wife is least interested in sex most of the time. Most of the time I am deprived of sex and frustrated. Lailla and myself have discussed this situation many time and she felt very sorry about my condition and frustrations. Although she is also deprive of sexual life but she has excellent control over her emotions and most of the time she use to remain calm during our discussions about sex. There is nothing hidden among us and she knows all about my relations with other girls which are in abundance. She never felt jealous about my relations with other girls. Most of the time we use to take long rides on my car and enjoyed our pure friendly relations with the core of our hearts. Although many times she was my fantasy girl but I can not tell her about my feelings towards her that she attracts me sexually also and many time I masturbated while she was in my conscious and dreams. Lailla is one hell of sexy lady with very prominent boobs and butts, and all these two things of a girl are my weaknesses. This fantasy goes like this that once my wife along with kids was going to her parent’s house which is in other city.

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  Trip was of one week and I was all alone in my house for this period. Lailla and me planed to share our time at my hose . We reached at my house at around ten in the morning and settled our self in the living room. I was having a bottle wine from Russia “I have always found that sharing a good thing between friends is better then trying to keep it for your self”, and we agreed to drink it first. we were chatting about every thing under the sun. Our discussion drifted towards sex and we discussed every little detail about good sex specially oral sex. As we were drunk and alone so I was felling very horny and Lailla was also looking aroused. I told her that I am a good erotic writer and have wrote many true stories about my gril friends lately. She asked me to show her those stories so that she may enjoy them. we moved to my computer room and I opened my computer for her. As she started to read those erotic stories she become more aroused and I was able to smell her arousal. She was enjoying those stories very much by asking different questions about different characters and situations in the stories. After one hour Lailla was very much aroused and agitated. She was squeezing her thighs quite oftenly. Her body smell was changing and I could sense that she was in heat and wanted to have some physical touch.

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  Lucklyly That day Lailla was having stiff neck and she was feeling pain in her neck. I suggested to rub her neck with some of the pain killer gel, reluctantly she agreed. We again moved to our living room and I brought that gel and asked Lailla to remove her shirt collar so that I may rub her neck. She opened her upper button and I started to rub medicine on her effected area. She closed her eyes and was making slow sounds of satisfactions in her throat. her breathing was becoming heavy and warm and her sexy body was emitting her arousal’s smell which was mainly coming from her lovely thighs” round and warm” her breath was a series of short quick gasps“Can u massage my hole body pleaseeeeeeee”,suddenly requested Lailla. I was surprised on this bold offer and replied her that it would be a great pleasure for me and at the same time planted a sfoft kiss on her neck from behind. She seems to enjoyed it and pressed my hand on her bare neck. This was enough for me to encourage and I started to lick her soft neck and ears. She was sitting on carpet and her eyes were closed, she leaned backward and rested on my thighs. She was emitting heat and her body smell was very sexy at this time. I become more bold and turned her face towards me and planted a kiss on her lips. She immediately opened her mouth to accept my tongue and started to suck it with urgency with the fear that I may stop this very soon. . Her lips and mouth were the sweetest. 

   She brought me back to my senses by breaking the kiss. She put her head on my chest and gasped, "I have never been kissed quite like that. " I leaned over and again touched those wondrous lips to mine. . My hands were on all her body and I was massaging her with full cloths on. Slipping my arm under her shoulder and cradling her head in the palm of my hand as we kiss. My body covers hers slightly. Her hands were running up and down my sides, gently pulling and clawing at my shirt. Sliding my free hand over her cheek lightly and down along her jaw-line over her neck and to rest on her breast. I can feel her heart racing even under her clothes. The moan that escapes her lips brings a smile to my lips. Kissing down her jaw to her neck and gently nibbles the ticklish flesh there until I've found that spot just behind her ear that I know drives her wild. Her sudden loud moan tells me I've found the spot I was seeking. I slowly kiss that area then lightly nibble on it, I was nearly thrown from her body with her wild writhing. I wrap my arms around her tighter holding her against me.

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   We lay on the carpet in living room in intense heat I slip from her heated depths and lay beside her, caressing her beautiful body. Gazing deeply into her eyes, seeing again there is no fear, only love and wonder. Lailla’s hand reaches up and caresses my cheek as she whisper to me, "I love you, thank you for today". I smile to her and lean close to kiss her lips tenderly, and whisper back, "I'll love you for all eternity". Holding one another I think of all the things we discovered this day, and I find myself thanking her for sharing every moment with me, for making me see what I feared to see. The smile that spreads from her lips to her eyes, warms me and fills me so that I can only stare and respond as Lailla kiss me pulling me into her body to hold me forever. I realize at this moment, I never want to let go of her and that I wish to share the rest of my life with Lailla. I know now why so many would give their lives for the one they love, I would give my life for Lailla, my love.
She was still fully clothed . My hands moved back to her flanks, then found the outsides of her breasts. I began to gently stroke toward, but not touching her nipples, sometimes moving to stroke the undersides, sometimes gently squeezing. As Lailla attempted to hold me closer, I eased my hand between them, and touched one nipple through the silky shirt. Lailla sighed at the touch, and eased her embrace to allow me to touch her more easily. My fingers began to trace small circles around each nipple, now and then brushing gently over the tip. Lailla felt the touch, .

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   Pushing me away, and breathing deeply, she began to remove her. shirt. Opening all the buttons, she pushed the material away, and pressed her cheek against my chest. Bringing her hands to my sides, she stroked the muscles from my back to my sides. She raised her mouth to meet mine, and stroked my chest, feeling the muscles flex as she did. We were still lying on floor and touching and kissing each other deeply. All this was not bearable for both of us so we decided to go through all the necessary things and to undress. Lailla unbuttoned her own shirt as I caressed the front of her thighs with my long fingers. As Lailla reached for the last bottom button, I kissed her fingers. Lailla offered me the button and I stretched my tongue forward and stroked the button with the tip just like it was her hard nipple. I circled around it as Lailla held the button for my tongue. And I sucked it into my mouth pulling the cloth with it as Lailla watched. I knew Lailla was imagining the button as her clit and her nipples. Lailla held her shirt from her shoulders and let it fall as I let it free from my mouth. I continued running my fingers now along the edge of her shalwar,(Pants) as I looked up.

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   Her wonderful breasts round and full were pointy and straining to be free of her black lacy bra. I thought to myself, how wonderful it would be when I could finally take her nipple into my mouth and suck it over and over for her. I love sucking Lailla 's nipple until my jaw wears out and gets sore. Then I love sucking more. Pushing through that little barrier of fatigue until I can suck and lick forever. Trading occasional frantic licking and stroking her nipple with my tongue. Or just lapping around and around as I squeeze her nipple between my fingers and hold it to my lips running my tongue tip over it. There are so many ways to pleasure Lailla 's nipples, I can never lose my interest in pleasing them and finding new ways to be a better lover. When my mouth touched the hard little button she sighed, "Oh, my God. I swapped back and forth, from one to the other, each switch followed by a moan of pleasure from her. I kissed her again, and stroked her now naked breast. As I came to the nipple, I slightly rolled it between my fingers, forcing a muffled moan from Lailla ohhhhhhhhhhhh. I gently rolled Lailla to her back, and brought my mouth to one erect nipple, suckling it gently. my tongue rasped the tip, then traced over the small erect bumps on the dark circle around the nipple. The sensation in Lailla belly became more intense than she had ever felt before,.

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   I took the other nipple in my mouth, and as she moaned from the pleasure. Now she was in real heat and panting for the relase and breath.
She requested me to massage her now. I got some warm oil. I then poured warm oil over her breasts, Lailla gave out a sharp cry, then I slowly started massaging her breasts first at the nipples then from the sides, I could feel the breasts swelling and now Lailla had got excited, I was stimulating the nipples to become erect and now bend over to use my tongue on them, Lailla squirmed in delight as I nibbled at the nipples. I requested Lailla to loose her shalwar a bit so that I could manipulate between her thighs. She obliged me by loosing it I started exploring her thighs with my other hand, then made her part her thighs and poured warm oil on her belly and it dripped down between her thighs, and Lailla gave out a moan of delight. I started to loose her shalwar and in a second it was gone I then started massaging her thighs and Lailla started to squirm and moan and animalistic sounds were the only sound in the room like ooooooohhhh,ahhhhhhhh. Goooooooooddddd. I now concentrated on her pussy and with my fingers had started probe her depth, Lailla sizzled like a snake, and I held her tightly in my grip by her waist and discovered her clitoris, I started unhooding the thick flesh on the clitoris with the thumb. When I pulled the hood down with pressure, Lailla groaned with delight, then I started manipulating the clitoris with slow circular motions around its base and moving up and jabbing it like a button. Lailla couldn't take it any longer 'nooo nooo pleeeese pleeese unhhnnn ahhhh',ohhhhhh . I bend down and wrapped my tongue on the clitoris. Lailla’s clit had swelled into a pink bud now and I started to suck at it, the stimulation was now getting too much for her. Soon Lailla came over the first orgasm.

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  I immediately licked her pussy and started flickering my tongue in and out of the pussy rapidly. I did this for 3 minutes and made her cum again. she was shouting from her pleaseeeeeeeeee. ”liCK me more pleeasssssssseeeeeee,by repeating my name time and again. Please do itttttttttttt,plllllleeeeeeaasssee lick my pussy, She was very wet and her scent was powerful. I went straight for her licking around and around. Her moans told that I had guessed right about what she wanted and where she wanted it. Every couple of times around I’d give her clit a direct swipe of the tongue. Then two swipes, three swipes, four, and then continuously. I was relentless. I was just about to deliver my trademark move, a thorough tongue whacking, where you suck the clit up into your mouth clamp down on it with firm lips to hold it in place then lick it vigorously back and forth, or up and down, as fast as you can slowly increasing the ‘hardness’ of her tongue. The move wasn’t needed as she started to come. Her hips and thighs were jumping about and her fingers were pushing my head into her. She was doing that sexy exhalation ‘oh’ really fast, ‘oh. .

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  oh. . oh. . oh. . ’ her voice rising in pitch. Then she screamed, ‘OHHHHHH. ’ I am comminnnnnnnnnnnnnng,OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD. Pleaseeeeee tounge fuk meeeeee. She was in heaven. My fingers found her slit and teased it with gentle stroking movements before pressing on her clitoris. It was like a sudden charge of electric current hit her body. Her pussy came as my fingers teased clit, slit and her hole. “Oh baby’ you are superb I eased her onto the sofa and lay down half on floor half off her at her side.

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   My mouth resumed sucking her nipples as my hand continued to play with her pussy. Lailla, withered in pleasure as I teased her wet hot opening, the tip of my finger probing the love juice lubricated opening. I trailed kisses down her body, over her sweat streaked breast and stomach and then knelling at the foot of the sofa Lailla’s hand covered her pussy as I stared at her shapely light brown legs and stroked the soft flesh of her thighs. As she opened her legs wider,I leaned in and kissed her again on her cunt. Then my tongue darted out and I licked her slit softly and slowly and she just lost her mind with joy. I licked her again and again, my hands holding her legs apart as my mouth worked on her hot pussy Lailla pushed a balled up fist in her mouth and bit hard to stop herself crying out in pleasure. My tongue had been replaced by my fingers teasing her entrance as I tickled her clit with my tongue. The pleasure built up and up inside her. The pressure getting greater and greater with every flick of my tongue, every probe of my finger tip. . . . Then suddenly I stopped all movements and stood up from the floor. Lailla was amazed and asked “what had happened”. I said nothing and requested her to follow me in my bed room as it would be moor comfortableWe settled our self on the bed and now it was time for Ice-cream pie which is my specialty during sex.


  . I brought a cup of full Strawberry and vanilla Ice-cream from fridge. I smeared Ice-cream onto each of her breasts, then put my fingers under her nose, and in front of her mouth. she needed no prompting to start licking my fingers, then pulling them one at a time into my mouth to suck them clean. Dropping to my knees I seized a breast with my mouth and began licking and sucking at a furious pace. Reaching for the Ice-cream cup Lailla selected enough and smeared it on her sodden pussy. She knew it would quickly melt. So did I. Spread hr legs, as far as they can," I urged. She complied. her hips took on a life of their own as I sucked and licked and fucked her pussy WITH ice-Cream with my mouth and tongue. My teeth caught her clit and held it gently while I flicked my tongue over it. She trapped my head between her thighs and squeezed for all she was worth. I reacted by accelerating the pace of my oral ministrations. This was too much for Lailla and she came and came by screaming,OHHHHHHHHHHH,LOVEEEEEEEEE,PLEEEEEASEE.

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   I can hear her throatily whispering "Oh, my lover,pleassseeee,bite my clity,pleaseeeeeeeeee oh,my God. i put my finger in her to find her G-spot. Lialla moaned and I knew that I had found most sensitive spot. She began puslating and her body was jerking with every touch.
We had experienced many months of foreplay with words, but now, here together, we needed no words to ignite our desires. we had each other, our bodies close together finally feeling, touching, breathing in each others excitement. Hands stroking, caressing, bringing each other to the brink of sexual release. She needed me,and wanted me, she brought her hands to my face, cradling it in her fingertips, stroking my cheek, she started to ask with her lips but I saw her desire in her eyes and I placed a finger to her mouth, I knew without words what she was asking. Undoubtedly she wanted to have wild sex at this moment. I was little hesitant initially but lust and love both compelled me to do the rest which was left. I love it when my girl is riding me so I requested Lailla to have ride of her life as it is her favorite position too.
To be continues……………………………….
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