It been a while now but I still see her face when I close my eyes at night. I imagine her body slowly strips nude in my dreams. She is perfect shape and form. She has soft creamy pale skin, so pure you can see the irregular blue from her veins shine threw. Eileen always has a way of showing her belly bottom her tummy is exactly what you what, thin and sexy but soft. Her breasts are small but they get hard easy and she doesn’t like to wear a bra. You see the perky tips their shirt hanging it forward. And you want to fondle them hard and watch her moan. I wanted to go to Italy with the school because you only get to go places so many time and I never been their before. As I saw the people sight up it seemed it was going to be a very disappointing trip. No one I knew or cared seemed to be going but by chance Eileen signed for a the day before the dead line. Possibilities flooded my head. In my dreams I imagine us in the plane. I would be next to here us stranded on the flight for 13 hours left to nothing but are devices everyone on the plane asleep except me and her. I would see her unbraed nipple s rise in her shirt and I slight stiff at the site of them. I would call her attention and kiss deeply on the lips as my hand quickly squired into her shirt massaging her exposed nipples she would moan as a hand moved to the apex of her legs but I silence her with long kiss into her mouth.

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   I don’t think I made past that point in my head the idea reverted into my head till busted. A real moment of tension during the trip. Before when I said no one I knew was going or no one I wanted to know it’s not the whole truth. One of my friends was going but he had a girlfriend and they were all over each other all time. Even thought my school to uptight to allow co-ed rooming, I roomed with my friend Todd, will ironically Eileen and C. T. (Todd girlfriend) also roomed together. This worked out well to my favor. Before I go into this deeper let me give some visuals for C. T. (She was a short girl like 5. 3. in she had long straight black hair, and huge breast only empathized by her smallness in statures. I year ago before they were boy and girlfriend I had a little thing with Christine. We all in the music class and well I always liked Eileen she just came to our school after going to 6 different schools and was keeping to herself at the time she was sick for a while and could go to any party too, so like the saying goes at the time it was like out site out of mind.

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   Well anyway we at this Christmas party at C. T. friends house. And you know a little drinking her and their, but you can see when someone just having to much well that C. T. that day. She was walking a little crooked and I was supporting to my pleasure because I was also groping her a little it was hard not too that how big her breast were. WE finally made to the couch and she kissed me and I returned the favor. I was moving my hands over her breast when I felt her reach for my dick which grew stiff at her touch. I sent one my hands quickly to her crotch to return the favor when my phone rang, I gave a special ring for my mom, so I had to answer it. She told me she outside and she can’t pick me up tomorrow because remember I meeting she going to have. But everything cool because my mom relaxed. She doesn’t ask and everything fine. ) Well Todd and C. T.

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   wanted to go in toad room to mess around so I evacuated to our room and of course and me Eileen were their all alone. It gets pretty cold in some places in Italy and I so I was wearing jeans and shirt. Eileen just took shower and was wearing her pajamas. Of course she was braless and I could see the budge were her hard nibbled pushed on the thin pajamas. It was the 6 day of the trip and by now me and Eileen were a lot better friends. Since Todd was my only friend and he was always with C. T. I hanged out with Eileen alot. Great bus ride she get could and snuggle onto my solder their very few things that feel as good as a girl sleeping on your shoulder her warm body resting on you as you see her chest rise and close with each breath. Well other than that I helped shop and by that I mean carry all the bags, and we talked a lot we getting a little closer and I was figuring out I really really liked her (I don’t like to use love because I believe I have to know some very intimately and emotionally to use such a strong word. ) What is the best about her pajamas is you can see the outline of her underwear as it rides up her ass which is a little bump of heaven. Well she went into her covers I was caught un aware by her pajama and was trying to calm my hard on so I sat on the floor next to her while we watch T. V. which was boring as fuck because it was all in Spanish. She whispered in my ear I am getting cold could you come in her I tried not to act excited as I looked as I went in the covers.

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   Well she was grinding into me pretty close and I wrapped her in my arms like a sideways hug and as she moved her ass around my cock her nipples rubbed my exposed arm. She said that the jeans felt so rough. So I took them off and kicked them out of the bed. At this point my dick was fighting to get out of the boxers. She moan softly “I getting hot” . My hands moved to waist. But she beat me too it and was taking her pants off, my hands already their stated to go for the underwear, I did not feel any resistance so I took them. Off. My. She looked a little worried as my dick playful touched pieces of her ass. I said “what’s wrong Eileen you seemed worried. ” She replied “Are you a virgin I don’t want to lose my virginity to someone who not a virgin. ” (Well I wonder what I said, but really I was but I don’t think at that point being a virgin or not passed threw my mind). I was on my knees on the bed and I pulled so her back was on the bed. While my moth slowly kissed her lips and neck my hand were pulling at her blouse and managed to get them off with only losing one button.

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   I never would have imaged her energy from what I thought she had an absence of sexual interactions. I hips moved into position in front of her pussy. Feeling her soft crotch with my hands which then retracted to her chest while I let my cock do thee rest. I knew she be tight but I guessed that because she was a small girls she was really tight. I mean I had a 5 and half in dick and she was screaming at 3 inches. She looked pained so I was about to let up but then she started to pick up the pass vigorously moving to get my dick in and out she climaxed and griped my back threw the shirt an left nail marks on my skin. (After that I asked her to cut her nails) I was able to hold of and their was something I always wanted from her ass. I moved for doggy style she seemed happy with anything and I ram her into the bed she moaned louder and louder till I finally let it all go into her in felt so relaxing to fill her up with my juices, we both laid their tired, when C. T. came back. Eileen scrambled under the cover and since I still had a shirt on a told to wait outside and I let them in. After she put her clothes back and I mine. I kissed her and fondler her nipple threw the broken button. Then I left and C. T.

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   in and I went back with Todd. He was looking at me as with left. He said “You look like you had a lucky night” I said “Shut up” I tried to say it with a ill temper but the joy of what just happened seemed thought my attempts to hide it. Next chapters to come : Eileen and me on the plane and beyond My small affair in Italy with the British dorm girls Hope you enjoyed Sry for any typos I not good at editing. About the author I usually write fiction but after this whole Eileen even I Can’t stop writing about her, and the key to success is to be true to your self so that why its erotic Sry again made it one night at 4:00 A. M also like to note that most of this is true.