Uncle Joe Chap. One: Jessica Alba


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. Everyone in this story is of legal age, whoever you are, where ever you are. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you cuz it will rot your brain. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason.

Uncle Joe
Chapter One: Jessica Alba

Joe was not your average guy. While not having the looks it takes to stand out to far, Joe was extremely charming, and “Ol' Charmin' Joe” had traveled across most of the country and had met a lot of different people and had charmed his way into a lot of their lives. After a few years, "Ol' Charmin'" Joe became "Uncle" Joe to a lot of his friends and their families. One of the families Uncle Joe came to know was the Alba family.

Joe had watched his "niece" Jessica grow up from a beautiful baby-girl to a beautiful teenage young woman. With brown skin, dark eyes, and dark hair, Jessica had slowly become a bronzed goddess. As Joe watched Jessica grow, he saw her beginning to blossom into a young, shapely teenager and saw her filling out with the curves of new womanhood. Uncle Joe watched as Jessica's breasts came in, full and plump with ripe nipples waiting to be sucked and nibbled. Jessica's tits were on the smaller side of a medium but it only added to their perkiness, and her stomach was tight and taunt with the kind of baby skin that was just waiting to be stroked and that only young girls can have. Jessica's lips were full and pouting and saying she had "Bedroom" eyes was a understatement. But perhaps Jessica's greatest developing asset was her firm, young ass.

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It was Jessica's spectacular ass that was constantly on Uncle Joe's mind. Uncle Joe couldn't help but stare at Jessica's young teenage ass whenever he was around her. Whenever Jessica wore her tight and low hung jeans, Uncle Joe would follow her with his eyes. In the front, Jessica's jeans came up to just a couple of inches above her young, hot cunt and in the rear could always catch a glimpse of her flimsy underwear. Uncle Joe was nearly a foot taller than his niece and it always allowed him a good view down the back of her jeans. Uncle Joe could spend all day watching his niece's ass swaying back and forth, watch as her young teenage frame would stretch and release, pull taunt and smooth, bunch and relax. On warm days Uncle Joe would stare as the sweat gleamed an her tight little body. Uncle Joe would watch as the sweat would run down the small of her back and into the top of her ass crack and imagine licking it from her ripe body. And finally came the day that Uncle Joe finally slipped inside of Jessica.

Jessica had been a bad little girl. At school Jessica had been caught making out with a boy in the janitors closet. Jessica had been sent home early from school and her parents had been called at work. Jessica's father had spanked her tight, firm ass when he got home. Jessica had lain prone across her father's lap, her teenage ass stuck up high into the air. Jessica yelped in pain every time her father's firm hand smacked her beautiful, ripe, cotton panty covered ass.

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   Jessica's plump ass cheeks jiggled every time her father's hand fell across her tanned rear end, she gritted her teeth together to keep from yelling out anymore. As Jessica's father continued slapping her ass a warmth started spreading over her. "Slap!", the warmth started where her father’s hand landed on her ass cheeks. "Slap!", the warm feeling was starting to become heat as it spread to her tender young asshole and down to her virgin cunt. "Slap, Slap, Slap!", and Jessica began panting and groaning. "Slap, Slap!", and Jessica began to sweat, the perspiration running over her ass and soaking into her white, cotton panties.

Jessica's panties had bunched up between her tan, teenage cheeks almost like a thong, baring most of her young ass to the air. The combination of the glistening sweat covering her ass and the colder air caressing her plump, warm cheeks caused goose bumps to cover her body and her nipples to harden. Jessica gritted her teeth and panted and moaned as she lay stretched out over her father’s lap, her firm and glistening ass exposed to the world and to Uncle Joe watching from the doorway.

Uncle Joe's cock had become so hard it hurt. His cock throbbed in his pants, keeping time with his very fast heartbeat. Uncle Joe reached down and began to rub his cock through the front of his pants, gripping the hard shaft and massaging the throbbing tool. Uncle Joe watched in undisguised lust as his hot, teenage niece lay nearly naked from the waist down over her father's lap.

Jessica gripped the carpet as her father continued spanking her exposed ass cheeks, sweat dripping from her teenage body and moaning, all in front of Uncle Joe.

All of a sudden Uncle Joe heard Jessica's mother from down the stairs, “It’s getting late and we need to leave soon.

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Uncle Joe immediately ducked down the hall into the bathroom, Jessica's father came out of Jessica's room and down the stairs, followed by Jessica a few moments later.

Jessica exited the room, pulling her panties out of the crack of her two reddened ass cheeks. Uncle Joe leered as Jessica delicately pulled her jeans up over her ass and slowly walked down the stairs. Dashing quickly into her room Uncle Joe released his throbbing dick and began rummaging through his niece’s drawers with one hand and stroking his dick with the other.

In the back of one of the drawers Uncle Joe found just the thing, a tiny, black lace, silk thong. Uncle Joe quickly wrapped the delicate piece of cloth around his prick and jacked off into the material imagining what Jessica would do while wearing them. The feel of the silk pressed snug against her virgin cunt with the small strap swallowed between her firm cheeks. Uncle Joe imagined Jessica completely nude except for the thong, laying spread out on the bed. Her delicate hand rubbing the outside of the thong as she slowly masturbated to dirty little teenaged thoughts of sex, until she finally came and soaking the black silk.

With a silent grunt Uncle Joe came, flooding his niece’s thong with his sticky cum. Wadding the thong up and shoving it into his pocket, Uncle Joe tucked himself back into his pants and headed downstairs.

The Albas were still continuing their argument. Jessica’s parents had planned a special evening out for the family but since Jessica had gotten in trouble, and had gotten a spanking, she was no longer allowed to go.

“But mom, it’s not fair. ” Jessica cried with tears trailing down her face.

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“That’s enough Jess. You’re grounded to the house and Uncle Joe’s going to babysit. ” Jessica’s dad stated still remembering the feel of his hand rubbing against his daughter’s ass. He’d have to try to get his wife to let him ass-fuck her tonight, he just hoped he didn’t call out Jessica’s name if he did.

“I’m too old for a baby-sitter!” Jessica nearly screamed.

“It’s o. k. Jessica. ” Uncle Joe said as he came up behind her, pressing himself against her body. “It’ll just be you and me. We’ll try to get through it together. ”

“Then that’s it. ” Jessica’s mother said sternly.

Jessica collapsed against Uncle Joe, her lower back pressing firmly against his groin. Because of their height difference Uncle Joe’s cock was pressed against her lower back and when he leaned his head forward he could see down her shirt to her bra encased breasts. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 


Jessica began sobbing in her uncle’s arms as her parents left. Her body shuddering and rubbing against her uncle as she collapsed against him, Jessica melded her body against her uncle’s firm form.

Uncle Joe shifted his hips forward, pressing his swollen prick against Jessica’s lower back, and wrapped his arms around her, Joe raised one arm up and under Jessica’s breasts causing them to rest on his arm like they were on a shelf and rubbed softly back and forth, her nipples hard.

Uncle Joe turned Jessica slowly around to hug her and placed her groin on his thigh and her tits pressed against his upper abdomen. “Why don’t you get cleaned up princess and I’ll make us some drinks and we’ll watch a movie. ”

Jessica’s tear streaked face stared up at her uncle, “Long Island Ice Tea?”

“Anything you want princess. ”

Jessica sniffled and then grinned up at her uncle, “And I’ll be the virgin. ”

Jessica giggled at her joke and turned around to walk away.

Uncle Joe fixated on his and Jessica’s privet joke about virgin “Long Island Iced Tea” from when she was younger but gasped as Jessica’s pants slipped down off her ass to pool around her ankles.

“Can nothing stop that girl’s ass?” Joe thought to himself as Jessica stared back sheepishly and then grinned, embarrassed, and pulled her pants back up and ran upstairs. The image of Jessica’s golden ass burned itself into Joe’s brain, especially when his young niece bent over at the waist to pull up her pants.

Uncle Joe rubbed his throbbing groin as he went to the kitchen. He immediately began mixing the drinks and making sure Jessica’s drink was extra sweet to cover the taste of the massive amount of alcohol he put into it. A nasty thought entered Joe’s mind and he quickly shoved Jessica’s thong into her drink, mixing it around before pulling it out and wringing it over her drink. Joe’s massive erection throbbed at the thought of his young niece drinking his cum.

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  Finished with the drinks Joe exited the kitchen and on his way to the living room he turned the thermostat up about 5 degrees.

Joe sat down on the couch and turned the T. V. on before leaning back and imagining his jail-baitniece nude in the shower. He pictured Jessica’s nude body covered in hot water and soap suds. Her dark hair trailing down her back and the water running down in between her plump ass-cheeks. The imaginary Jessica slowly rubbing the soap onto her slick, shiny tits and softly pinching the hard nipples with a sly grin on her face. Then imaginary Jessica’s hand slowly slipped down her chest and over her stomach before sliding between her tan, sudsy thighs.

Uncle Joe smiled to himself as his imaginary niece began to slowly masturbate as he took his aching cock out and slowly rubbed it.

Uncle Joe quickly shoved his ridged cock back into his pants when he heard one of the upstairs showers turn off. After a few minutes passed Jessica came bounding down the stairs. Joe felt his cock lurch as he stared at his young niece. Jessica was now wearing a pair of what looked like boys briefs, the crotch pulled tight over her virgin pussy and the elastic band barely a inch above her groin. She also wore a tight, white tank top with no bra, her young breasts jiggling with each step and her nipples poking through.

Jessica leapt onto the couch and snuggled against her uncle, her tender breasts crushed into his chest and her hand unknowingly pressing against his hard dick. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

  Jessica’s uncle reached around her, one hand rubbing softly on her bare hip and the other hand on her exposed tummy, and hugged her close.

Jessica snuggled closer to her uncle and tucked her legs up underneath her as Joe gave her the non-virgin IcedTea and turned a movie on. The movie was one of those lame Disney, overly sexualized, teen comedies. The young actress gave Joe something to look at as he dreamed about drilling his niece between several refills of her tea.

After the first movie Joe once again refilled Jessica’s glass and cranked the heater up higher. Choosing a more “adult” movie Joe snuggled up closer to Jessica’s tight, young body as he continued to get her drunk.

Joe noticed his niece squirming around on the couch, “You o. k. honey?”

“I’m… I’m fine. ” Jessica answered as she blushed.

“Is your bottom sore?”

“Yeah. A little still. ” She replied. Her speech becoming slurred.

“Hold on.

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  I’ll fix us some more to drink and we’ll take care of that. ”

Uncle Joe patted Jessica’s hip and went to the kitchen. Once there Joe refreshed his drink and fixed a new one for Jessica, making sure it was mostly alcohol, and returned after flicking the thermostat up another few degrees.

Making his way back to the couch Joe spied Jessica slowly rubbing circles around her stomach with one hand and softly caressing her reddened ass with the other. Joe stopped and watched. Jessica’s nipples were rock hard and plainly visible through her sweat drenched shirt. Jessica’s panties were equally transparent and Joe could clearly see her wet pussy. The hand caressing her ass trailed up her chest and began softly stroking one of her firm tits.

Jessica’s eyes were closed as she leaned her head back and moaned her boyfriend’s name softly. Her head tilted back as she slowly pinched her erect nipple and her other hand slid down to just inside the waistband of her nearly see-thru underwear.

Joe could tell that she didn’t have much experience playing with herself as the hand in her underwear was only cupping and squeezing her wet pussy rather than concentrating on her clit or virgin hole. Continuing to watch Jessica playing with herself Joe simply leaned against the door frame and let her continue.

Jessica was palming her whole tit now, squeezing it softly off and on as she also rubbed it in a slow circle. The hand down the front of Jessica’s panties also continued to squeeze and release her cunt over and over again, picking up speed. Jessica’s drunken mind didn’t even process the fact she was masturbating out in the open on her couch in her living room, it was only concerned with responding to the needs of her teenage body.

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  Jessica leaned her head back further letting her sweat matted hair trailing down her gleaming back as she opened her golden thighs to give her hand more room. Coming closer and closer to release Jessica began chanting her boyfriend’s name over and over again, wishing it was his hands and fingers dancing across her horny body.

Just before Jessica was about to cum Joe stepped back into the kitchen and clanged the glasses together, “Here we go darlin’. Two Long Island Ice Teas. ”

Jessica froze for a moment. Just enough time for Joe to have a quick peek before Jessica pulled her hands away from her overly sensitized body. Jessica’s shirt had ridden up to just below her tits, giving a small peek at the bottom of each breast and the breast she had been rubbing a moment earlier was nearly spilling out of the top. Jessica’s rock-hard nipples were completely visible through the flimsy shirt. Jessica’s hand flew out of her shorts, trailing her juices and her panties had ridden up so far up her ass that they looked more like a thong and the lips of her vagina were clearly visible. The juices spilled by Jessica’s cunt had soaked through her flimsy underwear and her small patch of dark pubic was barely visible in the see-through material.

Joe placed the two glasses down and sat next to Jessica. When Jessica bent forward to get her drink Joe loosened his pants and positioned his cock to lay pointing straight up with the fat head of his prick resting just over the top.

Joe slapped his lap as he spoke to his drunken and soon to be fucked niece, “Climb up onto my lap princess. Let’s get that sore bottom of yours off this scratchy ol’ couch. ”

Jessica gave her uncle a drunken smile and slurred, “Thanks Uncle Joe.

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  I love you. ”

As Jessica began climbing onto Joe’s lap she leaned forward to give him a kiss but slipped, pressing her young chest into his face. Uncle Joe’s tongue slipped out to caress Jessica’s hard nipple, causing her to let out a startled “Epp!” as she kissed his forehead. Next Jessica kissed one of her uncle’s cheeks and then the other before kissing the tip of his nose and giggling. Next Jessica slid her tender body down and looked deep into her uncle’s eyes. Jessica smiled wide as she leaned forward and gave her uncle a kiss on her lips.

Joe leaned into the kiss, tasting the alcohol on her full and pouty lips. Slipping his tongue quickly into her niece’s mouth Joe gently caressed her pink tongue. Pulling out quickly so as not to scare her, Joe lightly rubbed one of Jessica’s firm ass cheeks and motioned for her to turn around. Just as Jessica was about to settle down, her back to Joe’s chest, he quickly pulled her panties part way down so her exposed ass cheeks rested on his lap with his erect cock resting between them.

Jessica squirmed around a little to get comfortable, and nearly causing her uncle to cum right then, before settling down to watch the next movie. Jessica pulled her uncle’s arms around her despite the heat in the house and quickly downed her entire drink.

Uncle Joe quickly scanned through the move options before finding the perfect one and wrapped his arms around his drunken niece. Joe had picked one of those “Skin-amax” movies, a erotic thriller about a younger woman falling for an older man. One of Joe’s arms slid up Jessica’s body, bunching up her shirt to just leave the bare skin of her lower breasts resting on her uncle’s arm.


  Joe’s other arm slid down Jessica’s to where his hand was resting just below her sweat slick belly button and just above her hot groin. Joe was shocked to feel the moist heat radiating out from his young niece’s now completely see-thru underwear and his cock throbbed in anticipation.

The movie had been on barely five minutes before the first sex scene started and Jessica drunkenly slurred, “Mom would never let me watch a movie like this. ”

“It’s o. k. Jess, it’ll be our little secret. ” Joe said as he slowly rubbed his arm back and forth under Jessica’s firm breasts as his other hand made small circles just above her underwear.

Jessica had begun to unconsciously rub her ass up and down her uncle’s throbbing dick and moaned deeply in the back of her throat as the first sex scene ended.

“That girl had large breasts, didn’t she Uncle Joe?Will mine get that big?” Jessica slurred as she continued to rub her ass back and forth on her uncle’s lap.

“I don’t know baby. Maybe. ” Joe stated as he began to softly nibble and blow on the back of Jessica’s neck.

“Do I have nice breasts Uncle Joe?” Jessica asked as she began to grind harder and harder on her uncle’s lap and the next sex scene of the movie started.

“I don’t know princess. I’ve never seen them.

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Uncle Joe began to lick the sweat off the back of Jessica’s neck as he stopped rubbing her breasts and inched his other hand over the elastic band of her underwear, closer and closer to her steaming hot pussy.

Jessica nibbled her lower lip as she thought and watched the couple fuck on the screen in front of her. She was staring in shock at the scene in front of her. She was confused with what she was feeling and seeing. She was having a hard time thinking straight, her mind jumped to her and her boyfriend kissing and touching each other at school, the feel of her father’s hand as it slapped against her ass, the water sliding down her body in the shower, the throbbing she felt coming from her uncle’s lap, ant the emotions she felt as she watched the couple fuck on television.

Jessica’s brain felt like cotton as Jessica made her decision. Slowly raising her hands she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up and off while turning slightly towards her uncle.

“Do I have nice breasts Uncle Joe?”

Uncle Joe stared at the exposed tits of his young niece. They gleamed with sweat and her nipples were hard with lust.

“They're lovely Jessica. Does your boyfriend like them?”

Jessica stared sheepishly at her uncle for a moment before answering, “Yeah. ”

“Tell me baby. Tell me what your boyfriend does to your breasts. ”

Jessica closed her eyes as she struggled through her drunk mind trying to remember her boyfriend. “He likes it when I don’t wear a bra.

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  He makes me take my bra off after I get to school so he can grab my breasts in the halls between classes. He’ll take my shirt off and rub my breasts across his face while he pinches my nipples. He loves pinching my nipples. Getting them hard before he starts sucking them. Sometimes he’ll even bite them. OH MY GOD!”

When Jessica began drunkenly slurring her story about her boyfriend and her tits. Uncle Joe began sliding her sideways on his lap. Keeping his one hand just above her pussy Joe began caressing Jessica’s tits. When Jessica began talking about her boyfriend rubbing his face on her tits Joe did the same, sliding his face across her sweat slick and hot flesh. When she began talking about her boyfriend pinching her nipples Joe did the same, rubbing the hard nub between his thumb and finger. When Jessica talked about her boyfriend sucking her nipples Joe took the tiny nub in between his teeth and bit down a little bit as he slid his free hand in between her tender, you thighs and cupped her hot, juicy cunt and caused her to scream out.

Jessica had never had someone tough her down there before and now her uncle was palming her wet pussy. Jessica was speechless as she stared down at her lap and watched her uncle released her throbbing pussy and grasp the elastic band of her soaked and transparent panties.

“Uncle… Uncle Joe?What are… what are you doing?” Jessica panted, still slurring her words.

Joe slid his niece’s sodden panties all the way off as he answered, “Just moving these out of your way princess.

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Joe slowly slid his hand up between his niece’s trembling thighs, resting just an inch from Jessica’s drooling cunt. Joe used his middle finger to caress and massage her plump, wet lips and making sure not to get to near her hard little clit or her hungry hole, keeping her from reaching her orgasm. Instead Joe gathered up a bit of Jessica’s juices and began using his finger to circle around her wrinkled little asshole.

“Uncle Joe?” Jessica slurred and panted, her chest and you tits rising and falling quickly, “I don’t think that goes… goes there?”

“I’m just getting it ready for later princess. ” Uncle Joe replied as he gathered up more of Jessica’s juices, careful to keep her from coming just yet, and continued massage her vulnerable asshole.

Jessica spread her tanned legs wider to allow her uncle more room as she leaned into his chest and laid her head on his shoulder, enjoying what he was doing to her.

For a few minutes the young drunken girl just passively laid there enjoying the attention her body was receiving: The feel of her uncle’s finger as it continued to massage her sodden pussy and clenched asshole, her uncle’s hand on her ripe tit as he massaged the moist flesh and his fingers continued to pluck at her hard plump nipple, and the sensation ofher uncle as he bent his head forward and leaned in to kiss her. Uncle Joe’s lips met hers as he plunged his tongue past her lips and began caressing her pink tongue. Jessica quickly responded and began kissing back and moaning into her uncle’s mouth.

Her uncle!Realization crept into Jessica’s drunken mind. She was kissing her uncle, being touched by her uncle, being kissed by her uncle. Jessica leaned back and stopped the kiss with Uncle Joe and stared at him with confused, pleading eyes.

Taking a few minutes to gather her thoughts as her uncle continued to finger her pussy and massaged her tit, Jessica understood what the large, hard lump under her bottom was.

Feeling suddenly lost and helpless Jessica peered at her uncle and asked, “Uncle… Uncle Joe?Are you gonna f… fu… do you want to fuck me?”

Joe looked up into his niece’s face, at her confused, wide eyes and soft full lips panting with lust and need, “Yes Princess. I’m going to fuck you tonight.

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  I’m going to fuck you right now. ”

Uncle Joe stood up, lifting Jessica up with him and then placed her sitting up on the couch with her legs spread wide. Jessica’s wet, mussed hair framed her shoulders and fearful face.

“That’s what you were made for dear. ” Joe said lovingly as he removed his shirt.

“It is?” Jessica asked with a confused look on her face.
“Yes baby. That’s why sweet little girls like you have your sweet little bodies and sweet little pussies. ” Joe removed his shoes and socks and made sure to keep a soft tone in his voice.

“It… it is?” one of Jessica’s hands caressed her sensitive tits while the other trailed down to the moist juncture between her spread thighs.

“Oh yes baby. God made your pretty little pussy to get fucked Jessica. That’s what you’re here for and that’s what I’m going to do. ” Joe kept the soft, loving tone in his voice as he removed his pants and boxers, finally releasing his throbbing cock.

Jessica had closed her eyes, lost in the feelings of drunken bliss mixed with confusion as her hands massaged her sensitive tits and swollen, wet pussy. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 


“Jessica baby. Open your eyes and look at me princess. It’s time to show you what your body was made for. ”

Jessica cracked her eyelids to peek before snapping them open in surprise. She had never seen a penis before and now here was her uncle’s, hard and throbbing an inch from her face.

Joe knelt down on his knees and kissed Jessica again. A full open mouth kiss, his tongue darting into his niece’s slack-jawed mouth and caressing her warm, pink tongue. Joe gently laid Jessica sideways on the couch, her head towards one of the arm rests, and spread open her tan legs. One leg he raised up to place her foot at the top and lowered the other so her other foot was on the ground and spreading her virgin pussy open for him. Joe took a moment to stare at his young niece: her hair dark and wet and messed, her face turned away in shame, her tan body glistening with sweat, her firm tits raising and falling with each breath and cupped by her hard little nipples, her toned stomach and small waist, her thick thighs slick with perspiration and the juices spilling from her pretty pink pussy and open for him and only him. In the course of a evening he had turned his niece from a respectable young girl into a drunken tart with her nude body aching for her uncle’s cock to fuck it.

Joe leaned up and climbed on top of Jessica’s sweaty, panting body and positioned the head of his throbbing cock at the entrance of her wet, virgin cunt. Joe kept the loving, concerned tone in his voice as he whispered sweetly into his niece’s ear, “Here it comes baby. My sweet princess. Everything your hot little body was make for.

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Jessica gritted her teeth and waited as her uncle positioned the tip of his penis at the entrance of her pussy as he was whispering into her ear. When Jessica felt her uncle tense up she took a deep, shuddering breath in anticipation as he penetrated her. And then suddenly, “OHMYGODUNCLEJJJOOOeee!”

Joe thrust his hips forward and buried his cock to the hilt inside of Jessica’s cunt, pinning her to the couch with his dick. All the work Joe had done, the foreplay, her playing with herself, all the alcohol, had enabled him to enter her completely with only one thrust with his cum filled balls resting on her compacted ass-cheeks.

Joe stopped for a moment with his hips resting on the insides of Jessica’s thighs, giving her time to get use to the feeling of getting her virginity ripped away and his dick buried deep inside her. Jessica’s cunt gripped Joe like a wet fist. He hadn’t felt a pussy this tight in years and relished in the sensations of her cunt walls rubbing a flittering against his cock. Jessica’s pussy was so hot, not just warm but hot, and so fucking wet. Joe couldn’t believe how good Jessica’s pussy felt wrapped around his dick. He felt like he should have fucked this young girl years ago.

After the shock of having a dick enter her for the first time Jessica simply laid prone as her uncle filled her no longer virgin pussy. Her face to the side so she didn’t have to watch him fuck her, Jessica was filled with confusion. Her body had never felt like this before. She had played with her nipples before but they had never ached with need like this before, aching to be touched. And her pussy had been wet before but it had never felt the wet, or this hot. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 


Jessica felt her uncle begin to pull his cock slowly out and causing her to take in a deep breath which pressed her aching nipples and firm tits harder into her uncle’s chest. Jessica had expected her uncle to just plunge back and forth inside her but it hadn’t happened like that. As Jessica just limply laid on the couch, accepting that here was nothing she could do, her uncle slowly and softly started fucking her. His penis slowly withdrew to his tip and then slowly slid back into her. Uncle Joe’s cock slowly stretched her pussy walls, filling the aching need in her throbbing pussy. Jessica released her breath in a low sigh as her uncle to continued to slid in and out of her pussy and filling her again and again as she laid passively beneath him.

Joe used great restraint to not just fuck the living shit out of his young niece, to just jack-hammer away inside of her and use her however he wanted until he came. Instead Joe took long, slow strokes to make sure his cock stretched across his young niece’s G-spot and made sure to press his pelvis firmly against her clit as he bottomed out inside of her. Before too long Joe grinned to himself as he bottomed out inside of her. Before too long Joe grinned to himself as Jessica began t respond. First her murmuring sighs became throaty moans as she raised her arms and hands up to grip one of his arms with one of her hands and his shoulder with the other. Next Jessica slowly raised her legs up and locked her ankles around his calves as she began to push her pelvis forwardto get as much of his thick tool as deep inside of her as he could.

As Jessica started getting more into her fist sexual experience she turned her tear stained face up and looked deep into her uncle’s eyes. Strong emotions streaked through her wide, brown eyes: confusion, remorse, confusion, pain, confusion, and slowly lust. Using her uncle’s thrusting body as leverage Jessica pushed her pelvis foreword to meet her uncle’s thrusts.

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  Jessica began to moan as her uncle’s thick cock stretched her pussy, rubbing past her labia and against the rough G-spot inside of her dripping pussy. As her Uncle Joe would bottom out inside of her a little gasp would escape past Jessica’s full lips as his pelvis would scrape across her sizzling clit. And as her uncle would begin to pull back out of her a deep sigh would escape past her lips as her uncle begin to fill her delicate pussy again and again.

As Jessica began participating more Joe began to speed up his thrusts. It took every bit of Joe’s concentration to keep from just jack-hammering away because he had plans for his niece’s body, some very long term fans.

Jessica’s juices slid out from her hungry pussy and down her ass-cheeks to soak into the couch, heat and grunts and moans and the smell of sex filled the air. Joe and Jessica could hear the juicy sounds her wet cunt made as Joe’s cock thrust faster and faster inside of her.

Joe could have lost himself in his niece’s lust filled eyes as he stared down at her but he needed to keep his eyes on a bigger picture. Joe couldn’t just concentrate on her eye’s but the blush across her tear streaked face, the inhale and exhale of air past her plump lips and pink tongue, the rise and fall of her firm tits on her chest as they jiggled slightly with each thrust and finally the feel of her hot cunt as it griped and caressed his throbbing dick. Each thrust of his cock brought his niece closer and closer to cumming Joe stared at the her whole wonton body as he finally got to fuck his young niece.

Jessica was almost there, almost ready to cum. She panted and moaned like a horny bitch in heat as her uncle fucked her, “Oh God!Oh God Uncle Joe!It feels so good. You feel so good. So good inside me. I’m gonna… Oh God Uncle… Joe you making me…”

Suddenly Joe pulled completely out of Jessica’s pussy right as he was about to cum.

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  Her pussy suddenly felt empty and the simple need for cock, to cum, to fuck, filled her. Jessica was caught with a despite, almost animalistic need for sex, “Uncle Joe?What’s the matter?I was almost ready. Did I do something wrong?Wasn’t I good enough?”

Uncle Joe smirked at his pleading niece before picking her up and flipping her over the arm of the couch, leaving her glistening ass fully vulnerable to him.

“Just one more thing little princess. ” All sincerity left Joe’s voice as he lined the head of his cock up to Jessica’s pink, puckered asshole.

Sudden dread filled Jessica when she finally realized what her uncle was about to do. “No Uncle Joe!You can’t!I’ll fuck better. I promise!”

Joe didn’t care about anything Jessica said, he just needed in her ass. Joe began pushing his iron hard rod into his young niece’s ass. The mix of sweat and pussy juice aiding to help ease his cock in. Joe didn’t thrust or piston in, he simply applied a steady pressure as his cock slowly inched into Jessica’s tight ass.
Jessica couldn’t move. Her hands were braced on the floor, her knees on the couch and her uncle pressed against her ass left her paralyzed. Jessica felt her uncle’s cock stretched her rectum wide but couldn’t even scream. She felt like she could feel every vein and pore on her uncle’s cock as it slowly inched and pushed inside of her.

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  The massive amount of alcohol kept her from feeling the worst of the pain as he filled her ass but she suddenly found her voice and let out a shrill moan as she was violated. After what seemed like an eternity her uncle stopped and Jessica could feel his cum filled balls resting on her swollen pussy lips.

“That’s it baby. All filled up. Let me show you what else you can do with your ass. ” Uncle Joe said as he gave Jessica a moment to get used to the feel of her first ass fuck.

Next Joe began pulling out of Jessica’s ass a couple of inches before filling her back up, still giving her time to get used to sodomy. Joe had never felt an ass like this, so hot and tight, and knew he wouldn’t last long.

Jessica was in shock as her uncle began thrusting into her abused ass faster and faster. With everyone of her uncle’s quickening jabs Jessica’s clit would flare against the fabric of the couch causing her whole pussy to throb. After a few more thrusts Jessica began rubbing her pelvis harder and harder on the arm of the couch and trying to build more friction for her clit which would cause her ass to thrust back onto her uncle’s cock and increasing the pleasure for both of them.

Jessica never knew a feeling like this and began grunting, then moaning and then finally yelling out to her uncle. “God fuck yes Uncle Joe!Fuckmefuckmefuckmefuck my ass!Thank you Uncle Joe!Fuck my ass I’m going to CCCUUUMMM!!!”

Jessica’s ass clenched down as her uncle’s cock throbbed deep inside her ass as she came. She yelled out louder as she felt her uncle’s cock slid deep inside her and came, filling her ass with his scolding, thick cum. Jessica clenched her eyes shut as her orgasm tore through her body, her hard nipples pulsing, her hot pussy gushing her juices and her abused ass throbbing in pleasure as she nearly passed out as her orgasm washed over her and began to recede.



Joe released load after load of thick cum inside of Jessica’s ass before falling limply back and causing his cock to pull out with a pop. Joe watched what looked like the largest load of his life dripping out of his young niece’s ass to mix with her own juices before spilling down onto the couch.

After a few minutes of just staring at Jessica’s glistening, up turned and well fucked ass Joe heard her start snoring.

“Humph. Fucked her unconscious. ” He grinned to himself.

Joe gathered up Jessica and her clothes and carried her up to her room and not even bothering to clean her Joe tucked her into bed.

Jessica’s face turned up to her uncle as her eyes opened and she smiled sweetly up at him before passing out.

Joe studied his niece’s slumbering face, thinking how peaceful and beautiful it looked before slipping the head of his cock in her mouth. Jessica’s pink tongue licked over the head once before her lips closed over the invading prick and she softly began to suckle it. Joe thought it was the most beautiful thing he ever saw.

Uncle Joe pulled out his still soft cock and whispered sweetly into Jessica’s ear. “Don’t tell anybody baby. It’ll be our special secret. ”

“Our special secret Uncle Joe.

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  ” She replied before falling back into a blissful sleep.

To be continued. . .