Training Buddy


Topic: Maybe you\'ve heard about the story of an elf who was raised in the North Pole and went off to New York in search of his birth father. He gets a job at Grimbles and falls for a young woman named Jovi and they end up falling in love. Now I\'m going to tell you my part of the story, the one they omitted. This is how I trained Buddy the Elf.
My water was shut off. I decided to shower in the ladies\' locker room. I was feeling lonely since it had been awhile since I had been with a man. I started humming to myself while slowly soaping myself with suds. I paid close attention to my hungry pussy and hard nipples. My humming soon turned into almost unconscious moans as my fingers worked my slit to the point of cumming. That\'s when I heard something right outside the shower. I peeked around the corner only to have this man in an elf costume staring back at me. I was a little taken back, but quickly composed myself. As I grabbed my towel and shut off the water, I was checking this elf out. He stood around 6\'3 with a head full of curly hair, stormy blue eyes, and the tightest pair of stockings I had seen on a guy, a nice big bulge in the front making my mouth water. He wasn\'t the most hottest guy but he was cute.

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  I wouldn\'t mind fucking him. His eyes got wide and he stammered. "o-oh, you\'re not Jovi. " And with the towel wrapped around me, I slowly walked towards him. In a husky voice I replied, "No I\'m not. I\'m Kitty. Can I help you?\' By now I was standing right next to him, my arm brushing his. For some reason I had this incredible urge to rip this man\'s clothes off and fuck him right there. I was getting so horny! He inched back some and said, "oh, well. I\'m Buddy. Buddy the Elf, from the North Pole. " I smiled at him. "Are you \'friends\' with Jovi?\' I asked. "well I know her. I heard her singing in here yesterday and thought she was here again today," He had a nervous smile.

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   I could tell he hadn\'t much experience with women and I decided to break him in then and there. I couldn\'t stop staring at his huge cock. "Do you have naughty thoughts about Jovi?" He gave me a peculiar look and said "Oh, no. I wouldn\'t want to hurt her and get myself on the naughty list. Santa would be most upset with me. " I laughed back at him. Obviously he was naive or insane or both. But what the fuck! I was going to train him and teach him a lesson he would never forget. I let the towel drop off me. "I\'m having naughty thoughts about you Buddy the Elf. You are not going to regret this!" His eyes got wide at the sight of my large bouncy tits. "u-um" was all he could say. I pressed myself against his body and could feel his organ get bigger and press into the side of my leg. I reached down and gave his cock a gentle squeeze. He gasped.

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   I ran my tongue across my lips while staring into his eyes. He looked confused. "Wh-what are you doing?" "I\'m touching your nice big cock. I want to fuck you. And I want you to cum all over me. " I reached around and squeezed his ass. "Do you want me to stop?" Buddy shook his head and gulped "u-h no it feels so good. please don\'t. I\'ve never felt like this before" I kissed him hard on the mouth and ran my tongue along his jawline and then I got on my knees and began to kiss him through his yellow tights, running my tongue along the silky fabric. His hands found the back of my head and he instinctively pushed my head deeper into his crotch.
Suddenly I stopped and stood up in front of him. "Why\'d you stop?\' he asked. "Don\'t talk!" I commanded. "Take off your clothes, now!" He just stood there. "I said now or I\'ll make sure you make the naughty list!" Buddy did as he was told, starting with his shoes.

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   As he slid out of his tights, I noticed he wasn\'t wearing any underwear. My pussy tingled. Within a minute, he was stripped bare. I noticed he had a nice chest with a layer of hair and two succelent little nipples that I would soon be sucking on! I ordered him to turn around. I ogled his cute little ass. I went up to him and slapped his ass hard, leaving a red mark. He whimpered. I whispered in his ear, "Obey me or that\'s what you get, okay?" He nodded yes. I turned him around. I ran my hands up and down his body, exploring. I pinched his nipples and bit and suckled on them. He started to moan, his head leaning back. I knew what he wanted and what I lusted after. I got back down on my knees and slowly took him into my mouth. He shuddered.

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   I felt him growing in my mouth. I licked the head of his nice, meaty cock then licked the underside of the shaft. I cupped his balls with one hand and wrapped my other hand along his cock and started to suck up and down on his cock. My tongue kept working its magic and my fingers gripped him tighter. Faster and faster I sucked him, he was so big in my mouth, the head brushing my tonsils. I deep-throated him for several minutes, savoring the taste of his prick in my mouth, tasting the pre-cum. All of a sudden, Buddy let out a small moan and I felt his balls shrink up. I looked up into his face, his cock engulfed in my mouth. His eyes were closed, his head thrown back. Suddenly his cock spasmed sending his jizz down my throat. I drank up every last drip of his sweet honey. I smeared the remaing cum all over my face. I looked back up at him, his eyes found mine. He was sweating. "Did you like that, Buddy?" He could only nod, his breathing ragged.

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   I spanked his ass and asked again, "yes" he stammered. "It felt great" I can\'t even explain it"
I took him by the hand and led him to the back where there was a couch bed. I pushed him onto the bed and straddled him. "i\'m going to teach you how to fuck me" I said. His cock was still rock hard. I lowered myself onto him, my hands guiding him in. His hands were on my waist. I leaned forward gripping his shoulder and began to move up and down on his cock. It filled my pussy up. I started moaning in pleasure. He began to buck his hips, his grip on me tighter. "That\'s it baby, just like that. " I rode him for several minutes. His hand reached up and began caressing my tit. I looked at him.

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   "I want to touch them" he said. I figured it was my turn to be played with. We faced each other and I took his hands and placed them on my tits. Immediately he brought his mouth to my rock hard nipple and began fervently sucking on it. I threw my head back and moaned with pleasure. He sucked and bit both my nipples for what seemed like an eternity. He was like a baby latched on to his mother\'s tits. He did not want to let go!. But my pussy wanted his silky tongue on it more then anything. So I pushed him back down on the bed and I straddled his face. I grabbed his curly head and pushed it to my crotch. "Lick my clit" I ordered. Immediately his tongue worked its magic, licking my clit. It felt so good. He licked around and around and I kept grinding against his face harder and harder.

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   "Use your fingers on me" I told him. With his tongue running along my slit, he buried two fingers into my pussy. In and out, the sensations were amazing. He drove me to a shattering cllimax and my cum splashed all over his face. He lapped up every ounce of cum out of me. Now more then ever, I wanted Buddy to fuck me in my ass. I bent over the side of the bed and instructed him to stand behind me. His cock was still hard. He slowly rubbed his cock into my crack, up and down. He found my hole and slowly buried himself in it. "Push harder, ram that cock in me. Fuck me with your cock!" I shouted. He needed no further instruction. An animalistic urge took over him and he rammed himself into my ass hole with all his might. I cried out.

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   He stopped. I screamed "don\'t stop. just fuck my ass" He fucked and fucked me until he came all over my ass.
We finally collapsed onto the bed. I wrapped myself around him and held him close. He was sweating and so was I Our breathing took awhile to slow down enough to talk. I stroked his face while I looked into his eyes and said, "Well there\'s your first lesson in fucking" All he could reply was "I like to fuck. Fucking\'s my favorite. " I had several rendezvous with Buddy the Elf and I like it when I tie him up and have my way with him. Now he decided to settle down with Jovi, but he still comes to see me in New York when he wants another fuck lesson.