Degrassi: First Loves- Episode 2


Episode 2 in the planned 20 Episode Season of Degrassi: First Loves. I included a character chart to show which characters are which.

"Guess who's back early. . . . . ?" Spinner said

"I'm glad you're back early, you know how much I hate being all work up. Plus you just left me here, all horny and no Spinner to help that situation. The funny thing is if you didn't walk in that minute, I was about to finish my self off. " Emma said.

"I'm sorry babe. Just be glad that I'm here now, and willing to do anything you want. " Spinner said stepping closer to Emma.

"Anything?" Emma asked

"Yes. .

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  . anything I'm your personal sex slave. " Spinner stated

"Well you know my friend Manny?" Emma asked

"Of course I do. " Spinner said

"Well me and her were talking and she sort of just broke up with her boyfriend and is really needing a good fuck. . . . sooo I said "Why don't I let you fuck Spinner, it's been my fantasy to watch you guys fuck each other. " Well Manny said "If it's alright with you. I'd have no problem. " Soooo I kinda told her to get over he ASAP. She'll be here in 6 hours or so, just in time for dinner. " Emma said

"Well I mean Manny's hot and all, and after all she was my first, and she has one tight pu---"

"I get it. She's nice. Just don't get use to it.

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   Your still my Spinner. " Emma said

The opening of the show rolls.

"I miss you tight body. And your gorgeous perky tits baby. " Declan said

"Talk dirty to me baby. " Holly J exclaimed, grabbing her vibrating dildo and caressing the outside of her swollen pussy.

"When you get back to New York, I'm gonna fuck you so hard. First I'm gonna tie you across my bed, and lick your pussy until you squirt across the room, then I'll make you suck on my dick until you gag. Then I'll untie you and make you take it from behind. Fucking you deeper and deeper until I reach the end of that tight little hole of yours and---" Declan said being stopped half way through

"Ahhh fuck I'm coming. I'm coming!!!" Holly J screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Honey. What's the matter?" a voice said coming from Holly J's webcam.

"Ahh nothing mom. Just the ahhh TV!!" Holly J exclaimed.



"Wow! Baby that was amazing. I'm sorry but I have to go now. . . get on tomorrow mourning" Declan said "You need to hurry up you're gonna be late for your first day. "

"Ok baby. Love you" Holly J said, while her pussy was still dripping.

New scene starts with Alli, KC, and Jenna in homeroom.

"I can't believe who my With A Buddy partner is!!" KC said

"Why? Who is it sweetie? Jenna asked

"Miss. I'm to smart for everyone, Miss. I'm the biggest nerd in Sophomore class. Clare. " KC said

"O that bitch who try to steal you away from me. " Jenna said staring down Clare

"Well. I guess I'm the only one that got a good partner. 

   Ahhh. This year is gonna be great. " Alli said

"Why who did you get?" asked Jenna

"The new hottest guy in Degrassi. Drew Torres. " Alli said staring at Drew.

"Who did you get Jenna?" Alli asked

"Ahh nobody. . nobody special" Jenna said as the bell rang for first period.

"You can tell me later. " Alli said.

KC was the last person at of the classroom, and while he was on his way out he noticed a paper on the floor.

Name: Jenna Middleton
Buddy: Kyle Hart

Who could this be thought KC, it must be a new student he never heard this name before.

New scene begins this time at Emma and Spinner's apartment.

"Guess who's here!!!" Manny yelled

"Manny!!!" Emma yelled

"Where's Spinner?" Manny asked

"Oh hear's taking a shower. .

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  . freshening up. " Emma said.

"Well how bout we get warmed up before he gets hear. " Manny said taking off her shirt, revealing perfectly shaped tits. "How bout I show you want I wanted to do with you for years. "

"Manny? Are you sure about this?" Emma asked

"Shut up and make me cum!" Manny exclaimed

Manny walked over a pulled Emma's top over her head and threw it on the couch.

"Wow! Emma your tits are beautiful. " Manny said

She then put her moist lips around her pointy nipples, slowly sucking away at them.

"Ahh. Manny I'm wet! Finger me Manny!" exclaimed Emma

Manny pushed Emma onto the Diner table and unhooked her belt, she then started working her way down Emma's body until she reach her pants. Manny slowly removed them watching Emma's eyes fill with passion. Under her pants was a gorgeous shaved pussy.

"Wow. Your pussy's dripping Emma.

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  " Manny said

"Get my dildo! Shove it right in me!" Emma said

Manny reached over and grabbed Emma's dildo, put the vibration on high, and shoved it right up Emma's pussy.

"Ahhh! Fuck it feels so good. Shit!!" Emma yelled

Manny let the dildo stay in Emma's pussy making her twitch and squirm. She then started sucking on Emma's clit making Emma's eyes roll back into her head.

"What's going on?" Spinner said with a grin on his face.

"Come over and fuck Manny!!" Emma screamed in pleasure.

Spinner walked over and pulled down Manny's pants.

"Eat my ass!" Manny yelled

Spinner dove right in switching from Manny's ass to her pussy. Making Manny squeal in pleasure.

"Stick it in Spin. " Manny said with a grin.

Manny was still working on Emma. Emma was still squirming and yelping in pleasure.

"Manny finger me. .

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  hit my g-spot, make me squirt. " Emma demanded.

'Ahh. Hang on! Fuck! Spinner's dick is so big I need to get use to it!" Manny yelled in pleasure

In and out Spinner went, he could feel Manny's body tense up every time he stuck his dick in her. Remembering a scene from a porn movie, Emma made a V of her first two fingers and slid them down so that Spinner's dick was inside the V. Technically she was touching both of them. Her fingers were resting on Manny's pussy lips, and they were stroking Spinner's shaft on either side as it went in and out.

"MMMM" was Manny's reaction

Manny then stuck her pointer and middle finger inside Emma's pussy.

"I'm gonna make you cum bitch!!" Manny yelled at Emma

"Make me cum Manny!! Make me squirt all over you!!" Emma yelled

So she did, Spinner pounding, Manny and Manny hitting Emma's G-Spot making her yell at the top of her lungs. As it happened, Emma's orgasm hit first, Emma squirted all over Manny's face, Manny licking it with her tung. Spinner cummed right on Manny's back. Manny wasn’t quite there and Emma had lost concentration, her hand flailing, Manny shoved the vibrator in her pussy and cummed all over Spinner's stomach.

"Fuck!!! Ahhh!!! Ahhh!!! Ahhh!!!" Manny screamed squirting all over. "Fuck!!"

Manny then collapsed over Emma's body making out with her. Spinner did the same over Manny.

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"We need to do this again sometime!" Spinner laughed.