A Clockwork Orange Girlfrriend chapter 1


A Clockwork Orange girlfriend
Korey Flad
Aka clockwork orange

Demi Lovato pulled out a sharp and perfect size knife from her pocket; she turned it around over and over in her hand as held it in her right hand. The blade was shinning in the dim light as Demi moved slowly over to the helpless girl whistling as she held the knife. Demi stood in front of the girl. Demi’s eyes were evil looking as she grabbed the girl’s arm and pulled her up to her feet, standing face to face, Demi smiled at the girl, as she was crying as Demi held a tight firm grip on her arm. While Demi was looking at the crying girl, Demi lean closer to the girl’s ear and whispered. “Hush hush”, Demi whispered into the girl’s ear as she pressed the blade into the girl’s chest and eased it slowly inside her skin. The wound begun to bleed as Demi laughed at the dying girl screaming in pain as Demi kept a tight grip on her arm and made her stand there as Demi forced the knife deeper into her skin. Demi had a sick smile on her face as she stabbed the knife deeper into the skin. I was grinning as I stood there watching my girlfriend kill this girl in front of me. Demi pulled out the knife dripping with blood as she let go of the girl’s arm and she fell dead to the ground. Demi turned to me and smiled as she licked the bloody blade with her tongue and smirked at me.
“I like the taste of girl’s blood”. Demi said with an evil laugh as she walked over to me and gave me a hug.
“Come on Korey let’s go have some fun tonight”. Demi said to me as she grabbed my hand and she placed her bloody knife back into her pocket and we both walked side to side leaving the dead girl on the floor and closed the door as we exited the building. I held tight to Demi’s hips as they moved side to side walking down the gravel road.

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Our black boots crackled as we walked down the street. Our black hats were covering our faces halfway as we had evil grins and we left the girl’s house and headed to our hide out.
We were singing a little tune as we arrived at our hang out.
We arrived at are hide out as I let go of Demi who skipped over to the couch and sat down. I was making drinks for the both of us as I looked over at Demi who was sitting whit her legs crossed and smiling at me she looked very sexy as I looked at her. Demi wore a black hat, her face was pure but under the left eye were eyelashes. Her shirt was a white dressed shirt with white straps that hooked from the waist, and to the back side of her waist. They lapped over her Breasts under the shirt as her cuffs had white eye ball buttons which were now bloody with blood. Her white pants were very tight on her fit legs as her black military boots were tied tightly as she looked over at me, and gave me a devilish grin, as I turned around and finished making the drinks.
I walked back over to her holding the drinks in my hands. I held out the drink, which Demi took it and waited for me to sit down next to her. I sat down and looked at Demi who looked at me and we both took sips from are drinks and smiled. I removed my lips from my drink and leaned in to give Demi a kiss on her cheek.
Demi blushed as she was still drinking.
I sighed as Demi placed her drink down and uncrossed her legs and paused.

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I looked at my self in the mirror on the wall and saw what I was wearing.
The same as Demi, but I was a guy and not a girl.
Demi stood up in front me and smiled. I was puzzled as she slowly moved her hands across her body and down her chest. I was getting a little hard as Demi smiled and took the straps in her hands and eased them off, they fell to the sides of her as her shirt was loose and free. I could see her breasts under her shirt so supple and prefect as I felt my cock throbbed in my pants. I watched as Demi continued to strip tease me in are hang out. Demi moved her hands to the bottom of her shirt as she tossed her hat off and her long brunette hair flowed in the air as she gave me a naughty look with her eyes and lips.
Her hands now grabbed the bottom of her shirt as she slowly pulled it up and off her chest and exposed her breast so supple and perfect to me, I almost gasped as I saw them bounced in the air and hang perfect from her chest. I was really hard now as I looked at Demi.
“Very nice very nice Demi”. I said as Demi smiled at me and wiggled around in front of me.
I put my hand into my pants and pulled out my throbbing member and held it out for Demi as she smiled and moved in closer to it her breast hovered above them as she looked at me with her eyes. I kissed her on the lips as she kissed me she took a hold of my cock and stroked it up and down as we kissed I was gasping under the kissing and. I was feeling very good as Demi stroked me harder and giggled as she kissed me.

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   I enjoyed the hand job as Demi brought me to a climax I was let loose as I came. Demi smiled and placed her face closer t my wet member and she stuck out her tongue and slowly licked my wet covered member. She moved up to the tip and than looked back at me. I nodded as I could not say a word as she continued to lick me up. I was in a pleasure coma could not speak or move as she opened her mouth and took in my throbbing member into her pretty mouth of hers and sucked me off.
“Oh Demi yes that it baby right there”, I gasped as she moaned with cock in her mouth and kept her mouth on my cock. Licking and sucking the entire shaft in her mouth. I placed my hands on her breasts, they felt so soft and tender in my hands as I softly squeezed them. Demi moaned softly as I played with her breasts and nipples with my fingers. I kept playing with her tits as Demi moaned and gasped. I let go as I came inside her mouth and looked at her she looked up at me with her eyes she moaned as she swallowed my come. I nodded as she sucked me off a little more. She finished licking the last drop of come as she pull out my cock out her mouth and smiled whipping her chin with her hand. I smiled at her as she got re dressed. I put my cock back inside my pants and sighed with a rush pleasure left me.


   I watched as Demi finished getting dressed and she sat next to me on the couch.
“That was so tasty, like killing that dumb girl tonight”. Demi giggled as she hugged me and looked up at me with her eyes.
I looked down at her and smiled.
“Well Demi lets get out of here and get another dumb girl to fool around and perform the old in out in out”. I said as Demi smiled and stood up and took my hand and pulled me up, we both walked out of are hideout and headed to the streets.
We walked along the cold streets to the park where holding hands were, we held tight together as we saw a teen girl sitting on the bench. We slowly walked up to the unaware girl.
“Well, well, what do we have here a teen girl out in the night on night like this sitting on a bench”. I said to Demi who giggled and the girl looked at us both.
“Please don’t hurt me please leave me alone”. The girl begged us both to stop are teasing.
“Oh hush little sweetie". Demi said as she walked over and sat next to the girl and looked at her face.
The girl fought Demi’s hands from touching her hair and face.

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   I turned my head to the side and looked at the girls.
“Oh and what is so bad my dear”? I said as the girl was she now getting scared and nervous as I looked at her and Demi was touching her body, feeling her up, with her hands.
“Please stop and leave me alone please”? The girl was starting to cry as she begged us to stop again.
“Oh clam down little sweetie”. Demi said as she wiped the tears away from the girl’s cheeks and kissed her after.
The girl wiggled as Demi’s lips touched her cheek. I watched the poor girl fight my girlfriend with her hands. I admired the girl’s body she wore a bright yellow blouse and tight black skinny jeans that made me imaging sweet and hot thoughts of me fucking her as Demi had her way with her too.
Yes my friends I was liking this as I kept dreaming and hoping it would come true oh, yes my friends I was a real freak but I did enjoy the old in out in out, on any random hot girl. As I imagined the action, Demi was getting frisky with the helpless girl. Demi pulled at her yellow blouse as she removed it and felt up her breasts as the girl screamed and kicked around on the bench, I was watching as Demi kept fighting back. Now Demi hands got a good hold of her pants and eased the zipper down and grabbed the sides and pulled down her jeans as she wiggled and kicked the helpless girl was weak and giving in to Demi as she removed her jeans. Oh Demi admired the girl’s tight pussy so tight and smooth as the tiny little hairs were neatly trimmed and formed an arrow downward. Demi licked her lips as she looked over her naked prize in front of her.
I came back from my dream and rejoined my girlfriend and helped out by grabbing the girl’s arms as Demi moved over a little and placed her face down near the pussy and smelt her sweet aroma as she looked up and the girl’s bright blue eyes tearing and shaking her head no, as Demi placed her tongue over the tender skin.

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   The girl wiggled and moved around on the bench as Demi licked her, I held tight to her arms trying to keep her still for Demi. Demi kept licking the girl’s clit with her tongue. I was licking my lips as I stared at the girl’s breasts jiggle and bounce as Demi was tongue fucking her.
‘What nice breast you have there, my sweet dear”. I said as the girl screamed and moaned back at me.
“Oh Demi she wants to her friends to joint the fun”. I said to Demi who nodded and she placed her hands on the girl’s breast and rubbed them all around as the girl screamed and tried to free herself from my grip, but it was useless as Demi licked and played with her breast, I kept a hold on her arms as we had are fun on this helpless teen girl on the bench in the park.
The girl let out a gasped as she closed her eyes and pasted out. Demi finished liking her juices up as she removed her hands from her breasts and stood up looking at the naked girl in front of her.
“Oh she needs a good old in out in out”. Demi said to me as she stood up and took over her arms for me as I had my way with this girl. I dropped my pants and got on the bench looking down at her pussy, my cock was throbbing in the air as I eased up and positioned my self before I stuck inside her tight pussy with my member. I got slowly inside her as I gasped it felt so great on my cock the tender wet lips wrapping tightly around my cock. “Oh yes she is ready baby”. I said to Demi as she giggled and retained her grip.

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   I performed the in out on her for a good five hours before I came inside her and kept going, for another climax. Demi was giggling the whole time I fucked her. I placed my hands on her breasts and fiddled them around. Squeezing her nipples with my fingers as I kept fucking. I built up another climax as I closed my eyes and released inside her I felt great as I opened my eyes and kept stroking her. I pulled out of her now dripping cunt and looked up at Demi and Demi smiled at me as I reached over closer to her and gave her a kissed we kissed as we hovered above the passed out girl. I pulled back and got dressed as Demi let go her arms and placed them on her chest crossing her arms over her chest. I finished getting dressed as we looked back at the girl we laughed and than turned around and walked around the park leaving the fully nude girl on the bench and we both whistled as we walked hand in hand down the park’s path to the pond.
“Thank you Korey for a good old time in the park tonight”. Demi thanked me as I nodded and we walked to the pond, the soft sounds of the water lapping were peaceful as I we walked around the pond and saw the turtles sitting on the rocks near by in the water.
I was feeling happy with Demi Lovato as we both walked in the park and we headed to my place for a nights sleep. We arrived to the parking lot near my house as we both walked to the front door and I opened the door for her as she walked inside and I fallowed her after. I closed the door as the room was normal and peaceful. Demi sat down on the couch as I rejoined her and we both headed to my room and went to bed. I got to my room and jumped on my bed as Demi hoped on next to me and we talked a little as Demi’s head rested among my chest and I brushed her hair as we both talked until we fell asleep.

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The next morning I awoke to the sweet sound of music, yes my friends a sweet bird had flew into my window and started to sing it song to me. I awoke to see Demi still sleeping next to me. The music was my radio playing a CD. I could make out the song as it was The Small Print by Muse. I sighed as I fell back into bed next to Demi. I placed my hand on her shoulder as she wiggled and moved, I held tight to her as she snuggled closer to me and moaned quietly as I stared up at the ceiling looking at my posters ofrandom stuff.
I closed my eyes as I fell asleep again dreaming of Demi as she was naked and me too on the snow fucking in the icy cold snow as we both screamed and moaned we felt passion for both of us.
I smiled as Demi awoke and looked at me and kissed me. I awoke to her lovely face looking at me.
“Morning”. She said as she smiled at me. I nodded as I placed a kissed on her cheek.
She giggled a little as I kissed her.
“So are you ready to do some more naughty mischief”. Demi looked at me as I nodded and stood up from my bed she looked at me as I stretched my arms into the air and yawned.

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“Well Demi, lets go have some fun”. I said as I stood up and got out of bed and headed for my door.
I and Demi both headed out of my room and into the kitchen where we had some food. We ate as we thought of plans for the day and night.
“I feel the urge to drive to a random place”. Demi said to me as I had an idea pop into my head. I nodded as I looked at Demi who was smiling at me as she brushed her hair back out of her face.
“Let go for a ride”. I said as I grinned and waited for Demi.
We finished eating as we left my house; I grabbed the keys as I exited the door.
My car sat outside in the driveway as I unlocked the car and got in. Demi sat down as I started the car up. The engine purred real nice as we drove off down the road into the country side. The windy turns and straights my eyes peering down the long road as I played hogs of the road against the other car. Demi was laughing and giggling as we ran off other drivers off the road.

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I smiling as the feel of the car felt and the giggling and laughing from Demi made me feel oh as good as I kept driving down the road.
We drove down the road few more miles until we reached a house. I pulled in the driveway as we looked at the house we both looked at each other and smiled.
I parked the car and I and Demi got out as we both headed to the front door.
Demi’s hand was in her pocket fiddling with her knife, as I knocked on the door.
A voice answered the door.
“Yes what is it”?The voice asked.
‘Help please my girlfriend is badly hurt in the street I need to use a phone to call for help please”. I said as I waited for a reply.
“I am sorry to hear that hold on”. The voice said as I heard the door lock, unlock.
The door slowly opened as I kicked screaming and yelling as me and Demi rushed the house inside we saw a terrified girl as I grabbed her and Demi ran after me as we went to the living room and I saw a another girl as I kicked her in the face with my boot and pinned her to the floor. As Demi grabbed the other girl and lifted her up with her arms and played with her pussy with her fingers as she touched her sexually and giggled and laughed.
That is when I broke into a song.
“I am singing in the rain”, I sang as I looked at the helpless girl on the floor crying and begging me to let her free and stop as I kept singing the song.


I started to dance as I kicked the girl in the stomach on the floor making her scream in pain as Demi was laughing and still touching the girl on her shoulder. I pulled out a rubber ball from my pocket as I went to a desk near by and picked up the tape, and slowly hummed the song as I pressed the ball into the girl’s mouth and taped it as I slapped her on the face. She moaned and whimpered as I went over to Demi and slapped her ass as I place another rubber ball into the other girl’s mouth and wrapped around with tape and I smiled at her. I was humming still as I walked over and picked up the sharp knife and spun it around as I walked over to the girl with Demi. Demi put the girl to her feet as she held her arms back and I showed the terrified girl the blade as I started to remove her clothes cutting holes out to expose her breasts and I moved down to her legs and cut the fabric as I move up to her waist and removed her clothes off as she was not fully nude and moaning as I grinned at her and walked over to the girl on the floor.
I bent down and looked into the girl’s tear filled eyes.
“Vidy well vidy well my sweet dear vidy well” I said as I stood up and went back to the nude girl and removed my pants and started to fuck the girl’s pussy as Demi held a tight grip. She giggled and laughed as I fucked her. The girl screamed and moaned under the gag as I fucked her nice and good.
I looked over to the other girl who was trying to hide her eyes from watching her best friend being raped by me.
Demi giggled as I came into the girl and pulled out and pulled my pants up and smiled at the girl as I slapped her face again. Demi released her grip as the girl fell to the floor and out. Me and Demi looked at the other girl as I had finished the first girl off, I wanted Demi to have some fun as I watched Demi get on top of the grill and start to grin up along her back and grabbed her head and shook it as I walked around the house and found money and stuff and put into my pockets. As I walked into a bedroom I searched the room for stuff as I saw a box underneath the bed, I bent down and pulled it out as I opened a box on the floor under the bed. I saw a sex toy as I grabbed and went back to Demi and girl.

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   I held it in my hand as I walked to them two.
“Naughty naughty girl you are my dear”. I said as I placed the toy in front of her face and showed Demi who smiled and nodded in agreement. I handed it to her as she got up and placed it on and smiled.
I used the blade and cut a hole in the girl’s shorts near her ass. I looked back at Demi who smiled and pressed her self closely as she placed the toy into the girl’s backdoor and started to fuck her in the ass. I smiled as I watched my girlfriend enjoy her fun on this helpless girl. Demi fucked the girl for a good three hours until the girl pasted out and Demi was now fucking a limp body. Demi pulled out of her ass and stood up looking at the girl’s ass. Demi could see her untouched pussy as she licked her lips. I notice what Demi was looking as I pulled apart the ripped hole giving Demi and wider view. Demi bend down crawled over to the helpless pussy and was deep face into it as she licked it over with her pinkish tongue and licked the soft tender skin. “Oh yes yum ugh”, Demi gasped as the pussy tastes so great and started to eat her out harder and make it open and drip slowly, as I sat in a chair and watched her go to town on the girl.
Demi finished her pussy meal as she stood up and removed the sex toy from her waist and looked over at me.
‘Let go to the bar for a nightcap’.

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   Demi said as I nodded and stood up and we both left the two girls on the floor and left the house and headed to the bar.
We drove back in the fog as the mist hit our faces we smiled and laughed at the feeling.
We arrived at the bar and I parked the car and we both headed inside I held on to Demi’s waist as we walked inside and saw lots of people chilling and enjoying their drinks as I let go of Demi who went over to the couch and sat down. I made to drinks for me and Demi as I walked over to her and held hers outward.
“Here you go my sweet dear”. I said as Demi smiled and thanked me by taking he drink and waiting for me to join her.
“That was a fun time”. Demi said to me as we both sat in the bar the music was low but a good tune. As I smiled and took a sip of my drink we both looked at each other as we smiled. I looked back at the others in the bar and sighed, as in my mind was filled with thoughts of me and Demi fucking on the snow again.
Oh yes my friends the fun as only begun.
To be continued.
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