A Clockwork Orange Girlfriend chapter 2


A Clockwork Orange Girlfriend part 2
By Korey Flad
Aka clockwork orange

Yes the fun had just begun for me and Demi as we both sat in the bar again we drank our drinks as we had lots of thoughts rush are heads and give us twisted and sick ideas of fun for the night. I took another sip of my drink as I knew what to do tonight. I looked over at Demi and elbowed her as she turned to me and smiled.
“Hey what are you thinking about”? Demi asked me as I smiled.
We finished are drinks and left the bar and headed for my car. We got in as I drove off to the destination. We drove again in the dark and long roads. The car felt good as we drove to the abandon playhouse
I stopped the car as me and Demi got out and grabbed are little tools. Demi grabbed her knife as I grabbed my stick with a blade hidden in it. We walked inside the broken front door and sneaked inside as we saw got to the stage we could see Danny boy and his two droogs. They were performing the old in out on a helpless girl as the three of them pulled and tugged at the teen’s girl arms and legs trying to get a touch or a feel of her supple body and get her down on the old mattress on the stage. The cries and moans of the girl echoed in the playhouse as me and Demi stood in the shadows and watched this horroish show taking place. Demi was ready to kill as I looked over at her. I looked back at Danny boy as they brought the girl down and started to have their way with her and perform the in out in out on her.
I kicked an old empty glass milk bottle on the ground with my boot as me and Demi started walk out of the shadows.
“Well well, Danny boy I see you having your fun, how about you three have some fun trying to fight us two here, if you have the balls too, oh how about it Danny boy”? I said as looked at him with a crazy smile on my face.

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   Danny looked up at me and his two droogs did the same as the nude helpless girl ran free and escaped and the three of them looked at me and Demi.
“Well then, get them boys”. Danny said as he pulled his switch blade out and flipped the blade up, and spit on the ground as they started run towards us two. I laughed as I they ran off the stage and headed towards me and Demi. While they crashed into me and Demi.
Demi kicked one as she was on the ground and cut the other in the face with her knife as I grabbed the Danny by the head and pulled him down and started to beat him over and over with my stick and then with him knocked out, I pulled out the blade and grabbed his head back and cut his neck as he bleed. “Very well Danny boy very well”. I said as I stood up and walked over to Demi. I could see Demi as I walked over to her; she was taking on two droogs by herself as she was giggling as she was wining the fight. Demi grabbed the one of them by the arm as she took him down and punched him in the face and jaw. I helped out and took the other droog and kicked him with my boot in the face as he dropped, I ran up and got on top of him and beat him over and over. Demi grabbed her knife as she slashed into the droog and cut him in the chest and face. Demi was not done as he pasted out. Demi grabbed him by the arm and dragged him across the ground to a clear open area and saw a bottle of lighter fuel in the corner of her eye as she smiled and went over to it and pick it up and went back to the droog and drew a circle and splashed some on his body and face as Demi fished emptying the bottle she tossed it aside and grabbed a match from her pocket and starched it as the flame glowed she flicked it over him as the flame touched the fuel his body and circle went up in flames. Demi laughed and giggled “don’t play with fire you get burned”? As she turned around and walked back to me smiling as she headed towards me.

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   I was still punching the last droog in the face and my fist were raw with blood now as I hit him one last time in the jaw I was breathing heavy as I heard a voice telling me to stop.
’Hey Korey let go now”. Demi asked me as she took me by the arm and pulled me up off the knocked out droog. I sighed as I took Demi by the hip and we both walked out of the playhouse as we had finished off Danny boy and his two droogs. We exited the playhouse as we walked up to my car. We got inside as I started it up and drove off down the road. The fresh breeze and moonlight sky made a perfect night for us two as we smiled and enjoyed the ride back on the road. I kept driving as Demi was touching her knife’s blade with her fingers and sighing.
“Oh and what is the matter my sweet dear”? I asked Demi who looked over at me as she spoke.
“Oh nothing much I am just feeling a little tense and need to loosen up a bit I guess”. Demi replied as I peeked over and nodded at her re focusing on the road as I drove down the dark long road. I drove to our secret hang out. I could see the dim lights near by as I drove faster down the road now. I pulled into the parking lot and stopped the car as I got out; I walked over to Demi’s side and helped her out of the car. “Here you go”.

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   I said as I put my hand out for her. Demi smiled as she took my hand and stepped out of the car.
Now on her feet, Demi brushed her hair away form her face as she took my hand still and we both walked into the hang out building.
I opened the door as Demi thanked me and walked inside and I followed her after as we went to the couch and sat down I felt good as we sat down and thought about the night. Demi pulled her legs up to her chest as she got closer to me and placed her head on my lap. My leg was crossed over my other leg as Demi head laid among my lap. She looked up at me as I was looking straight at the mirror.
“Hey what is the matter”? Demi softly asked me as I looked down at her.
“Oh nothing my dear I am just a little confused on what to do right now”. I said as Demi nodded and thought about something to do. As I placed my hand on my chin and rubbed my chin thinking as I looked at my self in the mirror. Demi got an idea as she looked back up at me. “Hey I know this house where a girl lives by herself; she was nasty and a mean person to me so I need some payback”. Demi looked up at me as she waited for my answer to her idea.
“I looked down at her and smiled as I placed a kiss on her forehead, Demi squeezed her eyes shut as I kissed her on the forehead making her giggle as it tickled a little.

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“Lets go visit her than”. I said as Demi smiled and stood up and I got up. Demi followed me to the car. We got inside as we then drove off to the house. We drove down the road as the fog rolled in and cast down and the thin mist hit us as we drove threw it and headed fast down the long road. My hands were firm on the steering wheel as I moved side to side down the twist and turns in the road. I was grinning as I was thinking of an ultra violence night for the both of us. Demi was screaming in joy as sped up and I floored the gas and we were zooming fast down the road as we saw the lights glowing from the widows across the distance as we drove closer to the house. I smiled again as I felt good ever so good now as we drove in the car this night was about to be very fun for us. We arrived at the driveway as I slowly eased up to the house and quietly parked the car as we got out and headed to the door. Demi skipped over to the front door as I waited behind and waited for the go. Demi knocked on the door as she waited for someone to answer it.
“Hello who is it”? The voice said from behind the door. Demi answer the reply.
“Yes please help me I been raped I need to help”.

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   Demi said as she faked her tears from her eyes and acted so sad. The voice paused.
“Hold on”. The voice said as the door lock could be heard unlocking and the door slowly eased open. ‘Demi turned to me as she had an evil grin on her face as she looked back at the door and kicked it open, with her boot. The door slammed open as she ran inside and after the teenaged girl who was stunned and shocked at what was happening to her.
I ran inside after as Demi had pinned the girl to the floor. Demi sat on top of her as she laced her knife on the girl’s cheek and held her down. Demi sat there as she looked down at the girl.
“Please…don’t hurt me…please…let me go…. ” The girl said who was looking up at Demi as I searching the house for anyone else and other special stuff.
“Hush hush now sweetie, I don’t want to hurt you just yet, I want to tease you”. Demi laughed at the girl. “So what is your name sweetie”? Demi asked as she moved the knife over the girl’s face down her cheek and neck slowly. “My name is Jessica….

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  please don’t hurt me…. please. ” Jessica said as she started to cry. “Oh no needs to cry my dear I am going to make you feel so good when we are done you will thank me and maybe might let you live”. Demi said as she smirked deviously she licked her knife’s blade and pressed it against Jessica’s face. Jessica kept crying as Demi was giggling and I walked back into the room with them two. I was holding my stick behind my neck as I bend down in front of Jessica’s face. “You are so terrified aren’t you”? I said as I laughed at her while I looked over at Demi and gave her a kiss. While I kissed Demi on the lips Jessica wiggled and cried as I pulled back from Demi’s lips and looked at Jessica.
“Listen Jessica and listen well more you fight the more Demi and I will hurt you”. I said to Jessica who whimper and sobbed and nodded up and down at me as I smiled and thanked her.
“Okay my sweet dear let’s have are fun”. I said as Demi got up off of Jessica and started to cut her clothes off with her knife as I looked at Jessica’s tear filled eyes and smiled. Demi tongue was sticking out as she made the cuts and eased the blade down the fabric and ripped off the clothes from Jessica’s body. Nude Jessica lay on the ground as her body was so fine.

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   Demi smiled as she removed the last article of clothing off of Jessica and looked over her body as Jessica was crying and trying to fight us two.
Demi moved the knife down Jessica’s skin slowly as she moved over her entire body with the blade and gently pressed down on her pussy, with end of the blade.
“Oh you are very tight down there I can tell”. Demi said as she licked her lips and looked over at me and then back at Jessica. I was feeling a little aroused as I watched Demi tease Jessica. “You remember me Jessica you remember when you teased me”. Demi said in a loud tone. “No no I don’t remember, I am so sorry please let me go please”. Jessica begged Demi.
“Well I am sorry you don’t remember, maybe I make you remember by teaching you a lesson”. Demi said as she placed her hands on Jessica’s shoulder and rubbed down to her ass cheeks. Demi sneaked two fingers in between her cheeks and felt her rosebud and tight lips. Demi moved her knife over to the backside of Jessica as she pressed the blade against her skin making Jessica scream and wiggle as the blade poked into the skin deeper as started to bleed as Demi push down harder and got the knife into Jessica’s back. Demi giggled as she stabbed Jessica’s body over and over with the blade. Jessica’s body was stabbed all over with Demi’s knife as her screams of pain made me feel so good, I started to whistle as I let Demi cut and bleed Jessica.

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   Demi forced the knife into Jessica’s pussy and cut the lips as the blade sank into the tight slit and Demi pushed in and out as the blade cut the skin and blood started to drip. Jessica was screaming as the blade cut her pussy on the insides. Demi just laughed as she kept stabbing her over and over until Jessica pasted out and Demi pulled the knife out dripping and cover from the blood Demi’s hand was red with blood as she licked the blood off with her tongue and had build an orgasm over the licking of Jessica’s blood.
“Oh ugh ugh yes yummy”. Demi said as the blood dripped from the corners of her mouth and smiled at me. I walked over and kissed Demi as the bloody kiss left blood on my lips and face. I licked it up as I smiled at her and Demi stood up and walked around to a chair where she sat down and watched me have my fun with Jessica now.
I stood over the naked body of Jessica, as I looked at her tight ass and her smooth skin glow in the faint lighting in the room. I pulled down my pants as I got to my knees and grabbed Jessica’s shoulders as I eased up and placed my throbbing member up against her butt. I moved up and down in between the cheeks as I got in between to her tight rosebud. I pushed on it as I felt her clench up. I pushed harder as I pushed inside the tight hole and my cock was quickly engulfed by her tight muscles. I eased in and out getting deeper each time as I fucked her backdoor. I bite my tongue as I got fully inside her. I grunted as I started to fuck her harder and longer.

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   I gripped her tighter on her shoulders as I pulled her closer to my chest. I was getting in deeper to the point of coming as I moaned I came inside her a felt a great pleasure as I pulled out. I looked over at Demi who was blushing as she was really turned on by me fucking Jessica’s tight ass. I smiled up at her as I pulled myself back again and got my self in order. I looked down at the limp body of hers and laughed as I walked over to Demi and took her hand as she stood up from the chair and we walked out of the room to the front door. We kissed as we both exited the house and headed for my car. We got into my car and I started it up as I looked over at Demi and gave her an evil smile grin.
“Shall we go my dear”? I said
As Demi smiled.
“Let’s go my dearest one let us both enjoy the ride back and we will get us a night cap to finish the night off with”. Demi said
As I pulled out of the driveway and head to the road where I drove off into the moonlight road and headed to the bar for a nightcap. As we arrived at the bar, we sat inside the dim lighted bar as the music played and me and Demi drank are drinks as we both enjoyed our night. As the night was coming to the an end, I felt Demi’s hand on my knee as she looked up at me, her lovely eyes looking at me as she smiled and moved closer to me as I grinned. She was pretty in her droog clothes as she brushed her hair back from her face. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips as we did, I felt her hands on my chest slipping under my straps on my shirt. I kept kissing her as moved her hands near my pants and slipped inside as her hands were inside my pants and grasping my limp cock in her hands as she rubbed and touched me.

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   I felt her soft tender hands on my member as I was getting aroused for her as she moaned as she felt my throbbing cock growing in her hand. I was still kissing as Demi started to rub me off with her hand and I was moaning as I started to feel so great. Demi jacked me off, she knew just how hard and light to get me hard for her as she fooled around with my cock. I was feeling hot for her as her breasts pressed close to my chest and gently pressed on me as I kissed her and squeezed her breast with my hands. Demi gasped as she felt me squeeze her breasts ever so. We kissed as Demi rubbed me off and let me rub her breasts as we did this in the bar, no one was looking or caring as they were all making out like us two. The room was spinning as I was about come. Demi stroked me harder until per come oozed out and she used it to make my cock slippery in her hands as she stroked me nice and easy up and down her hand went along my cock. I was unbuttoned her shirts and exposed her bare breasts, as I touched her aching nipples and squeezed her soft tender flesh on her chest. I heard Demi moan as she was getting wet as my hands touched her all over her chest. Demi stroked me off one more time went I came into her hand and all inside my pants.
She pulled back and looked at me as I was flushed.
“You should let me know before you come like that”?
I thought in my head as she looked at me.
Demi smiled,
“You like it that didn’t you”? She said
With a little giggle. I nodded and grinned at her as I wanted to do it again.


   Demi smiled and went back and started to work on my throbbing member again with her hand. I felt her touch me again as I went back to her chest and started to suck on her nipples and bite them ever so not too hard but just right. She gasped as it felt very good to her, pants were dripping wet now as she was fully aroused. I wanted to fuck her so badly I need to get the old in and out on her for a good old time in this bar couch which we were both aroused and ready to go wild. I slipped my hand into her pants and I could feel the wet juices as I got inside. I placed three fingers over her wet lips and touched them making her gasp. I wiggled around until I eased my three fingers into her wet mound and slipped in and out each time getting deeper into her pussy.
“Oh ugh oh yes yesss ugh”. She moaned
As I fingered her nice and good. I hand my other hand pinching her nipple and my mouth was sucking on the other nipple and she was stroking me off as her other hand was squeezing my balls.
We were at this for over an hour until Demi pulled back and whispered into my ear.
“Fuck me please”. Demi said
While she kissed my cheek and she fell back on the couch and pulled down her pants. I let go of what I was doing and sat there as Demi removed her pants and her shirt. Her hat was covering side of her face as she looked up at me and gave me a sexy smile.

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   I crawled over to her and placed my hands over her and was leaning over her as she looked up at me and waited for me to fuck her. I was breathing hard as I tried to clam my self down and start to move in to her. She wrapped her arms around my chest pulling me down closer to her chest as I pulled out my throbbing member and positioned it ready to enter her aching pussy. I looked down at her as she nodded to me it was okay. I pressed my head on her tight lips a little more pressure and I got inside her as she gasped as she felt me enter her. I looked down again as she nodded again, and I started to do the old in out in out on her pussy. I got in the groove as I was fucking her nice and hard in her pussy. Demi gasped ever time I stroked deeper into her. I was enjoying this so much as I stuck out my tongue from the side out my mouth and trusted harder while I did each time she gasped in pleasure.
“Ugh ugh yes yes harder, harder yes ugh ugh yess”, Demi gasped as she let the pleasure take her over. I was almost ready to come as Demi squeezed and pinched her nipples and breasts. Demi was pleasuring herself as I fucked her. We both were ready to scream with our orgasms as I bite my lip and stroked harder and longer now. I could feel it building up till the point. I looked down at Demi who was about to have an orgasm I looked down at my cock slapping in and out her wet tender lips.

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   Her pussy was perfect a little patch of hair shaped as a line. I licked my lips as I came just then.
I released my warm come into her. While she was moaning her eyes rolled back and she screamed as an orgasm rushed over her. She opened her eyes as I looked down at her. She was flushed and breathing hard as she smiled up at me.
“Oh that was what I needed oh vidy well”. Demi said as she kissed me her hat pressed up against mine as we both kissed and recovered from the sex. We got dressed as we left the bar and headed out for a ride in my car. We walked out of the bar as the door the closed behind us I turned to Demi and whispered into her.
“Let us enjoy this ultra violence night shall we”. I said as we headed to my car and got into it as I started it up. I looked in the mirror and smiled.
We drove off onto the road and down the long narrow road into the fog.

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